Chapter 19- The groups confinement

This was done in rush. When i wake up i will go back through this.

I woke up feeling cold.

My two brothers were sticking to me while sleeping. Mizuki then surveyed the area absentmindedly while feeling its temperature, and she was perplexed at the state of the room which she had no recognition of.

In the corner of the lined office desk, three people were sitting down. A cushion is attracted to the seat.

(Oh, so….)


Fragmentary like images started to float by. I was leading my younger brothers by the hand and was running away through dark street in the night. I merely pursued(followed) the back of a person who was running in front me earnestly and i did not even know the corners i had taken(where i was going).

I escaped into a supermarket which was large as a parking lot where i was then driven out by a person from surroundings.


There were several employees on the first floor. The customers were slowly shopping for supplies to go to the refuge center. The group barged in and turned towards me giving me an odd glance. An angry guard while perking up his shoulders approached me.



“Wait a minute! Who are you people”

In the middle of his words, the guard turns his eyes towards another direction while talking. Outside the automatic door, he seems to noticed people gathering giving off a chilling feeling. When the crowd sticks to glossy glass the door opens and the crowd comes crashing down.

The security guard voices became impatient.

“Hey close the door! The door!”

While listening to the voice behind her Mizuki continues to run after the previous person and ran up stairs. Anywhere was fine as long as it was a place considered safe. Screams echoed from the distance .

Going towards the third floor she saw a notice board saying ‘Other than authorized personnel here is Closed to the Public’. An employer(uncle) who was the only person in the inside seems to have been judging the state of the store from the security cameras.

While Mizuki was closing the fire door on the third floor her face turned blue. It seems that a total of 7 people had chosen to come here. There was MIzuki group that had three persons, young couple, a old man about 30 years old and a middle aged woman.It would be eight if I put the uncle(employer) together.

(I hope father is alright)

Somebody takes out a cell phone  and a number is redialed, but it only just rings all just like yesterday. I noticed that i was absentmindedly while looking at the screen then i heard a  sound from far away. I heard the voice of an person.

I decide not to wake up my younger brothers and I sneak out quietly. I went into the hallway towards the source of the noise.

The uncle(owner) was raising his voice in front of the fire door and was hitting from outside noisily.

“Please calm down! What is wrong? Please calm down! If you want to come inside, please do so!”

「落ち着いてください! 何があったんですか? 落ち着いて! 中に入れてほしいならそう仰ってください!」

There was no replies also no words could be heard from the fire door , the only thing that could be heard was the dull sound of the door being hit .

“Uh, well……”.

Mizuki turns around and notice a uncle

“Ah … …this has been happen from last night. Because there was no answer(reply) I did not go… ”

“Please do not go this is absolute not normally.”

“Is there some way… ”


I sigh while folding my arms.

“Did the children get up? Because I have some stored food, if you have nothing to eat, please say so. Because there is more than enough for three days with ten people.”

“Thank you very much. I also carried some food just in case, but if it disappears(finishes), i will be under your care.”

Mizuki then lowers her head

“Well, lets be patience for the police to come.”

But the help did not come even if after three days passed. The battering sound of the fire door became small, but the sign that someone wriggled outside remained.

Although Uncle(owner) had been trying to contact the local(police)  but it was suspended everywhere and it did not seem possible to properly communicate.


The portable television in the corner of the office is telling news of a new rabies(virus). This seems to be the cause of the riot where the plague would make an infected person become very furious.

The news changed to show the state of a group of zombies on the street captured by cameraman from an angle. The word zombie was dancing on the screen.

Several of our commercial broadcast did not appear, it only became static. It was not normal.  There was a drifting sense of stagnation in the office. Everyone was still staring at the TV silently.

The couple were in a cuddle in a corner, and a man who looked thin was clenching a cell phone in the distance, and the aunt fell silent. Human shut in for three days, spending it separately without talking to each other, if finally began to register.

Nobody especially seemed to want to take leadership hence they handed it to the uncle(owner) who brought food.

Uncle said that after the news finished, the temporary government and the Japan self defense and began taking action.


“I think I’ll go outside to call for rescue.”

Those word did not get any response(reaction). Everybody was silent and there glance went to look at him.

“I will hang a cloth with SOS on it from the roof. It will help inform the police about us, so please be relieved.”

There wasn’t a person who tried to speak to the uncle who says so and went out. (or tried to stop him)


Mizuki turns around to the voice.

“Is it OK,……? Isn’t it dangerous,……”

The uncle  expresses his concerns

“The……i can’t make contact with my family, and it is so…… worrying.”

Mizuki was not able to say anything to those words.


The uncle didn`t return. The television didn’t turn on any more, on the 5th day without any signs of rescue. People were still gathered in the office.

The battery for the cell phone which kept redialing is now dead, and also there is no chargers.

Only about half of  food taken out from the house is left, I judged that it would be dangerous to eat any more. I peep into the locker in the corner where everybody stores their food in the office.

It also decreased in about ⅓, together with the instant noodles  which seems to be a midnight snack. I’ll take the amount for two people out, divide into three equal parts with my younger brothers to eat.

Even if I tried to go to the hot-water service room and put a cup in, there was already a visitor. It’s the couple’s woman.(the young couple)

“Well, can I borrow a…… cup?”


