Episode 7 part 3-Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. Anyways this is a short release, even thought I did not meet all of my goal of the things I wanted to improve on during my break, I am going to see if I can make full release every two again.


Oulu accompanied by Yunis transferred towards Marie Berry`s village. As for the future transfer its not at the altar in center of the village, it’s a place that’s a little away from the village. Regarding this current matter Oulu made a prediction of three avenues.


Eventually the two arrived at the village, thus Oulu anticipated for things.

First. A good trap to kill is to launch a surprise attack at Oulu who came to protest.

Second. A good trap is to attack the dungeon in the absence of Oulu who came to protest.

The former is to avoid the surprise attack by doing the thing of future transfer to place away from the village, there is also no problem like war potential by the event of bringing Yunis. The latter is from leaving Lil in the dungeon, if there is an intruder it would immediately be known.

The problem was the three avenue. And the troublesome thing was this three vision probability was quite high.


Arriving at the village to see the villagers prostrate themselves immediately, Oulu sensed an unpleasant premonition hit him.

“…..In other words, there is no pure young lady expect Mari Bell and is there such a thing?”

“Yes, it’s just like that. Presently, in this village there is almost no young girls… the few that are young are already married before Oulu came and Marie Belly is the oldest who doesn’t know a man.”


As one would expect they seem to understand that Oulu desired a sacrifice. The village mayor made his body extremely small by bowing his head till it touch the the floor.

The predicted three vision. This was something like the result of doing the best sincere transaction with the villagers. This was very troubling. The thing Oulu now needs is a serious aide.


By all right, two months ago it was planned to receive one person as a sacrifice however, the village obtained Yunis in case of being made into ashes completely. Purposely burned not leaving even a bone living dead and even skeleton are things that can`t be obtained.

“…..Are you telling the truth?”

Oulu with sharp eyes like bird of prey pierce the village mayor. Unable to stand the pressure, the village headman shivered while he answered.

「そ、その、一人、おるにはおるのですが…… とてもオウル様に捧げられるような器量の娘ではなく……」*

“S-So, there`s, one person to put on but…..by no means Oulu-sama is to receive a seemly ugly girl ….”

“Good. Bring that girl to me”


Oulu from the beginning mostly did not hope for the girl`s outward appearance. Afterall he did not think surely to an extent beautiful women would be in a rural village. I even had requested for a virgin, the negotiation was emphasis on the magic like value and not sexual process.


“I won’t ask twice.”

When the village mayor heard the scowl he became hesitant and then moves rushing out to a residence in order to escape. Why hesitate so much, that said question became clear seeing the approaching girl.


Her appearance was in well-order, long black hair with white skin and her figure was well proportional.

And then that ugly scar spoiled everything, the left half of the girl`s face was disfigured.

Yunis by Oulu side only gasp sensing her presence.

“I see, it’s unsightly”

Oulu was the frank type.

It seems when a child she was injured by a serious burn. Only half of the skin was hideously burned and contrasting with the already beautiful half, increased the repulsiveness. From the long sleeves clothes her face was revealed and seeing the fingertips it seems that not only the face but most of left half of the body was injured. I am sure there is no man that would think of embracing that girl.


“Yes, so, it would be unsightly for Oulu-sama to happen to see her, so she was immediately removed from the candidacy….”

The village mayor was seemly relieved at Oulu small words spoken by the slight tense face to come apart.

“Girl. What is your name”

“I`m called Sophia”

The girl in contrast to this answered without even appearing to really hesitate. Even when being scorned for being unsightly by Oulu, she doesn’t move one eyebrow. Those eyes were cold like ice, I could not read the facial expression and the similar kind of emotions.


Oulu broadly grinning express a smile.


Although the figure shape is rejuvenated, Oulu was a skilled magician. It isn’t rare for the likes of a person to not change one facial expression when receiving head-on that gaze

“Village Mayor. I am pleased with that girl. I will take her”

“Ha, haa, that’s no problem…. then Marie…..”


The village mayor even nod while surprised, his probe like gazing at the leaving Oulu.

“….That’s bad, because I cannot return that girl called Marie Bell”


Although it was just one end of Oulu`s labyrinth he seemly did not want a person who knows to leave outside.

“But the contract’s content states one girl per year is to be presented.  So because of thoughtless violating the agreement. …..10 years. You shall cancel the presenting of girls for 10 years.”

“Ah….Thank you very much!”


I guess other than Marie Bell, they would worry on thing from now on to next year.

So when Oulu says that the village mayor showed an facial expression of frank relief.

Even Oulu was also troubled that for next year they would present a baby like girl.


“It would be better.To make sure you don`t forget the month crops or the girl after 10 years.

Leaving saying those words, Oulu chanted the transfer spell while embracing Sofia and Yunis.

After the evil magician disappeared, the village mayor took a breath and sat down silently in the bench.

While the magician gave off tremendous pressure, the village mayor was relief from the bottom of his heart with that girl leaving the village since she was detested inside the village.

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  1. I just started reading this Novel, then i realize this is my first novel that have Hentai Manga(that i have read it hentai version) adaptation i has read 😀


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