Chapter 13 ♥

You know if I can ever stop procrastinating so much I can release a chapter in 4 days but this habit is so hard to lose.

It seems that Yuki-ane did the same thing she did to MC to Sakura-san and she is now facing the consequence.

Two days later, I woke up at around 12 noon on Saturday, changing my clothes and then drinking a coffee. In order for the old woman to remove the capture function of the wristwatch of all contractors, 3 days of non-combat was observed, I can spend my time in peace until Sunday.

I had seriously studied for a test yesterday. My household follows the principle of laissez-faire but in relation to money their strict. I have to get good results in tests in order to ask for an increase in pocket money.

Of today’s 1000 yen share I had decided to prepare it in 10 pieces of a 100 yen, the gacha was pulled only 6 times yesterday. I want you to forgive me as I can`t raise the level because it wasn`t a gacha battle despite defeating the Knight of the Roses the guardian angel. Although I had the Orc King’s` treasured sword it wasn’t worth it!

Now then, drawing the gacha!

N Stepped on a cat

Set on the ground- steps on a cat after 30 seconds- additional effect- cat punch

N Overheard

Set on wall- voices in a room can be heard for 10 minutes

N Thunder

Magic attack- throw into air to set- the thunder strikes the designated enemy

S Energy Drink

Summon item- fatigue is recovered becoming robust!

Please be caution by using in the event of pain!

N Fifty-Fifty

Attach to target person to set- for 50 minutes there is 50% probability of fortune while the other 50% becomes misfortune

G Turtle Shell Bondage

Set photo- set change of clothes- the target person clothes is replaced with the turtle shell bondage

When replacing the keyword is 『I want to tie you up

Ahh~ a set of change clothes, whether it’s easy to get out of I will set aside it to use on Sakura-san. First, it was the potion and now it’s the energy drink that is bitter, I wanted an improvement in the taste. And then, I got my first magic attack raising the tension!

Then a review on the items and cards so far.


Items- 『Monster Hunter』『Iron Dagger』『Wooden Shield』『Wooden Rod』『Orc King`s Treasured Sword』『Bandana Exchange

I can discard the items from the treasure box but is that good thing to do now.

Alright, I should go buy a reference book. Unfortunately, I am not trusted by my parents as Yuki-ane holds the bankbook…..only the reference book and things necessary for school can pull out the money. Haa, I want a part-time job….*

For about 1 hour I browsed the bookstore in front of the station,  and then bought the reference book that the Chairman had recommended and then went home.

Ahh, that black luxury car had stopped. Is Sakura-san coming….White Lily Academy is different from my school as they have class up to Saturday afternoon. It’s rare for Sakura-san to go home directly from school.

Entering the house, there was something strange when I entered into the kitchen….Sakura-san bag was placed on the chair of the roundtable, Yuki-ane`s favorite cup lies down on top of the table and the contents spilled out. The cup was cleaned up and the table was wiped. I had a bad feeling so I went upstairs.

On the second floor, there were two rooms and both of them were sound proof.  One of the rooms had a piano placed in the room with a wooden flooring. Although it was also Yuki-ane study room, they were not in there. This is strange, it’s the room she studies with Sakura-san. Where are they then… it the other Japanese style room? A lot of stuffed toys were placed into Yuki-ane`s bedroom.

Originally this Japanese-style room was my room but, my grandfather migrated abroad, so I then moved into my grandfather’s house, it was remodeled with soundproof and a key.

Having such an unpleasant feeling…I will use the 『Peephole』& 『Overheard』ahh! When the『Peephole』is set on the door and the 『Overheard』is set on the wall, there was an unbelievable scene…..

Yuki-ane who was on top of her bed was handcuffed behind her back in only her panties…..blushing cheeks, beautiful breasts moving up and down, a sharp pointed cute cherry blossom nipple, and the flexible finger of the clothed Sakura-san caressing her gently. Sakura-san caresses Yuki-ane`s nipple with her right hand, pecking at her lips while gently stroking Yuki-ane`s cheek with her left hand. *

『Stopp, Sakura, Sei will come back…..』

『That child from today will stay in my father`s house for one week? Such a thing was told so please remember Yukina』*

That`s a lie, I am close by….

『Today I am Yukina`s older sister. Therefore, I must punish you』

『Ahh♡ not there, please sakura, because I apologize. nnnnnnnnn!』

Sakura-san left-hand traces Yuki-ane`s vagina from on top of her panties. Sakura-san repeatedly kisses her and Yuki-ane had seemly given into the gentle stimulus.

