Chapter 24- Cold

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. I wanted to finish this by sunday because Tuesday is birthday i didn`t want to do any translating for the week so some phrases will look like straight MT.


The next morning I went to the conference center to eat only to see Mizuki face down on the table.

It seems she was in middle of preparing breakfast because on the  table the teacups, chopsticks and tableware were lined up. The canned food seemed to not have been open.

“Hey, what happened.”

There was no response to those words.

Yuusuke went and grasped her shoulder to raise her face only to see Mizuki eyes half open stare absentmindedly towards him. On her forehead her sweat seemed to have cling to her bangs. She looked very pale.

While Mizuki coughed.


“I am…sorry. I have an headache….”

“Is it a fever? It seems to have gotten worse.”

While Yuusuke clicks his tongue he thinks about what to do.

As far as he can see Mizuki condition was very bad.

There is nothing particular that needs to be done today so it would be better to take a day off.

“Just wait a minute.”

Once he got out of the conference room he went towards the back of an office.

Approaching the lounge suit he glance at the younger brothers who were asleep wrapped up in their blanket. The center of a glass table is put aside and two opposing sofas are put together. In addition to that he spread out a blanket to make a improvised(temporary) bed.

With that finished he went towards the two brothers who were die asleep,

“You guys wake up”



Takashi got up and Yuu got up while rubbing his eyes.

Both of them were still half asleep but they still looked at Yuusuke.

They didn`t mind,


“Your sister has an cold. Today we are going lay her here on the sofa and nurse her to health.

Since saying that we returned to the conference to carry Mizuki.  With Mizuki being unconscious her body was heavy. Until we carried her to sofa we covered with a blanket. After putting her down she fell asleep.


Close by the two brothers were now fully awake, full of worry because there sister looked completely exhausted.

“…..Is nee-chan going to be alright”

“Its a cold. So some sleep should cure it.”

While answering Takashi anxious mutters,

(Well lets wait…)

Yuusuke thinks.

Perhaps Mizuki was sick from before yesterday night. For the short moment while she was half naked and when she lost her virginity her body must have lost its strength. For now thats how I think she got the cold.

Also come to think of it in addition to the said symptom of the running fever and her collapsing.




In Yuusuke mind there was an very terribly imagination that surfaced.

(…..Perhaps am an carrier?)

When Yuusuke was bitten by the zombie he had an high fiver and collapsed.

Afterwards he miraculously recovered, so he can assume that the virus is still inside his body.

Its possibly that having an sexual relationship with Mizuki he may have infected her with the zombie virus.

(But ….the virus, did it have a symptom where they would coughed like that?)

He remembered he went on the internet to collect information.

With the exception of the symptom not settling it was common to have an running fever and collapsing.


The symptoms that flooded the internet was hemorrhage, edema, and numbness. It also seems that some hoax and  misunderstandings were mixed into it. Whether the virus was associated with coughing, Yuusuke couldn’t decided.

(It could simply be an cold.)

Its not a good feeling to imagine yourself being the carrier and infecting another person. To carry a thing inside your body that is a ticking bomb. With the virus inside my body I think I can only get used to it.

However Yuusuke was now aware that himself is an irregular existence.

Myself was in such a close contact with Mizuki. With that it isn’t even surprising.


(Its certain…that within the first 24 hours the first symptom appears they will die.)

Even if we make estimate on the situation they can still die quickly in a few hours.


While staring at a painfully sleeping face of Mizuki, Yusuke said towards to the younger brothers beside him.

“You guys for a little while do not do anything. For today do not enter this room. Go play somewhere else.”(T/N not sure about the first sentence)


In the security room there was one personal computer that controlled all the air conditioner in each room on the third floor. While Yuusuke looks at the employee’s notes(protocol) he was operating the terminal to get the whole floor to heat up.

When that was finished he returned to preparing breakfast.

The rice was already cooked so it was taken from the rice cooker and was placed in a rice bowl and what was left was packed into a container.

Yuusuke stopped trying to carry the breakfast.

After hesitating a little he returned to the rice cooker.

He scooped some rice from the bag on the floor and used a somewhat large amount of water to properly wash the rice inside the kettle so as to set(make) a rice porridge. It doesn’t take long for it adapt to the water also to an extend it isn`t methodical.(T/N meaning a set time i think)

The two brothers were absentminded worrying about Mizuki however when their meal was placed before them they wholeheartedly began to eat. It didn’t take any time for them for the container of food to disappear.

