Update & Scheldue

I may take more than longer than normal(which is in one or two week time) to release a chapter because since i didn`t want to do any summer job this year my mother made me sign up for an 3 weeks summer job/volunteering programme. So for this month i may only be able to release episode 6 part 1 on wednesday and chapter 25 around 22/07 if i manage my time properly.

Since I plan to disappear around  September I decided to make a goal. My goal before I disappear is to do:

From chapter 26 to 29 (I wanted to do to 31 to complete volume 2 but i dont think its possible)

To do episode 6 part 2  and episode 6.5

So if am able to do 1 chapter a week I should take around 6 weeks meeting my deadline. If I do continue to make releases after Septemebr 14 it would be because I failed to get an internship or job for days i dont have any classes at my college and have too much free time.


5 thoughts on “Update & Scheldue

  1. Yup, life get us behind our backs and kicks right where it hurts.
    When life kicks right where it hurts, you lose the ability to work effectively.
    When you lose the ability to work effectively, you get fired.
    when you get fired, you become a free man.
    when you become a free man, a terminator will come to terminate you because you are free.
    when the terminator terminates you, it change the space-time continuum and destroyed the world.

    Oh what am I saying. I’m just bored.
    I assume this means during and after September, the translation pace will moderately decrease. We all need to make a living.

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  2. No matter how much we want to leave RL, it’ll always catch up to us. It’s okay if you are busy. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂 ❤


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