Chapter 15

Women gathering in cheap is taking longer than expected, it made me remember that ero gacha was quite easy to translate. Reminder, 100 yen = US1 and 500 yen= US5

It really is a Gacha battle…..despite thinking that I wouldn’t be attacked if I was under the care of the Tennoji Family….

The wasteland battlefield was seemly quite vast. With weed growing here and there on the rough rocky red soil. I had observed that Reiji-san was 10 m away while equipping the bandana exchange and the coat of the apprentice hero.

Reiji-san who holds a mace under his arm in his gakuran (school uniform) styled with a zipper with just a little of agriculture green on the black of Midorikawa high school, is trying to remove something from a small bag.

“ You see. Concerning Sakura-san and I”

“Your thoughts are irrelevant”

Reiji-san cuts off my words of persuasion coldly. Well, given that I’m trying to have sex with Sakura-san, Reiji-san behavior isn’t that wrong…..

“Your smartphone is black?”

Reiji-san mutters upon seeing the smartphone that I was holding.

“What’s wrong with it? As for the color of the smartphone….”

“It seems like you don`t know. There are two kinds of smartphones. If a level increases a rare card is drawn on the black level Gacha. As for the red smartphone, you can draw any number of times with 500 yen for a normal card to come out once.”

Reiji-san smartphone was red but, isn`t the level Gacha better for being able to draw rare cards? Besides, I feel like it’s better to draw 5 times for 500 yen…..

“The strength of normal cards vary.There are also strong cards equivalent to a silver card. What would happen If I collect and use it.”

From the small bag, Reiji-san had taken out 4 things tied in a bundle with a rubber band containing around 100 cards. Wait a minute, 400 cards for 500 yen is equivalent to 200,000 yen! Despite both of us being senior high school students, why is there such a disparity! I`m in a pinch!



“I know several kinds of strong weapons that can also be equipped. Besides, the person will always get tired. As number is power”


Reiji-san had thrown the 4 bundles of cards into the air. Judging from his word, is it summoning magic? Furthermore, to use it all at once like this……magic squares rise to the surface and is summoned one after another appeared on the wasteland.

“Surrounded by Sand golem and Orc soldier, disappear you garbage insect!”

Exactly as stated, orc`s that were numbered around 200 holding maces and wearing an iron armor had semi-surrounded my back and in front, there were around 200 human sized golem made up of soil, had appeared. Both are about 2m in size. This was powerful!

Luckily it’s orcs! Thank you Reiji-san for the summoning beasts worth 100,000 yen!

“Reiji-san, you’re too careful!”

I took out the Orc King`s treasured sword.

“Humph, it’s alright I only need to erase you, I have no interest other than that smartphone”

“Well, you’re wrong. Orcs! In accordance with my will attack my enemies!”*

“What a fool, ah!”

Reiji-san was composed laughing at me. However, the orc soldiers expression changed when attacking the sand golems. I retreated and hide behind an orc soldier.

The orc soldiers strike with their maces and the sand golem displayed their ability in response to their the attacks. Because both monsters were the power type, the battle was the best!

The sand golem punches and the orc soldier strikes, the orc soldier mace smashes the head of the sand golem. The dancing doll that was made of wood that was about 150 cm was summoned beside me, dancing a strange dance. The dancing doll doesn`t participate in the battle seriously……

The violent battle was carried out between Reiji-san and me. However, the balance gradually collapses as the orc soldiers pressed the sand golems. The offensive ability of the orc soldiers was raised with the effect of the Orc king`s treasured sword that I possessed! Go-go orc soldiers press forth!

However, as expected of golems. The orc soldiers number had also decreased with around only 30 remaining.

“Reiji-san, it seems like you are going to disappear like this?”

“Humph, I wonder about that?”

Reiji-san laughing scornfully takes out a bundle of approximately 50 cards and throws it into the air. Hey wait a minute, how much money did you use on the Gacha!

This time 50 flame arrows spread out in the air, swooping down on the exhausted orc soldiers. Flame arrows! The orc soldier had vanished while being charred. The dancing doll also incidentally vanished!

“I had wanted to see your figure being smashed by a monster! Even if it’s charred, it’s alright!”

Wait a minute! Again Reiji-san throws 3 bundles with around 50 cards into the air. The flame arrows filled out the sky. I broke out in cold sweat while attaching 『Already no good po』and had prepared 『Accelerator』. Seeing that the flame arrows had started to move I speeded up with the accelerator, moving from place to place.

The downpour of flame arrows one by one was dodged with a dash and hits the ground behind me one by one. The first batch of the flame arrow was dodged and for the second batch, I managed to avoid it while rolling.  As for the third batch of flame arrows that had poured down on me who was rolling. It surely was a desperate situation 『Already no good po』and a miracle did come thanks to that card! The flame arrows that were approaching had all missed hitting the ground surrounding me.

The distance of around 30 m had opened with Reiji-san. As expected the cards had seemed to stop. Reiji-san who plans to use the mace slowly approaches. I had set the card 『Slippery』and it made a mark with one white flower which bloomed on the ground. From Reiji-san view it couldn’t be seen due to my body’s shadow. I got up and prepared the Orc king’s treasured sword.*

Reiji-san has a careful personality. Caution is necessary as he should have singled out the mace and equipped it. Besides, Reiji-san is in his uniform, so it’s possible that he wore high defense clothes underneath. I can’t be careless, there’s still more to come.

