Chapter 21- The Ordinary Depressing Street

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly.


Yuusuke got up while glancing sideways towards the scene of the zombies crowding around the elevator.

“As the saying goes….. bullshit, is attracted to the shoes”


I light dust off my clothes.

Seriously what did those guys want to do….?

When i descended from the third floor and on my way home i was suddenly attacked by zombies. Since Yuusuke, cannot be seen his action is significance unclear.


For the time being, I must do something for those guys.


In Front of the elevator door there were three zombies scratching it.

The reason Muziki and the others left must have been because they felt the fighting had calmed down.



I moved the holster that was on my waist. Some time ago i was not able to use it because i had a fear of making a mistake but now i can use it by hitting the back of the head of the zombies.

However, it is not necessary to do so since Muziki and others had already escaped. And if i did do it will result in the floor getting dirty and it would be difficult to move the dead bodies and also the first floor defense personnel would decrease.

(T/N meaning the defense to stop ‘humans’ from coming in or out)

If the poor(or low) number is to be decreased, in the worst case a human may incidentally be tempted, so there is danger of the food being damaged(or stolen).

下手に数を減らすと、万が一人間が迷いこんできたときに、食料を荒らされる危険がある。 (I think… the author is saying if numbers lowers a human may try to take the food.)

If possible, I’d like to leave the zombie alone.

“In a short while they will come this way. Hey, there isn`t anymore bait.


I try to move the bodies but the persistence of the zombies is more than i expected. I am not going to leave it in front of the door whether they are looking for the lingering scent of a human.

“I gave up”

While being fed up i look around the area and i noticed that some food was scattered over the floor. Mizuki`s bag and Yuusuke(my) field bag was lying on the ground.

“Were they trying to escape with the food…? It could not be out of despair because that would be suicide. Did you think you could escape.”

「食料を持って逃げようとしたのか……? ってことは自暴自棄の自殺ってわけじゃないな。

Yuusuke twists his neck.

(I think it meanings… thinking hard)

The thing that must have caused the behaviour of Mizuki a while ago may be because she thinks that Yuusuke plans to abandon them. Although there is a prospect of the labor force, i do not intend to get involved with a mad person(lunatic).

“Oh, no. What those guys are trying to accomplish is foolish?”


Even if it’s left just as it is, for about a week i will remain unconcern for them. In itself i can come and go to the other floors but it is troublesome to use to stairs one by one.


I borrowed several rather thick ropes from the miscellaneous goods section on the second floor, it was then used to tie the body of the zombies to motorcycle that was placed at the rear entrance. The motorcycle was set on a low gear, where it left some skid marks on the floor while slowly moving.

When the zombies were dragged out from the back yard to the sales floor, they didn’t resist any more. As they were a zombie were dragged to one side to the entrance.

The rope was untied from the motorcycle and was tied to a structure near the automatic doors to prevent them from moving. In the same way the other two bodies were tied to the other entrance and the rear entrance.


With this If somebody is going to invade the zombie would attack them. If these zombies are safe, then the entrance becomes the mark of security.

(T/N This must mean it prevents others from coming in due to presence of the zombies.

“So as to speak any encountered would have fixed result”


From outside you can see that the zombies are tied to place near the automatic door, making Yuusuke nod in satisfaction.

“Then say…”


Surrounding the road and the parking lot there are about ten zombies wandering around that area, and as for the first(sale) floor there is about three or four zombie.

I wonder if there imitating the previous Wandering Monsters.


It would require some people to arm themself if they want to go inside the store.


I had not felt such a sign however I searched the surrounding, so that I would not remain as anxiety.


“I can guess the fighting capacity of the zombies.”

For the slow zombies a single blow with an axe to the head can finish it but for a quick zombie…

It is even difficult for Yuusuke who has an pistol to kill a zombie coming in from a distance. To certain extent you cannot aim at an moving head(target), it is also not much better than aiming at the torso.


The first shoot is used to stop the zombie from moving then the second shot towards the head will kill the zombie.


The pistol in Yuusuke hands seems to be a weapon that has a good amount of destructive power.

“With this i don`t need to find a knife.”

An Hatchet, Machete, or an knife. When I had to deal with a zombie quickly it seem it would be convenient to have one of those.

While i was finishing that task, I was carefully thinking about something, and by the time I realized the sky was already reddish.

Yuusuke returned towards the elevator to collect the baggage that fell on the floor and pressed the top button.

When Yuusuke first entered the room the first person to notice him  was one of the younger brothers. First his eyes widen in shock then it suddenly started to awfully sparkling.

(T/N am thinking its like in some anime where there eyes get big then start to shine in beautiful colours)

When i asked about Mizuki he pointed towards the back of a office desk.

When I sneaked around to the desk and looked inside,  I saw Mizuki in a triangular position where her face was buried in her knees.(or between her legs)

“You, what are you doing …… ”

The scene in front is too much causing him feel weakened.


