Episode 4.5- Dungeon Commentary

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly.


The dungeons episode 4 has ended

Number of level:  Tier 1

Miasma: 1


Stored magic:7 (10,000/day)

Consumed magic:2 (10,000/day)

  •  New Facilities:

☆Lv1 Bedroom

The bedroom for the time being room appears to have the furniture taken from the village.

when having sex the body can help but be sore.

☆Lv1 Kitchen

The kitchen for the time being room appears to have cookware and tableware taken from the village.

Oulu does most of the cooking.

☆Toilet that flushes(or flushing toilet)

Despite being the evil magician he eats and has do what you got to do(T/N not sure how to phrase this, i think it is saying even bad guys has do what normal people do)


Because an underground water vein was found, that was used to make the flushing toilet.

Flow, or perhaps i should say flowing. Life is dangerous when it falls.


  • The new fighting potential


Fighting potential:5     Magic consumption:0.1

An demon in the shape of an stone statue. Demons are classified based on their capacity from low to intermediate level their very much stronger than ordinary(or medium) demons. It has a robust body that can freely fly around in the air, that fights with its claws. Though it cannot use magic


Fighting potential:2

By using black magic on the corpse of the villagers, to make them move. Having about 10 bodies in a unit is its fight potential. However they have a low standing


Fighting potential:1     Magic consumption:0.01

Among demons it is low class of low class(T/N basically the weakest.). There only strong point is that i they will obey without have to think deeply about a magical contract. It’s quite simple to use magic, they fall down on humans who are walk absentmindedly, or surprise an horse, there only capable of that level of mischief, there fighting power cannot be counted.

  • Current state of the dungeon

Several rooms have formed around the dungeon core, as at moment there is hardly any defense equipment. Some of the zombies are at near the entrance standing guard(or on the look out), Lil is (mainly) working at top speed to reconstruct the skeletons.

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