Chapter 22-Mizuki`s Night

For this chapter I got a lot of help from he did like half or more. This chapter felt very long so there may be some things i forgot to edit.


While waiting for the two brothers to fall asleep, Yuusuke wasting time by inspecting some books in the room.

By using a personal computer to illuminate an staff handwritten notebook on how to operate the air conditioning. Because i could not find a regular manual I had look for a suitable document. If we could heat up the room then at night it would become more comfortable.

Yusuke intended to use here as a temporary base for a while.

I kept my distance at first because my relationship with Mizuki was not good. However right now Mizuki current state is that of a person sleeping without any worries. Although minimum caution is necessary.

There is also the matter of the infrastructure. I did not ponder too deeply. Can I last here during the winter? Or do I have to leave soon.

In case of emergency, the plan of moving to the center of the mountains outskirts is being considered.

However, the other side is not good because it is not protected by zombies it’s vulnerable to wild animals and human beings. Yuusuke was thinking that it would be too premature to leave now. Now is time I need to make preparation.

Mizuki and others would be made to do be my defense, gathering of food, production, etcetera.  Yuusuke wanted to be efficient so he started to look for books about survival goods or a guidebook. Its was also necessary to make preparation for coming of winter. Fuel for the generator and kerosene for heating. In order to take advantage of the three labour force, there was still a lot to done.

Fortunately this supermarket has a water tank on its rooftop. Even if the building utility stops in an instant , we ought to be able to use the water with the water pressure from a high place.

Since there`s a stove it should be able to run without any troubles even without electricity.

I turned over a page while in deep thought. *Tap-tap* sounded as someone knocked on the door.

Mizuki appears from the gap. Her wet hair was gathered in a bunch, falling on one side(or hanging from the side). When she opened her mouth to say something some anxiety was seen across her face expression. (or she looked anxious).

“Um……continued from earlier.”

“All right. Proceed at once.”

Mizuki immediately left.

Yuusuke stood up after finishing looking through the notebook.

In the middle of the dressing room, Mizuki took off her shoes, and remained seated in seiza quietly.(Seiza is kneeling with the top of the feet flat on the floor and sitting on the soles)

A blanket is laid out. Her wet black hair was gathered at the nape of her neck.

With that appearance you would realized that Mizuki had decided to present herself.

Yuusuke suddenly seeing Mizuki body so open, there would be no reason not to eat the meal set before oneself.

A locker is aligned on both sides of the room, inside the room there was a small mirror, chair and a dressing table. It could be said that the small room has an excessive atmosphere.

Looking at Mizuki she was very tensed.

“Well, could you turn off the light.”

“…No it probably will become pitch dark here”

“Because of this”

In Mizuki hand was an flashlight. The switch is that way towards the way. When Yuusuke turned off the light, from wall there was only a small light being reflected.

“….Oh, although it’s good” (T/N i thought it was not good)

Using the key to close the door, as Yuusuke approached Mizuki body became stiff

“Only once.”


“Please only once….”(or one time)


“If possible that…. could result in a baby being born and that being the case you would be troubled…”

“Oh….is that so…”

Indeed, in today’s environment , pregnancy is an dreadful thing to happen.

Yuusuke being a man guessed he could not do it, when seeing the desperate look Mizuki face, its a issue that cannot be forced.

“In addition since it’s revealed that i don’t have condom…..I just have to endure today.”

Mizuki nods in silence

Mizuki seemed to have been a little relieved since Yuusuke accepted without fussing over it.

Oh well, with Tokiko-chan I could freely cum inside her.

There’s no denying that until now I had the desire to conquer Mizuki. If she can properly enjoy it, that would be enough.

While sitting down cross-legged.

“Do you have any experience? Did you not have a boyfriend?”

Mizuki shakes her head.

Yuusuke sits in front of her, Mizuki body was still stiff, not moving an inch.

No matter how you look at that nervousness manner showed that she was inexperience.

(Unless it is done willing….to give someone a good time is impossible, right?)

“For now please lie down.”

That statement made the nervous Mizuki place both of her hands on the ground, causing a change in posture. On top of the blankets, lying down with her body facing upwards. Her eyes tightly closed, both her hands were together on top of her stomach.

Yuusuke stride over her waist in a sandwich-like posture as Mizuki place both hands across from each other.

