Chapter 17- Crazy Mizuki

Remember that this was done by machine translation and there is a lot of phrases i do not understand. Anyways if you see any obvious mistake please tell me in comment below. Hopefully when i improve my Japanese i will come back and make the corrects.


After obtaining the supplies from the police station, about a week ago.

Yuusuke had opened a map on the table in his room and made a note with a marker. The detailed map had the distribution of the city, it also had the names of every house in the neighborhood written one by one.

Supermarket, food stores and so forth are circled in red while electrical and equipment store, home center and so forth are marked.

“From here to there without any help…”

The shopping district in front of the station, will be shaded in blue.

Places that are shaded out are, from the surrounding apartments to the supermarket and places to take shelter where the distant is not too far. I also checked the residential area around the large roads, while other areas were not done.

Ways that cannot be passed by car, were also written down with an ×. Although there was not too many, it would be helpful when I take a detour route

“ The problem is that the town is considerably wide….”

This city is so wide till , i guess it is not possibly for one person to search. It would take several years of work to finish.

Consequently the PC is started, and the GPS logger which is collected from the zombie is connected to the USB port. The computer collects the data and is read by a mapping software that shows the terrain.


The positional data are plotted on the map.

That route, from the platform station to one’s home apparently  is as close as the detour allowing me to generally move straight.

“As i though to go back to that same position, this cannot be a coincidence”

Looking at the tag number of the logger, I want to plot the day before the data of the same individual. Due to the nature of the GPS data the indoor data is blurred so in general am taking a similar route.

Theses platform station have zombies in them. He was interested and took the data every morning because it was the same lineup every morning

Yuusuke also went to check on other individuals routes. They all, had taken a similar route as the day before.

Where there was a detour, they return to their original position. In the morning they come out of their house and from daylight till in the evening they stagger in the vicinity of the station and in the night they return home.

“Commuting by train even after death, hey save us nuh”


These zombies seem to have the same kind of behavior they had when they were still alive. However, there are not a lot of zombie that you would see at the same place, at the same time. Zombies overall seems to be unable to form a pattern.

I wish I could understand why there is such a difference.

There’s various zombies who make their patterns based on age and gender. A person in the early stage of infection takes the pattern…. it does rather seem to be.



I stretched out by leaning on into the chair.

I changed the window to change the mood, and makes the reception picture of the network camera. The state of the apartment was reflected on three screens.


I camouflaged a wireless LAN camera with a  server function and put it in several points in the apartment. The power source comes from an extension cord.

I also thought to make an alarm to detect moving bodies, and to make a  precaution net, but a zombie is caught and uses it at all and is not a success.


I confirm that there is no survivor inside of the apartment, and the camera is only there to make sure.

I change the picture sequence, but there is nothing  particularly strange. Only the usual zombies wander inside the apartment is showed. I confirm it and close the window. If you look at the date , it’s been three days since i last saw Mizuki and the others.

“I must think about letting those fellows do it … … ”


Yuusuke was thinking of using Mizuki and the others as used as a labor force. Woman and child can’t be used for hard labor, but it can also be said that the danger of a rebellion is also small. And if you think about it, it’s not so bad.


Even a child seem to also can do watering.


Perhaps it is possible to make a vegetable garden on the roof. If the apparatus are brought, smoking would be possible.(I think he means smoking in terms of cooking)

Electronic interception of radio signal too. Instead of having constant attendance of the equipment i can ask them to do it instead, Yuusuke can also use 2 hours for other matters. If it is in exchange for food,they would do anything.

I have no choice but to make them pay by using their body until those who work gets off the ground to a good start. Yuusuke rose from his seat and went to Mizuki and the others.

The second time she was still clumsy, but Mizuki had already accepted what I already did by hand plainly when it became the third.


Always, at the same boy restroom, Mizuk prostrate herself and lets her hand adjust to the thing of Yusuke. I’m making a mess her pearl white finger by developing Viscous liquid.

The one who is welled up hard is being teased with a palm with a part of it being tickled by a fingertip. She wrap the pole with her left hand , as tracing the back muscles in the belly of the index finger , to stimulate the thing. Yuusuke murmured to the pleasant sensation while breathing out.