The woman did not answer. Silently, hot water is being poured out of a pot.


“Do you have to have everything your own way? It isn’t mine.”

The woman said so and turned her back to me and went out of the room.

Mizuki was silently for a while and sighed while bending down to take up a cup.


The sense of time gradually disappeared. Only the decreasing food informs us that a day had ended again.

Because one of the younger brother felt like to urine at midnight, Mizuki went with him towards the men’s restroom.

Because the illumination(light) was kept  on, the corridor was bright. I heard a dim voice while waiting for my brother at the entrance of the restroom. I look puzzled and listen carefully while walking toward the source of the sound.

Mizuki ended up in front of a room. It seems the voice are coming from inside.

She took several steps forward and noticed that it was the gasping voice of a woman. It sounded like the sound of something being hit.

Mizuki breathe stopped and edged away

It seems that it was the young couple inside also Because it is a locker room, the key are worn. (T/N the reason why there was crack in the door was because the lock to lock the room was not good so the door could not be locked)

Mizuki returned in front of the restroom while holding down her cheeks blushing.

While my voice is lacking, i felt relieved that I left from the room



“まーく, ん … … ?”

Insisted of my younger brother it was that thin man that was there. He was staring at me causing me to feel he was looking for something.


“Ah… I’m sorry… ”

“… … ”

The man observed her body in a impudent manner. Mizuki(She) felt goose bumps from his eyes that crawled all over her body.

“… … … … ”

The man silently leaves. Mizuki felt that while grasped her arm that a sense of impending crisis welled up in the depths of her chest

Mizuki finally begun to realize that help would not come.

The food in the office was almost finished. The three people survived on can buns(crackers) on hand. Because I was able to boil the hot water, I was able to avoid hunger by dissolving milk and sugar but even that  seemed to have a limit too.

There was the danger as well as a food crisis.

When I slept at midnight, I woke up with a strange feeling. I heard footsteps from a striking distance when I raised my body my brain was swaying

When I turned my eyes in a hurry I saw the back of the man who left this place. He just disappear outside the room.


When the meaning of this scene formed in the mind of mizuki, it felt a chill run down her spine. The was a man near Mizuki caused he wanted to see if she was awake

She knew what was going to happen

What would happened if I did not get up.

It was dangerous to stay here.

I do not have the courage to go outside alone much less to lead my younger brothers.

When I approach the fire prevention door i heard something clashing with each other from outside the door. Mizuki did not even want to think about what it was.

The TV is still a sandstorm, and the office telephone still cannot connect. I also cannot be too optimistically  and think that outside is safe.

When that couple or woman leaves, i will let them take us with them.

I decided that tomorrow we will do it so i decided to get some good sleep.

Oddly there was a sign that the thin man was on the floor. It only was the thin man left in the office, I also did not see figure of the anybody .

Even though her mind was in disarray but she heard something

“That … … the other people … … ?”

“… Oh, they left.”

“Oh… ”

“The three of them left via the elevator.”

Mizuki was silently.

It cannot be that they thought that two children would be a drag.


But then she was shock, she was left behind.

(this person stayed … )

A similar chill ran down her spine

The man sat on a chair and puts his foot on the desk and stares into the sky with an absent minded mind.

It was a strange scene. This was not the atmosphere of one person in a corner. I totally saw, it as if he was the  master of this place and was relaxing.

I felt his narrow eyes on me many times on that day. I missed his eyes when I looked back, the scene retuned to like before.

(T/N its like when you are looking at girl and you pretend you never where looking at her)

My instinct in my heart was ringing like alarm bell.

(I am scared, scared, scared)

I want to go out. I want to go home. However I do not have the courage. The people who left did not come back from outside the door.


Mizuki did not separated from her younger brothers all the time of that day. I moved to the locker room and closed it with a key and night quickly fell and the three people, went to sleep.

I awoke to a sound of a closing door.(or opening)

While not fully awake i saw an sudden movement of the doorknob

“Then … !”

Mizuki became stiff with fear.

I called with squeezed voice.

“What is it… ?”

After a moment of silence , from the outside the door came a man’s voice

“… Because i found some food lets eat together.”

(in the middle of the night?)

Mizuki does think about her mouth but,


“Thank you very much. Tomorrow we will receive it”

“… … … … ”

With a noisy rattle, the  doorknob is turned again.

While grasping her body silently she swallowed her cream.

Her younger brothers woke up too and stare at the state. They cling to Mizuki without raising their voice.

After it continued for several minutes, the doorknob finally stopped moving.

Baam and the door is kicked.

We heard the footsteps of the man going away slowly.

“ … …Ha, ha, ha”

(T/N am thinking she is panting)

I release my  the breath that wiped away tears which overflowed.

Younger brothers look up at me anxiously.

I am sorry. Big sister are you alright… … ”


I hold my two younger brothers with both arms to forget my fear. While clinging to their warmth,

(father … … Ak-kun … … Help! … … )

Even when morning came, they did leave the locker room till midday.

However, the feeling to urine and the thirst of the throat became unbearable and they soon watched the state outside fearfully

They did not hear any sound, and there was no sign that person was there.

The three people decided to looked around each room and there was nobody on the floor.

Only Mizuki was left on the floor.


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