Chapter 14

I am curious now, does the MC not have one person that doesn`t hate him

I who was invited to Sakura-san private house was heartily eating a high-grade nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood) in a ultra-luxurious VIP room.

Sakura-san`s private family house looked similar to a hospital as the site occupies the upper section of the residential area. Even though the metropolitan area is a very expensive plot of land. As one would expect of a large company like the Tennoji group.

The room has a living room with a couch, a table, a TV set, a private toilet and a bath. As for the small refrigerator, I had it tightly packed with my favorite pack of milk coffee. In the interior of the bedroom, there is a luxurious canopy bed, and that room itself is soundproof with 2 heavy bulletproof glass window. With my key the room is self-lock, now the security is perfect with only Mayumura-san carrying the master key.

It’s easy to escape from here, as it’s possible to conclude that they didn`t place any kind of listening device, camera, and there isn’t anything like a guard. In short, it means they have faith in me, conversely, if I try to escape I will be asserted by Sakura to be a traitor.

Haa, this development is too sudden, what has happened to Sakura-san in these last few day. Perhaps, it’s because of defeating the Guardian Angel? As the Guardian Angel could have also protected Sakura-san`s mind, and because of its disappearance Sakura-san went on a rampage……… it may be possible

Anyways, in order to rescue the Chairman Friday night, I have no choice but to lose Sakura-san who will come to meet me for confirmation. The problem is that the order for the execution of the Chairman was already sent, and such an order can`t be withdrawn. I want an absolute submission card.

Now then, I have 1124 yen in my possession. Yuki-ane manages my debit card and bank book. Because of being at Sakura-san house I couldn’t take bank book. For one week, it seems that Mayumura-san will prepare all of my necessary things. Presently, I can only use 11 pieces of 100 yen in the Gacha. I am really poor….

Thinking it over, I will use 『50-50』 before drawing the Gacha. When I attach the card to my body it had disappeared and a coin of 500 yen fell onto the ground, starting to turn. It turns around and stops, and a design of an angel can be seen. Then the coin after a short moment had disappeared. Well, is that good luck?

Okay, I will draw the Gacha!


N Dig here Woof Woof

Throw into the air to set- a dog is able to bring treasure!


『N Provocation』

Attach to the targeted person to set- the other party becomes angry


N Slippery

Lay onto the ground or floor to set- one`s foot slips and falls down

Additional effect- head becomes smooth


N Iron Amor

Set item- defense potential 20- beginner equipment


S Coat of the Apprentice Hero

Apprentice hero series- summon armor- hoist to set- defense potential 77

The clothes of the apprentice wrote ‘Hero’ on the back, aiming to be a hero!


G Already no good Po』(Mou dame po)

Attach to targeted person to set- a miracle occurs only once at the moment of a desperate situation*


『N Wooden shoes

Set item- defense potential 1- beginner equipment


N Dancing Doll

Summon magic- throw into the air to set- summons a dancing doll- HP 20

During a battle- uses a strange dance to enliven a battle is 


G Incense burner of climax

Female exclusive- set by placing it inside a room- 1-time use

At the time of insertion, she will climax non-stop for 5 hours*


N Accelerator

Hoist card to set- strengthen magic- my speed becomes 2 fold for 30 seconds


S Potion

Set item- injuries will be rehabilitated


Two gold cards came out. I will use the 『Incense burner of Climax』. As for the『 Already no good Po』it will become an insurance when a battle comes along. The『Accelerator』and『Potion』are nice. The wooden shoe and iron armor were taken out and placed within the treasure box. Those items won’t be equipment. 

The apprentice hero`s coat had written “Hero” in gold and deep blue color. I can’t walk downtown wearing this, it’s embarrassing….. Would it be a good thing if the whole series is collected? I don’t even want to think about it. 『Slippery』is dirty. Will the hair grow afterward? As for the『Dancing doll』does it only dances……I guess it can become a shield then……

Now I can use 『Dig here Woof Woof』only once!

