Chapter 20- Wishful thinking

For this one i did good till towards the end of the chapter, there was a lot of short phrases that i did not understand. On monday i got some advice for chapter 21 and episode 4 cause they were giving me a headache. The person said i should improve my grammar and particle knowledge some more cause i was misinterpreting the sentences. So  am planning to take a week off to study as much as possible. Also remember i plan to edit them at later date


They ate up all the candy ball that was in the desk, also the sugar and milk was gone from the hot water room, Mizuki and the other secluded themselves inside the room. The last of the food was mostly given to her younger brothers,it also was bothersome for Mizuki because she was also hungry and had no energy to get up.

Even been shaken by her brothers, could not get Mizuki up easily.  She looked at Takashi with a blurred vision. When i shifted my sight to where his finger were pointing, there was man standing up.

I almost screamed reflectively, the man raise his hand to take control and then opened his mouth.


Seems to not be suspicious.


Mizuki stammer some words

Looking at the face of the man there was no recognition. It must be another person.

He had black hair, with a common face that would not stand out, and his eyes were slight sharp.

While i observed his face, a strange expression appeared.

The man took the bag from his shoulder and put it on the floor and says “Do you eat cooked rice”.

From then on, we were swept away, the situation changed. We no longer have to worry about food, for the time being this was more than enough.


That time, Mizuki`s heart disordered into pieces. The mind of Mizuki was isolated, while making a move towards leaning on a sofa, and looking absent-minded at the state of her younger brothers.

I did not get a sense of reality where oneself can be free of worries by getting food from a man.The act of a single man giving food but if he now was to  abandon us surely we will all starve to death.


For the first time all my desperation ended.

There was no senses of realism as all of my field of vision became a film a second time.

Why would oneself do this.

Mizuki is seized with such thoughts while her fingers entwine around his hard thing in the boy`s restroom. Despite what I said to myself…

I have no choice but to do that to get food. If i refuse him, he would simply abandon us. Base on the look in his eyes. That man is not deeply obsessed with (me)Mizuki. There was no feeling of desire in his eyes.

Mizuki felt his gaze more than once. Such as junior boys filtering and sometimes it feels like when my childhood friend looked at me. Mizuki knew the feeling by instinct.

But his cold eyes tells her she was nothing to him…

Mizuki would have refused if not for the fact that if she didn’t do it she would have starved and if being faced with the viscosity eye of the thin man.

I would have run away out of fear of being attacked.


I’ve been approached with a terribly cold deal .

Instead Mizuki`s pride was hurt

However, I cannot refuse it in order to allow for the survival of my younger brothers.

There is no fear.

Certainly in this type of situation one just has to hold all the anger in.

A question welled up suddenly.

(Is the outside really dangerous?)

The question gradually spreads from the corner of my mind.

(Why can that person often go in and out so easily? Though he talks about the danger why does he have so much food?)

After all his atmosphere was strange. As for the people shut in the office, everybody was nervous. Anxiety, despair and blockade feeling. Such a sign wasn’t felt at all from that man.

The mob may have already already disappeared. I remain silent and though more about till it felt convenient .A memory at that suffering night already becomes vague.

(After all it’s amusing. Such a thing as zombies … … The town has already settled down and … … Father and mother are waiting for our return…? The way back…Using the telephone they must be worrying…for our return.)

Being allured by her thoughts Mizuki eyes slowly opened wide.

(What on earth am I doing here.)

Thinking around in circles and loop, only the thoughts became larger.

I confirm that Yusuke uses the elevator to go down, Mizuki returns towards her room. I find a field bag and pick it up. I pack the food which I hid into the lower level of the locker and hang over my shoulder. I also looked back to my younger brothers with my bag. Both of them are already ready.

(It’s okay … Because even that person went out easily, why can’t I)

“….Okay, let’s go”

The words of Mizuki cause Yuu to looked up anxiously.

“I can go home? ”

“Yeah. Mom, will also be waiting, probably.”

Mizuki nods. My younger brothers showed a smiling face after a long time. Toward the elevator, I lend a helping hand to get them over the barricade. I pushed the button for the bottom and stared at the rising level indicators from 1F, 2F, 3F.

(It’s okay … it’s okay … absolute … … …)

A door opens, and the three people get in it.

The doors closes and i press the 1F button and the elevator begins to descend. Mizuki stares at the indication of the elevator while feeling a unique floating feeling.

3F, 2F, 1F

Gradually our field of view becomes narrowed and our surrounding becomes dark . Only the number of the floor is visible by Mizuki.

Why can’t I have my own food?

If outside is safety, such thing shouldn’t be necessary to do any more. To return home, you can take a shower , eat the boiled rice , and that should be the end of it. What does one think  is outside?

My breath becomes more and more rough . My body was seized with goosebumps. It’s a mistake

Oneself is going to commit a fatal mistake.