Mizuki looked up and noticed Yuusuke was carrying a bag, and she was struck dumb with an hardened expression.

After all the crying her eyes were bloodshot.


Mizuki leaks out that mutter

“How did you get away? What happened to you…”


I then became aware of the younger brothers staring at us.

Yusuke then raised his body and put the bag before two brothers and said.

“Have you guys eaten yet? This is food that was saved, so you should eat it properly because its good. Do you know how to open it.?”

「お前ら、まだ飯食ってねーな? 節約とか気にしねーでいいから適当に食っとけ。開け方わかるな?」

They both nod at the same time.

“All right. Could you excuse me, I have something important to discuss with your big sister.”

While Yuusuke dragged Mizuki out of the room he felt the gaze of the two brothers. Mizuki as she was, did not have any energy(to resist).

Outside of the office, the two of them were facing each other in the corridor.

“So, why do such a thing.”


Mizuki only continues to look down while not saying anything.

“What is it. Is it because you guys though i dead.”


“Please could you speak louder”

“Outside…security….thinking about…”

“I see.”

“Father…..mother, are waiting for us….to return home”


Yuusuke fell silent

Muziki also closed her mouth, for a good while they both were silent.

After a long while Yuusuke finally opened his mouth.

“….Did you try confirming by calling them on the telephone? The office seems to have a telephone.”

「……電話が繋がるか確認はしたのか? 事務所に電話あっただろ」


Mizuki shakes her head in disapproval.

“Did you at least go on the rooftop to confirm state of the town? Because if you didn`t you could have not known if it became safe.”


Mizuki shakes her head in disapproval.

“Did you not previously think to go alone so as confirm the state of your surrounding? Why did you bring the kids with you.”


Mizuki hangs her head in shame.

Yuusuke sighs and can only scratch his head.


Mizuki began to passionately cry. (or Mizuki lost her temper and shouted)


“Zombies! Such a thing…exist…”

Her last words seemed to vanish as her crying became louder


“…..Just a while ago you were are able to come.”

Yuusuke suddenly grabbed mizuki but she not resist him.

He lead her towards the rooftop.Climbing up the private stairs there were some machine equipment and tank here and there.We had to slip through them before reach the edge of the rooftop..


From the scene before her she was left speechless.

Here and there in the supermarket parking lot there were silhouette of persons wriggling around. An wrecked car was left as it was on the side of the road. While they were wander around, there was transformed person that did not look an human.

“After seeing it, do you understand now.”

Mizuki doesn`t answer  Yuusuke words.

While staring at the scene she is motionless, she then grasped the fence tightly. The sun was gradually setting and it became dark. Nether less since no light is on, must means that the houses in the area are dead asleep. The outer wall of the building is gloomy and the large apartments preserved a silence like an deserted house.

“If the place has light, it means there is an survivor. This is merely because you need to flip a switch for the light to come.”


It seems we have looking at this scene for about 30 minutes. Mizuki finally open her mouth.

“…Everybody, all could not have disappeared.”


“Do you think mother and father are safe.”

“I`m not too sure. Out of every 100 person one would survive so they must be lucky. Look I just happen to see you guys.”

Hearing those words it seem that Mizuki was able to push something heavy off her chest.


She then goes and lean her head on the fence. Mizuki then said.

“……Why is Mr. Takemura so ordinary.”

(T/N she means he has bad luck and that is why he died)


“The city has become….Don`t you think this is scary? Beside some time ago….How did such a thing happen. I think Mr. Takemura died..”

Mizuki then stares at Yuusuke with a mysterious glance.


(Oh no.I didn’t think about an explanation.)


Yuusuke silently turns his head(or shakes his head). Certainly to survive from this situation, it’s impossible for normally humans.

After being worried for a while, Yuusuke moved his hand on the holster hidden underneath his jacket, to take out the handgun.

“I got this from an dead police officer.”

Mizuki for short while did not comprehend(know) what it was, when she recognize its true identity, she gasped.

“So its a toy, isn’t it”

“Its the real deal. A short while ago those guys were put away with this here.”

This (current) situation was confusing. Mizuki was also confused, she does not seem to have notice the small details (parts).

Simply, it’s not necessary to hold a handgun, it’s unreasonable(impossible) to say that inside zombies that can freely move.


“Ah, besides. They’re sensitive to a person’s feeling. Upon feeling fear at zombies, they will sense it, and swarm towards you. It’s a normal reaction. Clam mind. You must be free of obstructive thoughts, stay away for them and you will be all right.


While arranging the appropriate excuse, Yuusuke almost spurted out on himself (or almost giving himself away)

Although he was aware of his own feelings he was somewhat worn(out), when he encounter a zombie for the first time in the apartment corridor.  He was not attacked because of his condition, it’s just because Yuusuke is special.


Nonetheless,  to say, to not fear a zombie, is difficult for an ordinary person. Even if it’s doubtful(or suspicious), it would seem it’s not possible to verify if its authenticity.


However, to those excuses, Mizuki did not enquire about it.

