Episode 4- Let’s prepare for a Counter Attack

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. Also because it will take a total of four chapters to reach where chapter 3 in the manga i did the editing in hurry because i want to start the other chapters


“Well…that felt great.”

With a facial expression like a cat dozing off completely exposed in the sunlight, Lil was sleeping while lying down on the bed. From between her legs a cloudy fluid was spilling out and falling down, even more than last time fully smeared in semen, this is different from last time, unlike last time it does not seem that the body is not moving from fatigue.

“……Surprisingly, there’s an excess. Did the magic not work?”


“That isn’t the case. Look how much you came…..”


While Lil was changing her posture Oulu added by muttering ‘Aren’t you beautiful’.

“If only you had accepted without resisting it so badly, you could have enjoyed it…In addition, you do not need to mind about your posture unlike before were on a bed this time”


The words of Oulu clearly reached the ears of Lil causing her sticks out her tongue to lick Oulu`s thing.


Regarding Succubus their tongues and mouth are not organ used for talking, their mouth has a good use for doing lewd things.

“Ah, it became big…. besides, did Oulu put his magic into me, along with semen?Without permission according to the contract, even breathing is no good, only a little magic could be absorbed. Possibly because of that, your stamina is great.” (T/N am not sure if this right )





“What did you say”

Oulu allows Lil to attend to his body while he lie down, because of those words he unintentionally raised his upper body.

“Stop that(work) for a moment!?. Did you not perfectly know the circumstances of the contract……”

「ちょ、ちょっとだけだよ!? 契約にないからってその辺はちゃんとわきまえて……」

Lil becomes flustered and apologized(or makes an excuse). Despite as one would expect  about her lewdness she did not move her mouth from between Oulu legs.


“….Generally, when compare to another person absorbing magic for a demon is simple as breathing. Magic, is said to best when the magic is clustered together, for mana it is when it is scattered around in the air and in the ground, it varies entirely for animal for they naturally have ODO. The dungeon core also absorbs it, and I also personal use ODO to pour into you.”





“Only I can handle(or do) that, it is expected that if myself personal use ODO it will be restored to MANA at once.”



“Ahh, that’s right isn’t it. So myself and Oulu(You) can naturally breathe in magic as long as we’re close to it. For such things wouldn’t you say were compatible?”



While i would say that is careless, Lil was just about to finish where she uses her tongue to entwine around Oulu thing where she then swallow it deep into her throat.


“My magic powers is amber(colour)? Generally it seems that a demons magical power were either black or purple….i guess i cannot reveal this!”

「俺の魔力は琥珀色だぞ? 普通、悪魔の魔力は黒とか紫とかだろうが……


“Delicious….you personality is horrible but your vigor(spirit) is amazing delicious.”

(T/N because she is a succubus it is saying that his lifeforce is good )

While Lil is sucking (like drinking out of a straw) she swallows all of the semen that shoots into her throat, I end up raising my voice in satisfaction.

“It’s none of your business……. As long as i can commonly use magic, in that case i will use it. The magic that was poured into you, is about 10 percent of mine”



He raised himself up from the bed that was covered with love fluid and Oulu`s semen and sweat, he then used a wet cloth to wipe his body before getting dressed.

“Sooner or later we are going to also need to prepare an bathroom. …..But there are somethings i have to do now before then.”

Oulu using his blood drew several magical formation while calling for Lil.  Even though i call out for Lil, it considerable a simple thing.


For the time being i have the dungeon core, a full set of furniture and I am able to get my hands on food periodically….what else do i want to get.

While taking off the sheet from the bed she asked for a spare sheet.

“Do not ask about trivial stuff, we still have countless more things to do. If only this is fine, you aren’t called intentionally.……come, Imps!”(T/N am not sure about the second sentence)




Oulu shouted out,  and from a small formation sprinted out several demon(animals). The demon’s size was no more or about an infant human(size). Their whole body was smooth since there was not a spec of hair(fur) on their body, wings will grow considering its the back of an bat (imp). Their ears looked ominous,  its face when showing an crooked(evil) smile looked ugly.