While looking at the state of the meal Yuusuke was thinking.

From the hardware store he got a device to smoke food, from the library he made Mizuki carry some documents but since Mizuki is down with the cold he cannot make her test the smoked food.


While myself is setting the younger brothers only night watch but it seems they do not feel like it.(T/N not sure)


If Mizuki turns into a zombie, he overturned various assumption.


(Today is sluggish)

Yuusuke remained silent while the brothers decided to eat as much as possible.

He entered the room with a tray in his hand and approaches the sleeping Mizuki.

“Since i made rice porridge here eat some.”


Yuusuke voice causes Mizuki fainly open her eyes.

He then placed the bowl near the table and looked towards a glass of water.

“I am sorry …”

*coughing coughing*

“That….please…. Yuu meal?”(T/N not sure but i think she is asking if he can make any for Yuu)


“I already did. Here, open up”


She opens her mouth for the thermometer.  Mizuki obediently holds it in her mouth. After a while a electric sound is rang out. The thermometer displayed 38.4 ℃.

“Subtle….”(T/N not sure)


Am certain its a fever however a cold temperature isn’t funny.


In regards to the zombie virus fever definition even the internet did not settle. Yuuske could not judge the current situation. (T/N not sure about the first sentence)


(Only the symptom was recorded once was the body temperature. The data said they would transform into a zombies.)(T/N not sure)


Already Mizuki sleeping breathe rises.


Yuusuke quietly moved away from her.


In the room he sat down facing each other with his legs on top of the desk. While flipping through the pages of the document Yuusuke thinks about a corner though.(T/N not sure what 思考の片すみ means)


(If Mizuki turns into a zombie… I keep her in the apartment. Originally I wanted one person for manual labour but I have to return to the starting point.)(T/N not sure)


I didn’t think particular about using the two brothers.

They would become unstable if they lost their sister hence it would be expected that wouldn’t be able to do manual labour. For the short while my feelings were not moved and that is all.


Yuusuke to extent would also be good if he could make someone open floor that had the groceries. The rescue will come after the first of the food is exhausted.  It would gradually depend on luck. He has no intention of babysitting the two children here. (T/N am not sure about the first sentence)


Yusuke sighs.

(There would be various uses when they die)


I would be able to get a whole pair of human labour force that would be prepared to do anything.


Now reading the the document about the supermarkets emergency evacuation instruction in case of an power outage, states when you reach the automatic door you should use your hands to open it. The window manual states it must be open manual or in the basement there is battery for emergency use. A lot of various important information is written. If Mizuki dies they would be almost useless. Now thinking i realised that am not so interested in reading the remain information.

今読んでいる資料は、停電時におけるスーパー内での避難誘導マニュアルで、自動ドアが手で開けられるようになるだとか、シャッターの手動での開け方だと か、地下の非常用のバッテリーだとか、重要な情報がいろいろ書かれているのだが、深月が死ねば、これらも無用の長物となってしまう。そう思うと、読解にも あまり身が入らなかった。*

(DNT). It was careless on my part.)


I guess its because I did not think about consequence of the possibility that am an carrier of the virus. I guess it can’t be helped since already too late to think about it.

(However it just that I was not being careful in being hurt.)


Cause if Yuusuke was seriously injured that he could not move there wouldn’t be anybody willing to help him. You cannot get the benefits of civilization like food, water, shelter if you don`t change your ways.


(Likewise I do not want to find a settlement of people. Because you need to have an insurance in case you’re in a pinch)


Yuusuke wants to live carefree(selfish) even though anxiety follows him concerning injury and disease.  Doctors and medical professionals must have survived but wanting to find their location may be hard.


Certainly when you keep the company of person who is anxious they may want to escape anywhere on the street. They would want to find an community that controls farming land.


(Hmmm….. from the beginning am positive that human patronage should have changed? I also don’t want such a situation…. To take a large amount of time to help others.)

(うーん……最初から積極的に人間の保護に動くべきだったか? でも、そういう状況じゃなかったしなあ……。助ける手間もでかいし)*

Even though I am thinking carefully my gaze run over each character.

The room was quiet. The air condition sound faintly echoes, Mizuki occasionally wakes up coughing, and Yuusuke silently turning the pages of the document.

Inside the gloomy(listless) atmosphere time quiet flows on.


End of Chapter 24


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