(The mood doesn’t feel right. I guessed it can’t be helped)

My hands crawl towards her breast directly under her thin shirt where I felt her tender breasts. As Yuusuke`s hands softly grasp and his hands sinks into her breast hence he did not feel the hard bra. Mizuki stiffen body twitch(jerk).

Mizuki makes an excuse(or justifies her action) openly,

“…Clothes and underwear, they need to be washed, so that being the case by all means i cannot get them dirty…”

If it’s about seeing her dirty underwear, It seems she said that she doesn’t want to wear them.


Even without the bra, Mizuki breast is well shaped, The thin shirt is being pushed up. I want to touch those tender bulge(hills), Mizuki signs while complying to be touched, Yuusuke thing also became hard.

I moved my hands towards Mizuki`s jean. I undo the button and pull down the zipper. In preparing to pull down her jeans I peek at her bush from the gap in the zipper.


Mizuki raises her small voice, she moves both her hand to cover her groin. While her eyes remained tightly closed, her face is dyed red due to her shyness.

While Mizuki tried to move her fingers to cover her groin, my middle finger crawled towards her dry vagina and the sensation of feeling her flesh was transmitted. No even a minute it was forced out, while two of her lips twitched, it was beautiful. If you rub there lightly Mizuki would have small shivers.


Yuusuke raises himself

“Take off your jeans”


Mizuki became silent for a while, before long she slowly, she uses one of her hands to take off her jeans. While using the other hand to cover her groin, the movements were awkward and inefficient, though Yusuke waited patiently .


Pulling the white shirt above her head, what’s left is a naked body where the important parts are only covered by her hand she then proceeds to lie down. Her erotic figure, got Yuusuke excited. Himself then gets undress, exposing his lower body. Mizuki immediate turned her head away, while sneakily taking a side glance at it.

Once again, Mizuki cover herself and I connect the stiff lower body with Mizuki’s “nether region”. Her hands were forcefully removed from the entrance and I trace the gap of the labia (the lips of the bush) to able to erect my dick up and down. (TL2 note: the moment when your dick get erected, it goes up and down.) Mizuki hide her valuable crease section, and the light vein of her integrity softly continue to wrap up from left to right.


Mizuki herself used both hands to open her entrance making her posture intoxicating, with a trembling voice.

“Say….if possible, slowly….I`m scared.”

“If i put it in before you get wet ……that way would also be painful.”

I wish i had brought some sex lubricant, Yuusuke thought. It’s quite troublesome because it is said a woman’s first time she needs to be wet. Even though it feels good rubbing it but there is just too dry.

As I push my fingers to lightly explore the thin hair around her vagina. While I rub against her waist I look at her facial expression. Because I wanted to look at responses my fingers were causing each second.


Mizuki had a faint reaction.

I weaken the pressure and traced it in order to tickle that area. Underneath her thin skin I felt that it slightly swelled. Mizuki fainly exhales.

“How did you do yourself? Which way do you like to be rubbed?”

“……I can’t do it.”

” Hmm ”

Considering the reaction from Mizuki until now I do not need to question that my touching has cause an immediate effect. Because the stimulus from gentle stroking the top of her underwear seems to be just right.

I lightly touch that part of the skin to stimulating the swelling. Occasionally the pulp of the finger slides and tickles the surrounding area.


Although Yuusuke watched Mizuki`s responses he gradually got impatient. More or less he wasn’t getting the reaction that would result in her getting wet.

A man cannot deny loving to embrace a virgin. Its natural. (T/N not sure)

It will become a little better if I caress her or openly massage her whole body……

Well……it seems I am pleasing her.

If I were to experience this with a woman I like I would be more aroused. But with Mizuki I don’t have that kind of feelings.

Yuusuke became troubled, and stop caressing her.

“You, on top”


Mizuki uses her elbow, and raise her body to look at Yuusuke.

“I need to lie down so you straddle on top of me.”


“Since all you have to do is get on top,I don’t have to particularly put it in. (TL2: done, he’s just lazy.)

Saying that much, Yuusuke lie down next to Mizuki. He place both of his hands under his head, using it as a pillow, and urged Mizuki with his gaze.


Mizuki nervously sat down on Yuusuke`s thighs. Its like a girl getting on the carriage area of a bicycle, sitting with both of her legs out on one side.