The light brown fur of the medium-size dog slips through the room`s door and vanishes. Waiting for around 10 minutes, the dog came back with something in its mouth at my foot. It seems like a book….it was an ero-book! Moreover, it was wrinkled like it was second hand. The dog with a triumphant look had vanished. Well, for sure it’s a treasure, the ero-book was then thrown into the rooms garbage bin immediately, poi.

Unfortunately, my level didn`t raise. The card can`t be used next week Friday so it was exchanged for experience point with the trash can.

Now, with the current situation, I have to restrain Sakura-san with the『Turtle shell bondage 』and drop it with the combo of 『Incense of Climax』. Although it’s a close gamble…it can’t be helped…..

The parents of Sakura-san who seems to be able to stop Sakura-san, travels around the world for work had seemly  gotten into an accident… parents had contacted me via email about 1 hour ago “be relieved because living expense have been sent via the bank, and we are going overseas for about 1 month”. Probably it’s the work of Sakura-san.*

There is one more person but, it’s something I really dislike. For the time being, I try mailing that person. When I sent “Can I have a consult about Sakura-san, is now good?” , a reply came “Let’s meet directly at Black Peak High School on Wednesday unless you’re in a hurry.”. Although I was at a loss, wouldn’t it be better to talk on the phone than directly? I then sent back a mail of consent.*

Now, I will devote my whole self to the approaching midterms examination. I took out my studying tools and went to towards the desk.




As for the midterm examination, I did 11 subjects from Monday until this morning on Wednesday. Allocating all the point towards wisdom, and because the study environment was the best, the examination was an easy victory. It’s almost possibly that I had gotten a perfect score on all the subjects! The smartphone is the greatest.

Just to be sure, I had avoided contact with the Chairman. Although I don`t have any surveillance on me, the Chairman would certainly be observed. I who aims at the reversal, have no choice but to act like I`m not suspicious of Sakura-san. Therefore, when school was over, I returned to the house of Tennoji by immediately greeting Mayumura-san, and then studied.*

Now, when I went to the appointed place, the person I was waiting for was already there. Shiratori Reiji-san, a 3rd grader going to the elite school Midorikawa high school, and is the second son of the president of the Shiratori group, which is an affiliate of the Tennoji group. He also seems to be a relative to Sakura-san, he should have valuable opinion on Sakura-san.*

Rei-san is 180 cm tall ikemen that looks cool with glasses and is a reliable person with superior grades. But, for some reason I am disliked….. therefore, honestly, I was surprised when the mail came for a direct meeting. 

“Sorry to have kept you waiting”

“No, I didn`t wait”

“But about Sakura-san…..”

“I don`t care about that, it was alright, since I have way to kill you”*

While holding down the center of his glasses Reiji-san said that in a cold voice. What did Reiji just say?

“……….A method to kill me?”

“You will understand with this?”

Holding a bright red smartphone, Reiji-san displays his wristwatch to me. Ehh! Reiji-san was also an owner of a magic smartphone!?

“I am lucky. When it was revealed that you were the owner of the smartphone with a search card, I was not able to stop laughing!”


“I want to drive away the all the garbage insect that are approaching Sakura-san. But, Yukina will cry if I harm you. Then Sakura-san will not forgive me.”

“Those……playboys……”(I think he is referring to guys that disappeared after talking to yuki-ane)

“Aa, those fellows, it serves them right”

Yuki-ane and Sakura-san are always going out together. Even when being picked up, the two of them were together. That’s right didn`t Sakura-san eliminate the man that approached Yuki-ane, so does Reiji-san also want to eliminate the man that approaches Sakura-san! I was wrong to be suspicious of Sakura-san, I`m sorry…….nevertheless, it’s strange that Sakura-san is excessively protected by a guardian angel and Reiji-san…….*

And, I who was really too stupid had been successful lured by Reiji-san…..

“The loser of the battle existence will be erased. Disappear! Battle start!”*

Reiji-san hoists his wristwatch.

『Battle challenge. Transfering to the『Wasteland』battle field』

Wait just a minuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I who thrown into the 『Wasteland』battle field shouted out in vain.

End of Chapter


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