Only I am not attacked in a world over runned by zombies

In the today’s society which is destroyed by zombies, there is only one man that is not attacked by a zombie, and this story follows a man`s selfishly lifestyle.

The MC is not a good person. He is somewhat, the ‘anti-hero’.
Parameter Remote Control 

It basically about a boy obtaining the power to manipulate affection, which he used on any girl he likes. Its very easy to use like changing the parameters of a character in a game. He was literally able to whatever he please to the girls. He could indulge himself in the bodies of beautiful female classmates, beautiful female teacher, milfs, lolis, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Before long his ability evolve further. The protagonist is a complete badass(natural bastard)

Author:  Everyday life of rose color(薔薇色の日々)

This series is complete with 72 chapters
Maou No Hajimekata

Maou no Hajimekata (魔王の始め方)

Beginning of the Demon king

This story is about an evil sage named Oulu who uses a demon called Lil to make a large dungeon, where he aims to become a Demon King as mention in the legends. This dark fantasy has the digging of underground to build dungeons, setting of traps, arrangement of demons, attacking villages, and the gradually expansion of power. It includes things like harem, rape, violent, brutal scenes, and hypnotism. This series is completed.


14 thoughts on “Dropped

  1. is there no way for you to go back to translating “Only I am not attacked in a world over runned by zombies”?, the other translator didnt post anything since may 4 and that was to say that most of the translation team was gone


  2. Hey for maou i see that it says its completed so does that mean they dropped the novel at vol 7 or just that its a completed series but its still dropped from you xD


  3. Can you back translating “Only I am not attacked in a world over runned by zombies” again? The other guy seems dead, no update for a year already.


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