オウルが一喝すると、魔法陣から小さな悪魔が数匹湧くように現れた。人間の赤ん坊くらいの大きさしかないその悪魔は、しかし赤ん坊の持つ可愛らしさとは無 縁の生き物だった。全身はつるりとして毛は全くなく、背中にはコウモリを思わせる翼が生えている。耳は禍々しくとがり、顔は醜悪で邪な笑みを浮かべてい た。*

Most low rank demons vary but still a demon is a demon. Even if that is the case they can to an extent use simple magic.

“To start with Imps, the dungeon needs to be expanded bigger. The path to underworld(dungeon), should be excavated as shown on the map.”



Oulu in advance made arrangement for a map that had the design of how the paths were to be built. They began operations immediate on the pathways.


“There are two reason for the expansion of the dungeon. It is an countermeasure against intruders, and to increase the amount of magic being gathered( or accumulated).”

The bed sheets were taken from Lil that was bothersome was put aside, instead of forcing the duplication of the map, Oulu exposition(narrated).


“Now, the path is almost directly leading up to the room where the dungeon is above ground from the core.(or…right now basically it is a straight path from above ground to room where the core is located.)


Its because when i dug the first time i did it by digging straight.


“In case there is intruder here, immediate this room would have been attacked, and that would be a very bad(thing for us). When the dungeon core is destroyed everything will end(for us).”



“It’s necessary to make the dungeon in a very complicated labyrinth in order to not arrive so easily”.

“…In the first place in order to not enter this room, isn’t good(proposal)to surround it with walls?”


Lil asks a simple question, in which Oulu shakes his head.

“The second reason is how it is going to be made. This dungeon exist in the midst of the Dragon Vein, it does not mean that if the core is placed there magical power will gather.


“Magical (runes) need to be carved on the dungeons aisles, so as to allow mana to follow through the passage to the core.”


“Just as, plants root extend, underground to take nourishment. The more wider the dungeon, that would result in larger quantity of magical power flowing towards the core. In addition to that isolating core would not allow that(flowing of magic to the core).


“Ah, I see. The dungeon itself resembles an three dimensional magic formation.”


“You catch on quickly. Its not [similar] though. As for this, in fact it is a magic formation.”


In order for map and design to be meaningful, power should be meaningful.


The magic formation, in utilizing the variety of magic is significant to design(pattern). For example, it is said in order for the [whole][interior and exterior classification] to be meaningful, the smallest magic formation only completely rejects entry. (T/N i was not sure about the second sentence)


Oulu is trying to make, tremendous develop( or an extraordinary development). To dig the magical runes on the wall, furthermore when the wall is looked over as a whole it is a magic formation.


In addition, common magic formation somewhat does not vary different  on the surface(plane), in the basement of the dungeon it is built by constructing a three dimensional magic formation.


“To…dont u think am skillful.”


“What, you say it like it’s somebody else’s problem?”

Lil shows admiration when looking at the map, Oulu signs while been amazed.


“The purpose for summoning you was not only to be an outlet for my sexual desires. This plan also, the reason is for you to accept being used (or requires you to do somethings).



“Huh!? Impossible impossible impossible impossible , absolutely impossible ! I thought you would say that?.”(or I should have know you would do this?

“In order to not allow the magical power to become stagnant it needs to flow towards the core. It must be made a way so when an intruder goes inside, the labyrinth cannot be estimated!?.”(T/N am not sure but i think two people are talking so i separate the paragraph)

「はあ!? 無理無理無理無理、絶対無理! これってあれでしょ?



“Subsequent, the labyrinth general defense must effective resist people. Even though demons seem to get along, it is also necessary to be aware of the size and number of rooms.”

“Furthermore the difficulty to enter cannot be too high!?”

“ It’s absolutely impossible !”(T/N i feel its Lil talking again)

「更に難易度上がってるじゃないの!? 絶対無理だってば!」*

Even without worrying,i would say within a day for one person to completely break down. I originally studied, to gradually work from smaller units to learn.(T/N not sure whats being said)



Looking back at the map, Lil knits her eyebrows closer together(T/N meaning she worrying about something). For demons according to the theory does not mean that human cannot use sorcery. However, to grasp to certain extent the meaning of fundamental magical formation. Oulu plan was very detailed, judging from her eyes she could tell this was outrageous (extravagant) design.(T/N am not sure how to rephrase the second sentence)


“I do not think that studying magic could be to this extent… Well since it’s in the contract I will do it, but do not expect much okay? ”

“If you can at least understand this difficulty, it wont be a problem.
Rather than [what do you know], [what should you do] is more essential because at least you know what will you do.

