This was done by Kisato (not too long started doing I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated). Maybe in future he will help me with this series since he showed interest.


The dungeon at the end of the first episode.

Number of layers: 1 Levels
Miasma: 0
Stored Magic: 5 (Unit: 10,000/Day)
Magic Consumption: 0.1 (Unit: 10,000/Day)

● New Facilities:
☆ Dungeon Core LV2
A dungeon core that’s as big as a human. The magic that it can store is up to around a million. By the way, Oulu’s stats have been reduced from to top in the prologue to LV1.

● New Forces:
☆ Lil (Succubus)
Fighting Potential: 2 Magic Consumption: 0.1 Maximum Mana Storage: 10
Woman type of succubus. With special abilities such as hypnotize, transformation, charm, life energy absorption, she can use magic if it’s easy. She has a good head, but isn’t really strong.
☆ Oulu
Fighting Potential: 3 Maximum Mana Storage: 0.3
An old magician. He become younger by around 20 years old through magic. He handles considerably high magic particularly his magical power control is the most powerful in the world, but his fighting potential LV isn’t very high because he’s the same as an amateur in battle.

● Current state of the dungeon
The only facility is the dungeon core room. Rather than a dungeon it should be called a cave. There are no defenses, and it would be easy to find it traversing on foot. However, only Oulu know it’s location at the present moment.


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