“I`m quite angry! Those strange cards had derailed my plans. I will smash your head!”

As for the person who says he is angry, he appears to be quite composed.

Reiji-san swings downwards so that the mace strikes down from above. That? Reiji-san is fast despite being not being good at exercising, being a brains person!?  I hurriedly defended with the sword and Reiji-san attack was stopped but the Orc king`s treasured sword had broken apart.Ehh! Perhaps the mace is a destruction class weapon!

“Are you a fool with no intelligence? Slow!”

Reiji-san suddenly moves and I retreated avoiding blow of the mace, the piece remaining in my hand was then thrown at Reiji-san so as to create some space. Reiji-san and I were facing each other with a white flower between us. The iron dagger was taken out from the treasure box and I got in position.

“Is that the only strong weapon”

It was because I had taken out the iron dagger that it was exposed that I don’t have a powerful weapon. Conversely, Reiji-san still holds other weapons. Now, how do I lure him into the trap…ah that’s right! The provocation card was then attached to my body. Reiji-san exposed vigilance.

“I will kill the incompetent Reiji-san and then smash Sakura-san hymen with my penis! Come small fry!!”

My mouth shouted out on its own and I raised my middle finger towards Reiji-san in the fuck you pose. Wow~! Reiji-san face became extremely red and then charged after me.

“Damn insect! Die! I will beat you to death!”

Reiji-san raises his mace and thrusts it towards me. On the way, he stepped on the white flower and had slipped! The foot which had kicked the ground slides towards his back, jumping up in a funny way, Reiji-san had rolled over like his body was thrown forward. The mace had fallen rolling before me. I picked up that mace and swung it downwards towards Reiji-san shining head that had become completely smooth.

With a gusha, I heard an unpleasant sound and Reiji-san no longer moved. It was an unpleasant feeling….

From the smartphone, the SD card was ejected and rolled towards my foot. I threw away the bloody mace and picked up the SD card in order to not see the dead Reiji-san. When I really looked at the SD card it had a small ♦7 mark. Red and black smartphones with a mark on the SD card, ah that’s right, it was  a nod to the old woman who had compared it with playing cards.*

I took the SD card into my smartphone.

『Battlefield is cancelled』

I was then transferred to the school`s back gate in an instant which was the rendezvous point.  Although it had seemed like a moment ago the spur of blood had vanished, saving me……when I confirming the smartphone screen.

『General normal cards have been added. On the app “General normal Gacha” had been added. 』

My level increased by 4 and became 16. The level Gacha can be drawn 4 times.

I had wanted to confirm something first. I hurriedly went to towards Mayumura-san who had come for me at the visitor’s parking lot. Since Mayumura-san had opened the car door respectful I got onboard and went towards the Tennoji house. On the way, I tried asking Mayumura-san.

“Mayumura-san do you know Reiji-san the second son of Shiratori the president of the Shiratori group?”

“Eh, the president of the Shiratori group only has one son……”

“What’s the name of that son?”

“Does Sei-sama know Reiichi-sama”

“So it was like that, I am such a fool, thank you”


Mayumura-san for a moment had made a suspicious face but that expression had vanished and concentrated on driving.

Scary, seriously an existence vanished completely from the memory of a person……only a smartphone owner or the person who defeated the individual will remember the person…..

Arriving at the Tennoji house I had drawn the Eero Gacha when I had confined myself to my room.*


R Anal Raid

Female exclusive- set photo- the degree of masochism increase depending on the number creampie in the targeted person`s anal

The anal will always be clean after use and will become similar to brand new- Please do me any time master!


Hmmm, it can only increase the degree of masochism… can`t be used for capturing Sakura-san…..I will hold off for now.


G Wedding dress

Female exclusive- set photo- set change of clothes

Targeted person’s clothes becomes a wedding dress

The keyword for replacement is “True love”

Good lucky with the newly-wed mood!*


I guess dress sets come out quite easily. Nana-san is myfavoritee but attaching it to Yukiko sense who is already a raped bride is difficult to discard, I will hold off for now.


G Ass bat

Summoning weapon- hoist to set- only for the contractor

When it strike the opponent`s ass the golden bat gives a large damage

Practice putting your spirit into it! A legendary tradition that has been forgotten…..


It’s probably because recently acts of violence have been banned in club activities, if one is careless then they will be suspended. Well, I had obtained a large weapon. Summoning it, it’s then placed within the treasured box.


SSR Erotic Heroine

Female exclusive- set photo- the target person’s favorability is 0

The favorability will be listed on a list

Cumming in the mouth results in 5+ in favorability and creampie in the vagina results in 10+ favorability

Creamping in the ass results in 20- in favorability

Favorability over 80 is heads over heel in love, and favorability over 100 becomes deredere(lovestruck)!

Favorability must not go below 0, when favorability exceeds 120 she becomes a yandere!

SSR came~! That together with『Anal raid』it will be used on Sakura-san! If I don’t strictly control the favorability it will become dangerous, as a yandere Sakura-san… scary!

As for Friday, I will dump 10 creampie into Sakura-san! I will risk everything on this!

End of Chapter

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