“No its not like that. Straddle me like you’re mounting a horse.”

That statement made Mizuki to look at Yuusuke perplexed.

Before long in spite of her face being flushed she slowly opened her right leg to straddle Yuusuke`s thigh from the front. During the process she used both of her hands to conceal her groin since it was opened in a big way.

“Its em-embarrassing, that area…but…this….”

“But? Come closer to me”


Mizuki`s face was dyed in shame as she moved both of her legs and restlessly slide up her body until it reached Yuusuke`s waist. Mizuki poorly lifted up her waist above Yuusuke`s half erection.

“Just sit down and rub against it.”

Mizuki with an bright red face turned her eyes away in protest.

“Isn’t scary if I move? You have to try it yourself so it would feel good. It’s going to hurt because you are not wet.”

Mizuki hesitated for a while and timidly sat down. She softly bent her soft ass on top of Yuusuke`s thighs. It was an comfortable feeling.

His half erected penis exactly hitted Mizuki`s vagina lips.

With Mizuki’s cry(weeping kind of voice),


A small voice leaked out.

Yuusuke just silently stare at Mizuki who resigns openly and weakly began to move. She shake on her comrades dirty, filthy dick regrettably.

Rather than rubbing back and forth it slightly moved up and down her waist, it placed pressure on her labia and clit.It felt like having sex on the corner of the desk. Now instead of a desk she pressuring Yuusuke erected penis with a *muni muni*. Gradually a pleasant feeling accumulated inside her waist with her slow movement.

From below I stretch out my hand to undo the buttons on her shirt. Causing her large breast to spill out and exactly settle into my palms. I scooped up her beautiful shaped breast and both of my hands I rub them.

“Close your eyes and think about the man you love.”


Mizuki bits her lips, placing both hands on Yuusuke stomach, to speed up her movement.

For quite a while, there was no change. Eventually, the place where they both were connected there was traces of sweat. Yuusuke erected muscles were being rubbed. A pleasant feeling was creeping up from his spine.

Also her nipples were being groped by his fingers, so eventually it started to become hard.


Mizuki breathing got rough as she wiggled her waist back and forth.

A time passed on their movement became more complex as Yuusuke penis began to get wet and slippery. Each time Mizuki`s pussy rubbed against his dick it hitted her clit.

After a while both of their bodies were dirty because of the sticky sexual fluids. Mizuki`s hand collapse weakly and almost leaning on Yuusuke`s upper body. Considering her current condition there was still a faint movement of the waist as her slippery clit rubbed against Yuusuke penis head. Her small body trembled each time  as their waist entangled each other. It was the desired pleasant feeling that a female would experience when masturbating.

“….You, have every had orgasm when you masturbated”


Mizuki answers in a weak voice

If that’s the case, it’s fine, yuusuke raised his body.


Mizuki raised her voice as she was pushed onto the bed. He the pushed his stiff penis(thing) against Mizuki`s entrance with her leg spread out in a missionary position.

“……!     Sto-……”

“Help me cum!”


Using his penishead he feels around Mizuki vagina(hole) and then slowly pushes into her waist. He then breaks in to enter her muddled wet entrance.


Mizuki frowns, and endures the pain.

Until the tip of his penis head was buried inside of Mizuki that it couldn’t advance anymore. Yuusuke realised he couldn’t go any further so he stopped.

“Open your groin”

“……It Hu-Hurts……Really……”

Mizuki`s neck had trace is of redness and from her forehead her sweat was falling down.

Yuusuke stopped his movement and moved his hands towards Mizuki`s thigh. There, she stiffen hardly in nervousness and pain(bitterness). Mizuki had an entreating expression.

“Ah,Um…some other time because it’s stuck here. Next time……”

“That`s no good.”

Yuusuke lift both of Mizuki`s legs and kept it close to his upper body in order to fold back.

“Hold on to it by yourself.”


Mizuki resigns and uses her hands to hold both of her thighs. Then she spread her legs by herself creating an appearance that she was ready to accept a man.

He place his right hand on Mizuki’s side and play with one of her breast with his left hand while slowly advances his waist.

Yuusuke had to put effort into not being pushed back from her vagina as Mizuki`s hymen was forcefully opened and into her vagina.

