Episode 7 part 4- Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. This was finish from last week but they were three lines I couldn`t get it at all and I wanted to do that before posting, but in the end I gave cause no matter how I look i was not getting it. Its like when I don`t get it the first time I can`t get it even if look over it again. To tell you the true I had hoped that I could deal with this problem earlier but I am now aiming to fix this mental problem by the new year. Cause I really want for the new year, to have an obvious improvement or else I am going to feel i did nothing all this time. I may finish the last part by Monday if I start to work on it tonight.

I will go back and make correction on Parameter remote control chapter 3 before doing chapter 4


When we returned from the 『summon space 』 Lil and Marie did not appear. The male cattle that came along together with Marie Bell also disappeared. It seems that Lil properly took it towards the cattle shed.

“This way.”

Oulu called out to Sofia, who only saw the door from the summon space, he then beckoned her towards the corner of the room`s wall. When Oulu touched the wall, that arm slipped inside the wall without any kind of resistance. Here was a passageway leading outside, because the wall seen was an ordinary illusion. Of course towards the door there was trap, and if we assume they leave through the opening to the expected point, where the pitfall is stocked with lined spears at the bottom.

Just in case, it’s a prevention measures when the previous transfer is discovered.

Sofia apparently was not used to seeing such strange mechanism but she still followed behind of Oulu silently. That behaviour was completely like a doll without any kind of emotion .

“…..Hey, Oulu, that girl is somehow just a little…strange?”

While walking next to Oulu, Yunis asked by whispering.

“How so?”

Regarding that Oulu does not even suppress his voice.



“….I don’t know but…it isn`t that injury or anything…”

Whether Yunis was not aware of the true identity of the uncomfortable feeling she was being evasive.



Oulu was worried a little if Lil was here to comment on it exactly but when he took Sofia to the room he did not mind and turned around suddenly giving an order.


When ordered frankly, without a word Sofia took off the clothes she was wearing. That movement was without any hesitation and no fear or shyness could be seen.

Because of the previous sharp gaze of Oulu, Sofia kicked of all her clothes becoming a figure not wearing a string since even the underwear was removed.

Yunis frown in pity, casting down her eyes. Sofia`s injury to an extent was something very gruesome. The burn covered all around from the forehead to most of the left side of the face, from the neck to left arm, and from the left nipple up to the waist.



Receiving such injury and not dying is a good thing, even Oulu was impressed.



In spite of exposing such a naked body, Sofia`s whole facial expression did not change and also did not show any behavior to conceal her body. If you look at her figure you would find yourself even shivering, looking at the bad-taste figure was like an illusion I remembered.



However, the true nature of the girl was not the thing Oulu saw through.


When Oulu mutters that, Sofia`s cheek slight shivered.

Indeed, the right side of Sofia`s body was nothing better than first class beauty. Long glossy black hair and long slit eyes like obsidian. Her white skin was glossy like ceramic, her limbs were slender and long, however that spot should come out firmly and assert her presence. Beauty that’s makes me think of a delicate doll.

And then as if her beauty was like that for the sake of the entirely ugly left side of the body. The hair did not grow as the scalp was like surface of the moon full of holes, making the skin exposed, when peeking into eyes, the eyelids were burned down and the eye socket was caved in.


肌は赤黒く焼け滑らかな場所はどこにもなく、老いさらばえた牛の膝の様に筋張っていた。左胸の先端にあるべきものはなく、僅かに名残らしき色素の沈着が見て取れるだけで、まるで煮えたぎるマグマを固めたようなボコボコとした傷痕を晒していた。*(T/N not sure about the last line)

The skin was burned dark red and that place was nowhere smooth, becoming sinewy like  a cattle`s knee becoming decrepit and ugly with age. Her pointed left breast was not a thing desirable, by only perceiving the deposits of pigment seemly only remained, it was an exposed scar full of holes like harden hot magma.


面積としては、傷痕の方がそうでない箇所の方がよほど狭い。しかし、この傷こそが彼女の本質であると、美しさは醜さを際立たせる為だけにあるのだと主張しているかのようであった。**(T/N not sure of all of it)

As for the area of the scar it is no very small. However, with for sure that injury was the true nature of that girl, the thing is that her beauty`s only purpose was to make the ugliness stand out, and emphasis on her dolphin like look.

“How did you get that injury?”

Yunis looked at Oulu uneasily. Why would you ask for that kind of event, her intention to make an objection was reflected in those eyes.

“As a child I poured burning oil.”

In contrast Sofia’s eyes also did not tremble.

“Why did you do that?”

“I injuried myself for the safe of not being assaulted by the thieves”

Yunis opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“So there is almost no girl of the same age as you because of the thieves.”

“Yes. Even small good looking girls that the thieves caught were raped and murder. The ugly girls were left in the village and only I was ugly more than that.

Oulu expressed a small smile. Sofia as usual did not change her facial expression and the emotions that were inside came overflowing with a lot of words.

“By your sacrifice, that village will not be attacked by thieves anymore. The Insolent person who aims for village will be exterminated by the gargoyle.”


無感情に、ソフィアはこくりと頷いた。心底どうでも良い、といった風情だ。実際どうでも良いことなのだろう。**(Not sure whats being said)

Sofia nodded with no emotions. Such a appearance is even good since it’s from the bottom of the heart. Actually it seems to be good thing

“Do you know a girl called Marie Bell? A blonde hair of 4 or 5 years who came as a sacrifice before you.”

“……I think that’s probably her true name. As for in the village, they simple call her ‘Marie’”

For the first time Sofia was slightly hesitated to say. Yunis simple though that Sofia was not aware of Marie`s real name but Oulu held different thoughts.

“She is still very young but was chosen as a sacrifice because of her beautiful. Her skin was like silk and her hair seemed to wear the harvest of the sun light. If in another 10 years she would grow into a beautiful woman that everyone would want to obtain.”


“Anyone would think that girl was lovely. The rain would avoid her, the sun would softly rain on her and the earth would warmly embrace her. Diseases and beast are things that will not come to harm that girl, even the most starving thieves would foster love for that girl.”


オウルほどの魔術師が唱えるそれは、もはや予言だ。そしてそれは同時に、呪いでもある。マリーベルはこれから、オウルの庇護の下すくすくと育つ事だろう。*(T/N not sure)

Oulu an upper magician chant already predicted. And then at the same time was also a curse. Marie Bell after this event would have to be raised quickly under Oulu`s protection.

“Are you jealous?”

Oulu suddenly peers into Sofia`s eyes. That question made Sofia for the first at loss for words.

“You were a cursed child and a hated child. Everyone would avoid you, keeping their distance. Even the thieves that were hungry. Rice would not bud from ground that you would step on, the soil would be covered in cold frost and harden, the wind would stop and the sun is would hide in clouds.

Sofia motionless stares back at Oulu`s eyes. However those eyes unlike some time ago were different, carrying colours of firm emotions.

“The people of the village seemed fearful of you. It was not because of your ugly figure. But because that girl poured boiling oil for the sake of protecting herself was terrifying. Because while having the shape of a human you were not a human was terrifying.”

For the first time Sofia`s facial expression distorted. In a shapely like figure, the nightmare like unsightly face effortless distorted.



“…….Don’t you agree It’s hateful?”



It not even angry, not even in sorrow and not even in resentment.

“Yes, I hate. Just about everything.



Deep, it was a deep smile.

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