Chapter 1-Shiraishi Toru (A conversation with my biological younger sister Misuzu)


No ero-gacha sunday, two of friends had gotten a supervisor recently and they told them that they have to do everything over cause reasons (it wouldn`t meet the standard basically), so I plan to spend like a day or two  going back over my own(thesis) and correct some mistakes I think I made and increase the volume of info before I meet my supervisor Saturday to have our first meeting.

Since the time of my parents funeral who had passed away due to an accident a few years ago, my beautiful younger sister who didn`t come near the house had suddenly come to visit me and I became speechless listening to her reason.


“I want Oniichan to look after my daughter, Mai…”


My younger sister who got pregnant during her first year of high school. Had dropped out of high school because her young freeter boyfriend had gotten her pregnant, resulting in a shotgun marriage. Although she gave birth to her daughter Mai at the age of 17, in the following year they got a divorce, saying “living together is impossible”. Because my parents had disinheritance her, it was not possible for her to return home, she survived by repeatedly separating and attaching herself with several men, I was then made to listen how this continued for 10 years.


My memory as it concerns my younger sister had remained as “A JK bitch”, I had realized that my biological younger sister that was 28 years old who was sitting down on the meeting table in the living room, was in a difficult situation. Therefore, as for her elementary daughter, if apart from the blood relation called uncle and niece, it can be said that she is a completely unrelated person whom I do not even need to meet.  


That being the case, there was no reason to bow in agreement and when I told my younger sister, she groans and wrinkled up her brow.


“You, aren’t you aware what you`re saying is absurd? I am a 30-year-old bachelor, after this can a man plan to look for a wife? Don’t you think this will completely end if I shoulder your child.”


“I understand it’s absurd but, no matter what, I will be in trouble if you don`t take Mai.”


My younger sister who sits down facing me on the other side of the low table in the living room leans forward and repeated words of wishes again.


A fair slender face with a pair of almond shaped double eyelid, a straight nose with a somewhat fat lip, with that appearance my younger sister who possesses enough of that kind of beauty could find any man to rely on while being a parent. Then, with her neck tilted a little she shook her orange beige shoulder length hair and this action that was being displayed made me frown, I had the feeling she had become quite accustomed to seducing men.


For the past few years, having known nothing but women from brothels, my gaze had fallen from my sister’s face and by only stealing a glance at her breast in the dress that was wide open, I could feel my groin bulge naturally.


“After all if I have your daughter I won’t be able to remarry, is such a reason not good enough?”


While holding in my lust for my biological younger sister, I had rested my chin on my hand that was on top of the low table, throwing my gaze in a different direction, I said somewhat cranky.


She had temporary stop talking to me but, staring in my direction she pouted her lips and made a small nod.


“……Alright. There is a person who wants to get married but, he says it’s impossible if they’re taking one`s child along.”


“Hey, wait a minute, seriously what’s the real reason!”


I smacked my palm on the table while raising my voice. My sister`s body flips up together with that sound, then turning her face away she became silent as if she had been defeated. I looked at the face of my companion, brow wrinkling up and for a while, I had waited until my companion voice came forth.


“…..There’s no other person I can rely on”


“Even if I help you there will be nothing but demerits for me. Anyways, I guess the child support will also come from me? Or are you saying you will get it out of the man who becomes your new husband?”




Looking at my sister who became silent again, I  dropped a big sigh.


“Suddenly coming and just expecting my goodwill is just impossible. Besides, your attitude isn’t that of a person who is asking for a favor? The child support money that is amassed must be returned, you must be willing to do anything, is this how you normally request for something?”


“….Even if you say such a thing, that is something I cannot promise to do…..”


I who had glared at my younger sister who was mumbling, in the end, stood up and grasped her upper arm.


“Then go home!  Get out right now!”


“Like this! Wait! Oniichan! Please, because I will do anything, help me!”


“Can I even believe such a thing?!”