Oulu say straight to Lil, causing her unconsciously to shift her line of sight.

“Oh, I will just thrive as much as I can, to get familiar….”

Oulu nods,  while grinning smile appears, he slaps(place) both of his hands on Lil`s shoulder.

“Well, lets begin some simple exercise since your so unskillful.”

That smile….with, by the time Lil notices it, it was too late.

“Uhh, you stink…”

“While Lil had a grand frown, a small hard knife moved.


Feeling the unpleasant flabbily(or limply), to dirty oneself in sticky blood and grease, her current state was terrible.


She only moved the corpse of the original villagers from the neighbour, and strip them of their meat.


“Dont damage the bone too much. The meat is to be removed properly, it’s only a nuisance when you breathe. ”

“Wouldnt it be good to just burn them!?”

“That is not an option. When bones are burned they become fragile, and are not presentable. If you want to make a good skeleton, you have no choice but to do as before using your hand to remove the meat.

This one of [study] imposed on Lil, it was to create a skeleton.

Its simple to make a zombie all you need to have is a dead body, its movement is sluggish and it’s not very strong. Even if the dungeon is made into a complex labyrinth, if its not protect what is the purpose(meaning).

To remove all the meat, an incantation is written on the bone [bone movement] to make the skeleton more powerful, but still considerably they are faster than zombies.


This is because the dead corpse muscles do not function, it only attach weight which the body cannot bear. Of course, still it somewhat has a harder durability as compared to dead corpse(zombies) because of its role as protector(guardian), in the first place zombies do not have much stamina.


The normal human speed can outrun any skeleton and that is why they are more suited for defense.

“After removing the meat, engrave magical runes on the bones, to allow it to move. Indirectly some of the magic will be drained in order to dig(excavate). Do not forget to put a pseudo- perception, it’s inevitable since their are made blind.




Only tearing off the meat of the dead corpse neatly(properly), engrave the magical runes, then start on the next dead corpse…..Although it was a small village several hundred dead corpse were collected.

“Well then, since I will go and start another work. Don’t idle around and continue the work.”


“W-Wai…… at least help me you idiot masterrrr!””

In the dark cave, the yelling of Lil could be heard.

End of chapter 4…Chapter 4.5 next

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  1. With regards to this line : ちょっ、待っ……ちょっとくらい手伝いなさいよこの馬鹿主人ーーーーーっ!
    it would be “this idiot of a master” or “W-Wai…… at least help me you idiot masterrrr!”
    Usually, when “っ” is used in the middle, like in “ちょっ” it’s like your throat is choking up, an interruption of sorts.

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestion 🙂


  2. For : ……随分と余裕そうだな。
    “……Surprisingly, there’s an excess.”
    For : えっと、それにオウルが精と一緒に魔力を私の中に入れてるでしょ?
    “Besides, did Oulu put his magic into me, along with semen?”
    For : 生気は許可がなきゃ吸っちゃ駄目って契約にあるから吸ってないけど、

    “Without permission according to the contract, even breathing is no good, only a little magic could be absorbed. Possibly because of that, your stamina is great.” (You should get someone to re-check this, I’m not quite sure about the first line.)
    For: ……まあ魔力を共用出来るなら、それはそれで使えるな。

    “The magic shared with you, if that’s the case, use it. The magic pored into you, it’s about 10 percent of mine.”

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  3. Haha, give im a break guys, he helped us translate this so yeah

    Thanks for the great help, I just read it now and I feel like this line


    Should be more appropriate as:
    I do not think that studying magic could be to this extent… Well since it’s in the contract I will do it, but do not expect much okay?


    TLed into:
    If you can at least understand this difficulty, it wont be a problem.

    Rather than [what do you know], [what should you do] is more essential because at least you know what will you do.

    If it’s you, at some point you will be able to do it.


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