『There’s no need to apologize. It’s that man fault. But, I, despite having me, you only want to talk about that man』

『Ahhann♡ hiyaa♡na, whatt….yaaa♡』*

『Afterall I know about Yukina. I will let Yukina cum』*

Sakura-san left hand is then thrust into Yuki-ane`s panties. The right hand tenderly rubs Yuki-ane breast, and Sakura-san lips roll holding the nipple of the opposite breast with her lips. Yuki-ane`s body responds violently raising a coquettish voice. It seems Sakura-san had used drugs.*

『Kyaaa♡ Sakura, yaaahhhiii, ann, aaa! Aa! Aa! Aa! Noooo♡

Yuki-ane beautiful pure white body bends backward as she had climaxed. Sakura-san pulls out her hand from her panties and from Yuki-ane`s navel to her stomach with her hand, she traces the peak of her breast and flicks her nipple. The traces of the finger shines with Yuki-ane`s sexual fluids.*

『I will punish Yukina until 5 O’clock. Because afterward, I will not gloss over such a thing. Because I will live with Yukina until Friday evening, and you must choose, that man or me』

『Hahahaa, cruel……I can`t choose…..』

『Its useless. You can think about it from 5:00 on Saturday up to 5:00 on Friday and choose, if Yuki-ane chooses that man I will support you. But, I have chosen Yukina』

『Nnnnnnnn, nottt againnn! Hiyann, ann♡ n-noooo!』

Sakura-san once more caresses Yuki-ane. Then the effect of the card had been broken off. I ran down the stairs jumping into my house. If I had stepped into that room, I think I would have been murder by Sakura-san. Sakura-san is absolutely strange. She might be close to a yandere.*

That person loves the existence of Yuki-ane. Sakura-san is not a lesbian as I have some good knowledge on yuri comics. Is it the same? Yuri is about platonic love right? *

Besides Sakura-san had chosen Yuki-ane. That’s impossible. Sakura-san chooses Yuki-ane and Yuki-ane chooses Sakura-san. Is inevitable, because there isn`t a choose. That’s the thought of that person.

For example, if Yuki-ane chooses the Chairman there is a high probability that the Chairman will be killed. It’s impossible for Sakura-san to support the relationship of two people. Conversely, if Yuki-ane chooses Sakura-san, Sakura-san will still get rid of the Chairman. I think that Sakura-san doesn`t want Yuki-ane to respond.

What happened? It was an ordinary day yesterday morning. If so, what happened at White Lily Academy until today? I will try asking Aoi. I called Aoi while packing a change of clothes in a bag in preparation for an escape.

“Sei. Yahhoo!”

“Aoi, what happened between Sakura-san and Yuki-ane?”

“Hmm? Nothing? Why you ask?”

“They had quarreled and fought each other”

“That’s impossible! If that had happened it would have become headline news in the school”*

“Thank you, Aoi! I have to go on a trip for a while. Bye bye!”

Hanging up the call….that’s right! Turning off the effect of 『Cupid love crossbow』from the list of the smartphone, maybe I should get Yuki-ane from the chairperson*

Hmm? In the field of Yuki-ane, the cupid love crossbow is not there? Because the effect of the card may have been deleted among other things…..moreover, if the Chairman really thinks of rejecting nee-san, Yuki-ane will cry, and that would be a straight route to the execution of the Chairman by the raging Sakura-san….

Anyways, let’s escape! The story starts from this!

Carrying the bag, I opened the door, checkmate…..

On the other side of the door stood 4 people, the maids and the figure of a male butler.

“Sei, here is a written invitation from Ojousama”

The Butler Mayumura had handed over the written invitation respectfully. Mayumura-san is the top butler for Sakura-san.  The females in the back who wore maid uniforms were bodyguards of Sakura-san, they were Sakura-san high-level aids regarded to have physical ability, appearance, and intellect, nicknamed the sisters. When the written invitation was received it was no longer possible to escape, I can`t run away…..I can`t even raise the though of escaping.*

As for the letter, it was written in order to stay a week at Sakura-san house and to only carry studying tools….. and, it was also written that I should immediately email Yuki-ane. Sakura-san should receive my email first. Therefore I cannot make an imprudent action. I then emailed Yuki-ane the thing about staying a week at Sakura-san house for a week.

I packed the bag with the reference book, notebook, and a textbook, and with guidance of Mayumura-san I boarded the luxury black car. It is the beginning of a hostage life full of the impression of luxury called invitation……….How did this happen!

End of Chapter

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