Women gathering in a cheap house- Prologue

I had wanted to release this for some time now. Basic summary of this story, is a man who just turned 30 finally learned how use his assets to satisfy his suppressed desires. Chapter one later today or tmw.

A downtown residental area that was a little disconnected from the brilliant bustling streets. 

Was a small new residential building that was built a number of years ago and with the passing of a few decades the old residential building had mingled with this place, leaving a mark of the Showa Era.

That was where my house was located, entering a section of the ancient residential building.

It was a two-story building, a 4DK with four Japanese style rooms.(4  bedroom, and a kitchen/dining room combination)

Previously I lived here with four people namely my parents, myself and my younger sister but, now I live by myself.

Both of my parents had passed away a few years ago, but my younger sister had left the house before that.

Because the land ownership of this area was passed from generation to generation I owned several rental houses in the neighborhood but, there were also houses that had become vacant, so it didn`t mean that the amount of income I had allowed for me to live in luxury by only managing the rent houses.

Therefore, it could be said that the reality was that I had to do the management of the rental house while on the side being a temp worker who moves from place to place.

I just became 30 years old this year.

There isn`t a woman that can be called girlfriend, as with every day having no luck with a woman for a while had continued for several years.

My appearance was quite average, my height was somewhat higher than average and I was not fat.

Even if there is was no weak points there isn`t a woman who would aggressively promote oneself to a common man who doesn`t move aggressively for her.

I had seemly thought.

End of Chapter

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