My strong fingers dug into my younger sister`s upper arm who was trying not to get up, dragging her on top of the tatami, I had dragged her up to the passageway.


At that time the hem of my sister’s short dress became disordered, being throw down her white thigh had almost become exposed. Looking down from above the scene of her breast wide open made me become stiff, the deep cleavage and black cup bra with a twisted shoulder strap were thoroughly reflected. Then, looking up at me who was looking down on her, my younger sister floating tears had caught my hand and the poor begging stopped.*


“Really, because I can do anything! Hey, please….”


“Then become my slave? If you’re doing anything, then it’s a slave?”




My sister who sat in the hallway nodded while looking at me with upturned eyes. I snorted in seemly displeasure releasing her upper arm that was being grasped until now. On her hand, a finger mark had remained, and I said to my younger sister who was already rubbing the other hand.


“You must prove that those words weren’t just lip service”


“W-What can I do ?”


“Think about it for yourself!”


“Such…..I don’t know!”


I looked down on my younger sister who was justing sitting there with a daunting pose and  then she just burst out crying, covering her face.*


My sister and I had lived in this house until she graduated from junior high when she went into the upper grades of elementary school, she had glared at her older brother like a disgusting object and plain out avoided me.*


At that time I had asked one time for the reason why she hated me.


Her reply was “You look disgusting, your atmosphere is detestable, if you’re my older brother I don’t want other people to know” because of those words, since then, anytime I came in contact with my younger sister I acted like a stranger.


Therefore, looking at my younger sister who was crying the said feeling of pity and so on was things that did come gushing forth. Instead, while remembering those times that were uncomfortable, it can be said that right now am enjoying the current situation.


“If it’s a slave, it would lick my foot?”


When my younger sister heard my words the hands covering her face was removed while wiping away her teary eyes, she looked this way with upturned eyes.


My eyes narrowed, deliberately not giving out any emotion and folded my arms, silence waiting.


Then my younger sister corrected her posture at my foot, slowly bowing, I was then able to feel her tongue press against my right foot, I incidentally swallowed my saliva quietly. My sensitive dick had flip up inside of my pants.


“Not only the top of my foot, the toes must also be licked”




I leaned against the hallway wall so I could raise my right foot that was being licked. My younger sister had raised her head in pursuit of it with her mouth, and the face of her licking my right foot gradually became exposed.


I thrust my toe into her opened mouth to have it sucked instead of being licked.


While doing nothing, I looked at my younger sister tongue crawl between my toes, staring into my younger sister`s eyes full anguish that would sometimes rise looking this way. Then, at that time, continuing to raise my foot had become painful, causing me to pull my toe from my sister`s mouth.


“Take off your clothes”




Not complying with my words, I grasped my younger sister hair who was hanging her head in shame, forcefully pointing her face upwards.




“If I say undress, then immediately get undress!”


Her face was brought forward and after declaring at point blank range where my companion could feel my breath, I released her hair that was being held.


On the spot, my younger sister had lowered the zip at the back of her one piece dress, letting the cloth slide down from her shoulder. Still sitting down the dress was pulled off and her figure became only panties with a black bra.*



Later on, I was aware that my younger sister’s breast top was a 94 cm G-cup, was shaking while being supported by a black bra. Then with her legs situated in a cross-legged, her well-fleshed ass and rounded waist was connected by a deep narrow waist.*


“Take everything off”


“Oniichan……..we are brother and sister?”


My younger sister who was only wearing her underwear was slightly covering her breast with both hands while knitting her brow, she said that looking up this way. In contrast, I clicked my tongue and answered by grabbing her hair.


“It hurtss!”


“Tsk! What happened to that? From before, I haven’t thought of you as my younger sister! If you are a slave, you exist to take care of your master-sama sexual needs!”


While pulling my younger sister`s face between my legs with one of hand, I pulled down my pants zipper with the other.


Then, pushing aside my underwear, I had taken out my swollen dick from inside and then thrust out my spearhead before my younger sister`s eye.