The shiny black handgun, was complete aware who it was suited for(or aware of its purpose)


Before long, a sign was heard


” …… Upon threatening, couldn’t you use it freely like that?”


Even without trading for food and so forth, she questioned why he didnt assault Mizuki(her) forcibly, she then said those words.


Yuusuke knits his eyebrow.


“I am not conceited. Your body…i was interested, I only felt offend to give the food directly.”(or (or I felt sick not giving the food in return)



He then removed the handgun from Mizuki sight, she then stared at state of the street.

The sun sank, then street began to melt into darkness.

They wriggle, silhouette appeared.(or Their silhouette appeared wriggling )


So you’re saying you risked your life to obtain the food, you finally seem forthcoming of your actual feelings.( T/N I feel she is say that she feels grateful that he actually cared about them)


Mizuki recalls some memory of the past, after vaguely wondering about his gaze, muttered earnestly. (T/N she was remember that his gaze showed that he didn’t like her and would leave any time)


“….So…It was so…I…”


Feeling the transience(or current) atmosphere, Yuusuke was uneasy. If she jumped off here, his investment would have been wasted.(T/N I am thinking that he feels mizuki is feeling so much guilt of not believing him that she would kill herself)


“Well anyways. It seems Japan is not completely annihilated. I don’t know when aid will come, until then you should get used to working at once. You and I have depend on each other.”



Mizuki contained her various emotions, she used her hand to clutched the fence, staring firmly.

Before long, she suddenly nodded.

With that the conversation came to an end.

Yuusuke turned to return downstairs, with Mizuki silently following him.

In front of the door to go inside, Mizuki came to halt.



“If possible, after my younger brothers fall asleep…would you like?

“Oh, good heavens”(T/N not sure may be yes)

「あ? おう」*

“If that’s the case then how about the locker room, since it can be locked.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Mizuki once again looks back towards the rooftop. Everything becomes vague in darkness. Mizuki exhales out all of the lingering regrets, afterwards she continues to follow Yuusuke downstairs.


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  1. I might misinterpret it, but here ya go!

    ouch……,shit, there are foot prints
    according to Yusuke, I see nothing but ambiguous actions.
    for the time being, I must do something for these guys
    「食料を持って逃げようとしたのか……? ってことは自暴自棄の自殺ってわけじゃないな)
    were they trying to escape with food……? and the situatioin does not mean that it’s suicidial desperation.
    well…no. are they trying to accomplish it foolishly? (second option: oh…no. foolish, are these guys moving away?)
    I leave it as it is, I will stay out of it for about one week remorselessly.
    similar to the other 2 bodies, now I prepared to tie them the opposite direction of the entrance in the rear entrance/backdoor.
    it’s a fixed encounter so to speak. (more of a defensive parameter)
    the noise… (well, i’m not sure about this one, i think you got it right)
    they are imitating their previous habit, the wonder ring monster. (I think he is naming them. I don’t see “to moimasu”)
    I go through between these zombies, armament within limitations of numbers of people are neccessary.
    exploring my surrounding even if I didn’t feel that kind of presence.
    they are hostile/insecuried and view them that they don’t often seperate. (zombie hord)
    I can guess how much is the zombie’s fighting strength in reality
    it is said that aiming at the moving head at a skill of certain extent, and aiming at the torso is not much better. (i’ve fired a pistol before, get 50/50 at 30 yard, 1/10 at 50 yards. either I suck or the 1911 is inaccurate!)
    stopping the first blow with something and remain in motion even if the head is shot out.
    how did you get away? you did something…… (second option: no change, it’s assumption here)
    お前ら、まだ飯食ってねーな? 節約とか気にしねーでいいから適当に食っとけ。開け方わかるな?」
    no change, good to go! except 開け方わかるな? to ” I follow another open direction, right?.” there’s Na there indication emotion or agreement. hmm… oh well.
    「……電話が繋がるか確認はしたのか? 事務所に電話あっただろ」
    did you confirm that by connecting to the telephone? there is a telephone in the office.
    mizuki loses her composure and openly cry.
    「ゾンビなんて! そんなの……あるわけ……」
    Zombie! that kind of thing……exist (pretty much no change)
    her last words vanished all together and mostly became a crying voice.
    I ascend the private staircase there recently, and establish tanks(not armour tanks) and mechanism facilities on several places. (not sure if i’m corret)
    we slip through side by side until the edge of the rooftop.
    hearing those words, Mizuki draw her attention to something slow and breathe out a little.
    Mizuki eyes look at the mysterious thing and Yuusuke look hard at it.
    oh no, I didn’t think about an explanation.

    Ok, i quit from here on out… not gonna bother with it. Good work by the way when you got all that out from machine translation!
    Thanks for the chapter!


      • Please do correct my typo, they are hastily translated. some may doesn’t make sense due to original words in translation and some part I couldn’t decipher correctly. Please do correct the mistake I made with the prospective and past/present tense.


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