Mizuki grasp her thighs tightly and endured the invasive pain of her vagina stoically.


Until Yuusuke’s dick was cram inside her vagina, he breathe out. Her hot constricting interior wrapped around Yuusuke all the way to the base of his dick. While they were glued to each others waist, their public hair entangled with Mizuki`s thin bush.

“Just endure it for a bit longer”

He move his waist back and forth slowly. The viscous liquid linger in the entrance changed with each *guni guni*, her labia became slippery.


Yuusuke concentrated his nerve on the thing between the legs. A pleasant feeling increased as his penis sensed and tasted every corner of  Mizuki’s virgin vagina.

The situation where a female high-school student was half forcibly to openly stimulate Yuusuke’s penis.

While Yuuuske pushed into Mizuki`s virgin pussy he threw down his upper body to embrace Mizuki. Her soft breast and pointed nipples rubbed against Yuusuke`s chest. The fragrant scent of the soap`s odor passed from her hair to his nose. Mizuki closed her eyes and turned away as she endured it stoically.

Yuusuke insert his young waist back and forth as he surrendered himself to pleasant feeling of excitement while holding in his (penis)glans inside of Misuki’s entrance with the sound *shlurp slurp*.

His stimulated penis approached its limit soon as he pulled back and forth, feeling its full length inside of Mizuki`s soft warmth. The numb-like pleasant feeling rose from the depth of his waist rushed towards the urethra. In addition, Yuusuke suddenly endured his charged power inside her as far as his stiff penis could pierce inside of Mizuki`s vigina.(T/N i think it means he held back coming inside)

先端を刺激する浅い抽挿と、全身で感じる深月の柔らかい温もりに、ほどなくして限界が訪れた。 腰の奥から這い上がった、痺れるような快感が、尿道に殺到する。雄介はぐっと腹に力をこめてそれに耐え、深月の膣の奥まで、硬いものを突き刺した。*


Mizuki writhe in pain. It was tempted by the surge of cum inside her. After enjoying that feeling to the very last minute like teasing his dick, Yuusuke draw back his waist in one breathe.

He held his twitching dick with his hand tightly and pressed the tip against Mizuki`s clit. His dick then released all the accumulated cum with a *whoosh whoosh* . That shocked made Mizuki slight intoxicated with shivers. It was a pleasant feeling that prevent one from standing up.

In Spite of the harsh treatment, he used his hand to rub the tip as it gushed out cloudy fluid intermittently against Mizuki`s entrance. Her light pink crack was contaminated by the muddy white sperm.


After Yuusuke released the cum that was accumulating for quite a while, he takes a short rest.

An fast heartbeat could be heard.

He was more excited than he thought.


There was silence for several minutes, Mizuki place both of her hand on the ground to get up and looking up nervously. Mizuki`s thigh loses its support and fall on top of Yuusuke’s thigh to convey a gentle weight.

“Is it over……?


Yuusuke answer it in a languid way.

“……Beside, I let it out.”


Mizuki dropped her gaze and witness her muddy, soiled body with semen from her waist to her vagina`s entrance.

Mizuki stares at that with complicated expression,


She’s hesitant to say,

“Thank you very much.”

“? What.”

“Beside, you took it out.”

“……Oh, I did promise. But, with this, it won’t be completely fertile as a result. understand?”

“That is……yes.  Next time, will you attach a condom? If you agree……”

“Ah……it’s fine.”

“……I’m glad.”

Mizuki move her waist and sit in front of Yuusuke at ease. He picks up a prepared wet towel from nearby and begin to clean her vagina.

“But, it was painful.”

“That’s my fault, right? I did it as slow as possible.”

“Well, is that so……the groin. I did not think it could open to that extent.”


“It’s flexible, I wonder if It’s good if I prepare to do it……”

Said Mizuki with absentminded expression.

(Some tension, this ridiculous fellow……)


Yuusuke was puzzled over a slightly vast atmosphere of Mizuka. Perhaps on the behalf of various incident, her emotion overflows and she escape from reality for her own good.


As Mizuki stand up, she fall down.


Mizuki unsteadily stand up, supported by Yuusuke.

“My crotch hurts……”

“No……is it so?”


Because it was strange to apologize and troubled by the reaction, Yusuke answered so.


End of chapter 22


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