“You’re very obedient,……”

Mizuki was moving her hand while being absent minded but she looked up as she suddenly understood Yuusuke’s word.

” … being unwilling to pay for his younger brother, and I also was substituted.”


When Yuusuke has a dubious expression on his face,  Mizuki hang her head down in shame.

“If you think of it as nursing, separately,……”


I seem to say that it is something like excretion assistance indirectly.


“Do you care? … … ”

Because I exchanged the diaper with feces, but I may want to say that this is nothing.


Place on yourself and put Yusuke down . It was a way of rebuilding of a distorted pride .


(what a high pride … )

Mizuki cast her gaze and entwine her fingers around the thickly thing of Yuusuke.

“……..Please give me it quickly”

Yusuke silently held Mizuki close into an embrace. Then pressed her against the wall, and brought her into close contact with his body. I took off the button of her jeans and I took it down to her knees. Her white thigh and panties with an dot pattern became visible.

Mizuki was trembling with fear , but did not dare to run away. Yusuke moved towards her waist and with both hands grasps her ass as it was. I’m pressing so that it may be rubbed in the inside of Mizuki inner thigh.


Mizuki closed hers eyes and resumed working her hand. Her ten fingers which became clamily twine from base to the point with slime, Yuusuke  being stimulated felt the urge to ejaculate on her  thigh.

While I rubbed it against the base and embracing the body of Mizuki, his limit came. It’s being forced on a soft part of a thigh and something muddy is being put out with BYURU and BYURU. The skin of Mizuki gets stained with his white thing.


When he finished taking out the thing which collected once, Yuusuke raised a body slowly.



Mizuki was muttering something , but it was not possible to hear. Yuusuke looked to the side to see her crying but indifferently , wiped the dirt off her thigh with the toilet paper.

Leaving after Mizuki got herself dressed and I felt like being lazy and returned to a room, I nearly struck into one of the younger brothers. They seem to have been lining up a miniature car of an addition of a snack and have been playing. A boy tries to rush and put the miniature car away.

“It’s good to play.”

In the place that Yusuke stepped over it and was going to go over, one of the boys stomach suddenly made a loud noise


Though Yuusuke thinks dubiously.


“Are you Takashi ?”

He made a small nod.

“As for all the food I brought  what happened to it”

Takashi is rejected, when it fell, I shook my head for disapproval and said nervously.


“Because…… rice is important, it’s saved.”

“Well,……. Did your elder sister say that?”

Takashi and Kokuri nodded.

“Well … savings, that’s a good thing.”

I might think that to get food one must risk their life. Or probably because I minimize an opportunity to hold out the price. Normally thinking, it probably is latter.


Yusuke sat down on a sofa and looked at a state of Takashi who played with a minicar. While I saw the figure of the child who played with a toy alone while holding an empty stomach, I was seized with a deja vu suddenly.

The figure of the small child who plays with a cheap toy while waiting for a grandfather to returning from the silver center in the coming sunset.

Absentmindedly, Yuusuke was looking at the child

Suddenly, Takashi who was playing with the miniature car looked up.

Mizuki came into the room and had a strange hollow eyes. After moving my line of sight for a moment , i return my gaze on Takashi.



“Over there, whats up”


They point towards the meeting room.

“Well lets rest.”

The two people got along well with their hands together and went out of the room. Yusuke was left behind, he then put his head on the back of the sofa, and breath a small sigh.

Without a reason to remain, Yusuke left the place immediately.

I withdraw to the first floor and, suddenly stopped before going through the rear entrance

“I forget the bag … … ”

I return to the back yard and went to the elevator.  Just around the passage, a scene comes into view. The elevator door was slowly opening.


I stop unconsciously.

Mizuki face came out from the inside of the elevator.

Having her independent bag, and the field bag of Yusuke on her shoulder.

Two younger brothers followed behind, and they carried a small rucksack on their back, too. It’s like they are going on a picnic like it’s cool without any weapons.

“Hey, what are you doing? ”

Mizuki looked frightened at the words from Yusuke.

When she notice me,she begun to hurry towards the opposite direction to get away.

Two brother had a strange look on their faces, but Mizuki drags the two children along.

“Where to Go! I You don’t have to be afraid!

「どこ行く! あぶねえぞ!」

In a angry voice she said “going home!” to return home.



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