I can still retrace my step now…

Mizuki said while remembering illusion that was totally dragged into the abyss of despair.

(different … … Surely since it is all right … please … )

The first-floor door opened.

There is nothing here.

The passage of the backyard only spreads out.

Cautiously, I go outside.

No one was there. It’s unattended.

Mizuki blew out a breath of relief and carried the bag on her back again.

(that’s right It was strange. A zombie,……)

“Hey, What are you doing ?”

Mizuki turns around to the person who raised their voice.

Yuusuke stood at the corner. I look at this in a doubtful view.

He came back to take the bag which he forgot.

I has been found by the man who isn’t supposed see us.  I run away in the opposite direction in a hurry with my brothers.

“Where do you go! It’s dangerous!”

(Its not dangerous)

Mizuki controlled the feeling of wanting to shout out “Only to go home”.

Tak-kun, Ma-kun let’s return home.

Though my voice has a joyful tone, my  younger brothers face which seemed strange though, they follow me quietly.


I open the double door at the end of the backyard.

Mizuki was frozen

In the fruit’s section she could see that there were three person there. Everybody is looking this way.

This feel is similar to that night

Malicious eyes.

The eyes of the predator.

I felt that such gaze pierced my whole body.


Mizuki steps back.

The man who was between the front shelf slowly approach us.


Mizuki mutters in utter amazement.

It was the man of the employee who went out first.

Half of the scape is turned inside out exposing the skull. His gray hair and ear skin hung down. His eyes are vacant, and his chest is covered with dry blood.

No matter how you look at it he should be dead.

My thoughts completely stopped.

“What are you doing! ”

Yuusuke shouts angrily and attacks the man cause him to fall down.


Mizuki legs got entangled causing her to stumble and fall. The man grazed the contents inside the baggage to fall causing a magnificent noise.


Other zombies also begin to move.

Yuu Masaru increases his grip on Mizuki skirt hem and then starts to pull her arm.

With their face which seems like they want to cry, I was going to take them to the elevator desperately.

“What is it that ?Quickly leave with the brats ”

Yuusuke runs in it. He hurl himself into the zombie who was going to attack Takashi and they fell down together. Mizuki was going to stand up but was unable to stand up. With no strength they rolled over and started to crawl up to the elevator.

“I do not act violently!”(not sure)


Yuusuke’s angry voice and intense fight sound are being heard from the rear.

Three people got into the elevator at long last.

Though Mizuki body was trembling she gets up using the wall as a support. I look at Yuusuke struggling with the zombie.

“Ah… Takemura-san is so fast … … ”

“Close it quickly, you senile eggplant! Go! Go!”

Takashi jumped up and pressed the button of 3F.

The door begins to close slowly. The view that became narrow, Yusuke was having a hard fight to suppress the zombie. He lose to the pressure of the rushing zombie and is final pushed down.

The door was closed so nobody saw that scene. I hear the rising of the elevator sound. It felt like forever till, cling, of the elevator rang.

Mizuki and the others after leaving behind everything final reach on the 3 floor

The younger brothers pulled Mizuki who was sitting down out of the elevator.

Mizuki slowly sat down on wall ahead of a barricade.

For a while , nobody opened their mouth. The elevator also did`t move. Looks like will have to stay on the 3 floor.

Nearly one hour passed with being absentminded. The elevator does not move an inch. It was not called from below.

“Did older brother died”

Yuu who was standing alone muttered.

In the words which had been frozen and thawed.(not sure)


Mizuki finds it hard to say anything.

“Foolish…  ….”(not sure)


If he dies. Then everybody will die. I killed him.

“…     ………………foolish”(not sure)


I understood it.(or Even though I knew .)

“   …..  …..  …..”(not sure)


Mizuki crouched down and sobbed like a child.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 20- Wishful thinking

  1. i think MC is the one saying “foolish” at the end, based on the context

    thanks for your work! can’t wait for the next few chapters cause i already read these few ones from the other guy that did the mtl


    • “… ………………foolish”(not sure)


      I understood it.(or Even though I knew .)

      “ ….. ….. …..”(not sure)

      she’s pretty much crying from the sound of it. or flabbergasted that she lost her savior and didn’t heed his warning. “FUE” you understand that part, just flabbergasted, then back to sobbing.


    • Nah, it was Mizuki calling herself foolish, because if the MC died there then all of them would die from starving. She would probably cry of relief once he shows up in the next chapter.


  2. 暴れんな
    it has んな, which could mean he was talking to himself, saying “it’s intense” in agreement/emotional type of way.
    it also has -ndesu, replacing desu with na for emotion/ agreement type of conversation.
    the -ndesu part is for assumption, such as “as it happen, it’s intense” or “it’s intense, so get the **** out of here”


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