Grasping the base of my meat rod with one hand, it was forced down, showing clearly the precum hanging down from the point of the glans overhanging the gills. On the surface of the grasped rod the bulging veins were visible, and as for the view of my younger sister, it’s expected that the twitching frenulum should have been reflected. *


The last time my younger sister had seen my penis should have been around the lower grade of elementary school but that event was so long ago that it was forgotten. And now her adult older brother’s thing was in front of her, the expression of my younger sister who was looking this way was perplexed, and it had excited me together with the thought of immorality.* (TN: I think that was when she started hating him)




“Open your mouth.


“Suck your big brother’s cock!”


I pushed my glans parting my younger sister`s wet lips who was trying to turn her face away with her eyes tightly closed. Then, I grasped her head with one hand turning that face that was trying to turn away forward, pushing in my hard dick into my younger sister’s mouth that began to open in resignation.


“Ugh!Nnn! Hnnn!”


Once my dick was inside her mouth she completely gave up any thoughts of resisting. Kneeling (Seiza) before me who had a daunting pose, she started to service me with her mouth while grasping the base of the meat rod with one hand.


Because of taking me in her mouth, it had caused her lips to open wide and sometimes she would look up with an upturned gaze this way. The beautiful woman whose tongue entangles and sucks my dick while tilting her head left and right and the way her eyebrows comes together was sexy, with the fact that she was also my biological younger sister, it fuelled my arousal further.*


“As expected you’re used to this. Taking off your bra while doing a fellatio. Your mouth should never separate from my cock.”


Swallowing my disordered breath, I ordered that my younger sister continue her fellatio. Then, she did it without resisting, moving both of her hands towards her back to remove her bra strap.*



The black bra had become loose and from the cup her white breast had slipped out, shaking while matching the movement of her fellatio. At the center of her areola was a pointed reddish brown nipple, I discovered that her nipple had begun to sharpen somewhat, exposing the knee there and the nipple was bent.*


そして、咥えた侭で休み勝ちになった口淫を続ける様に、妹の頭を掴んで、幾度か前後に揺らしてやった。(TN:not sure)

Then, I grasped my younger sister head and shook it in back and forth,  by continuing the fellatio I had become victorious by resting it in her mouth.*




My younger sister who pulled down her shoulder strap had discard bra in succession, increasing the stroking of my penis with her mouth while making wet noises. With one hand grasping the base of my meat rod and stroking it there, my spearhead had gotten wet due to her tongue and wet mouth. With some of my younger sister`s short beige hair covering her face, she had checked on me who was close to cumming with upturned eyes.*




Then, before long I had reached my limit I draged my younger sister`s head towards my groin with both hands.


My wet meat rod that was wrapped was cram into the gap of her lips and at that moment I felt my swollen glans blast the innermost part of my younger sister`s mouth, groaning like she was in pain.




At that moment I ejaculated. My meat rod jumped up numerous times inside of her wet mouth, and the semen had run through the urethra like hitting a pulse, had gusted out aiming at the throat of my biological younger sister.*


That pleasure had made my body shiver, after stuffing the cloudy body fluids in my younger sister`s mouth who was only in her one piece black underwear, I said that while swallowing a rough long breath.*




“Nnn, nn…..*gulp*…”


Two-times, Three times, I made sure my younger sister had swallowed my semen and it had  sounded out in her throat while my penis was still in her mouth. I unintentionally leaked out a moan at the movement of her tongue that had swallowed the gathered semen inside of her mouth while tightly closing her eyes, bring her eyebrows together.*


Then, I had started to pull out my dick that had spit out my desire from her mouth the moment I felt that my younger sister had finished swallowing everything.

“Nnn, hha, haa, haa….”


I raised my younger sister`s face by grasping her chin and wiped her wet mouth with the back of my hand. Then, bringing my partners face closer, I said in a low voice.*


“You should understand now after this is the actual sexual performance. Come”*


I grasped my younger sister`s arm for support I then brought her to the room I normally sleep in alone.



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