Basically for the time i said i was going to study particles and some grammars but i end up playing games during most of the time but am almost finish learning half of all 188 particles and almost finish learning all the grammar lessons that fall under JLPT lvl 5. So i will take some more time before i can release Maou no Hajimakata episode 4 even though i will be able to release chapter 21 by friday or saturday because it is easier.

Also if you want to see how far am at completing episode 4 just look at google folder and you will understand how long it will take before i release it  . It may look far but i still want to finish what i started. My goal i want to reach for now is for there is to be no text that is highlighted before i release it

Also thanks to somebody, they told me that  Maou no Hajimakata manga was translated here . I guess now i can look at manga where the scenes are similar as guide or reference.


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