Chapter 12

NUF name: schnitter

『The card that targets a person “Seeing Only you” was destroyed. The target person has been removed from that list. As for re-registration it’s necessary in 7 days.』

『The guardian angel《Knight of the Roses》had came into existence. Removing hostile force』

The Knight of the Roses presence increases.  How am I to fight like this!

For the time being, the sword of steel was equipped and the battle radar was attached. The knight of the Roses charges. Fast! With a bang the slash like burning air was stopped but, the sword of steel was broken quickly, and I was sent flying about 5 meters. This knight is too damn OP……the slime card is thrown and in a dash, I run away.

The slime that was summoned had suffered damage by the knight in an instant…… your death will not be wasted. The Knight of the Roses slays the slime and runs after me. The Knight of Roses is slightly faster. A small gap was opened when the card [For he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day] was attached.

The card is confirmed while I ran in a haste. This field is my hometown, therefore I have the geographical advantage. Bending a corner, a small alley was selected, and the card [Karma ] was confirmed on the Knight of the Roses who was following me, is then set.

The Knight of the Roses who was approaching intensely fell into the pitfall, succeeding in shaking off the crisis, it was then outrun.*

Haahaa, for the time being, he was shaken off but, that old woman! Is fucking with me! Calm down, first I must confirm the identity of the previous card!

[N Look there]

Set and attach to the target person- the other party turns towards the direction pointed by the finger

[N The exit stake is shot]

Floor, lay down on ground and set- the stake jumps out giving damage

An additional effect- pursue with an arrow device

[N Iron dagger]

Set item- 10 offensive power- beginner’s equipment

『N Gáe Bolg

Summon equipment- hoist and set- throwing weapon- can be used one time

As for enemy`s with a heart it’s a killing blow! It hits the heart with a probability of 0.001%!

My own imitation of a legendary weapon that causes tremendous damage!

If I say so myself it does a good job!

[S Byebye]

Attach to the target and set- offensive power becomes 2 fold only once.

[N Wooden shield]

Set item- 5 potential defense- Beginner’s equipment

[N Goblin]

Summon magic- Set and throw it into the air- summons a goblin- HP 30

[N Peephole]

Attach to a door and set- for 10 minutes- you can peep inside a room

[N Binding]

Set and hoist card- abnormal magic status- seals off the other party`s movement for 30 seconds.

[S Bandana of exchange](Mikawashi no Bandana)*

Set item-  equipment item-  evasion rate rises

The wooden shield, bandana of exchange and the iron sword was placed in the treasure box. In addition, 『Binding』and 『The exit stake is shot』can seemly be used, and then although the goblin……is stronger than the slime but……it’s enough for a decoy.  

Is the『N Gáe Bolg』the next fake invention! This manufacturer is singing their own praises! It’s almost close to a miracle that it has a probability of .001%! Besides does that fellow even have a heart!

The Knight of the Roses slowly moves towards this direction. What should I do now…..

“Youngster, can you hear me?”

The old woman’s voice was heard from the smartphone. Dammit just when I’m busy!

“Hey! I didn’t hear about a compulsory battle!”

“Well listen! The battle field was something the Taimashi clan had created to fight against things that were inhuman originally. I had only remodeled the function a little bit. Simply put, it can be interfered with.”

“Haa ?”

“That guardian angel had used the capture function that had been turned off and just attacked!

I had transferred a card but it was prevented……….I finally got one rare card, so wait a bit more”

“Why is it attacking me! “

“It could have been the card that was used on that girl Sakura! It must have been judged as an attack from interfering with the mind”

“So the card`s effect didn’t work because of this fellow!”

“It seems so. In examining the Knight of the Roses, in the olden days, the knight had died protecting the royal family’s daughter called Princess Rose. The enemy had also to an extent praise the knight for his bravery and nobility. When the hero died, he did not approach the queue to heaven, but had stayed to defend the princes’ soul”

“Such an explanation is good because! There is a weak point and a strong point!”

“In the end, he died due to a poisoned arrow, perhaps, an attack with an abnormal status can be effective. The knight specialized in defense. Generally, the HP of a dragon is approximately around 10,000…..”

“Perhaps…….because of that his strength is 5 times that of a dragon!”

“Regrettably! Youngster should leave from here!”

“Where to?”

According to the radar, I am 100m away from the Knight of the Roses?

Still, as I listen to her advice I run away in a dash.


Ehh! About 10 houses had vanished……

“H-hey! You said that the knight specialized in defense ?”

“It appears so but, a knight praised as a hero could not have had a low attack. Besides, originally an angel is the highest existence. Generally, by only seeing an angel, humans and the like would disappear. The battle field operators to your advantage youngster. But that should have taken a significant amount of power.”

“Listen up! Send the card quickly!”

“Just a bit more. It was sent. Youngster, you have to wait for 3 hours! The battlefield will be released……Puu”*

“Hey, old woman! I would be sliced up…..after waiting for 3 hours…..”

Looking at the card that was sent while running away in a dash.

「R The Orc`s king treasured sword」

Summon weapon- The sword the king of Orc wields

If there is divine protection of the Orc king your offensive power rises

The effect of royalty when commanding Orcs

Damnit~I wanted an even better sword……. for now, I will devote myself towards escaping without summoning the sword. However, what if my location is exposed? Besides the effect of the curse doesn’t seem to be working……

When the Knight of the Roses who was chasing me is lured the 『The exit stake is shot』was used,  making an opening with 『Look there』and then running away,  had unfolded into a deadly hide and seek.

Goblin? Can be summoned but it would have been destroyed in one hit…….the effect of 『For he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day』had vanished a long time ago, and the battlefield had changed into a mountain of debris, where I was being driven into a corner steadily.

The 3-hour time limit would pass after about 1 hour. However, I can`t run….it’s already impossible….. I had been driven into a corner of the battle field due to the knight’s attack.

“Haahaa, this is impossible…..”

Being driven into a corner in the battlefield I couldn’t run away. Although I have 『Binding』 as a trump card, for the time being, I have no choice but to fight.

The Orc King`s treasured sword was summoned and equipped. Although I took a swing at the Knight of the Roses who was approaching slowly, it was repelled easily with his shield. Dodging the side sweeping slash was perhaps due to the effect of the bandana exchange.

The blow from the pursuing knight was stopped by the Orc`s treasured sword. I was blown off about 3m due to that clash and crashing into the wall behind me. It was already a desperate situation…..

That shield was the problem. As one would expect because it’s a guardian angel, its defense was too tight……..

Grasping for breath, the treasured Orc sword is once again wielded. I can not run away with 『Binding』, as my legs are close to its limit. Can I wait for remaining 1 hour! Thinking about it, I can not use『Byebye』 and my attacks can`t get through as long as that shield is there.

The slash from the right of the knight was avoided but, due to the counter attack, I had to roll over in a hurry. Strong……although the attack similar to striking from the above was stopped…… the seemly fake treasured Orc sword had gotten a chip in the blade.*

Furthermore, the Knight of the Roses did a charge using its shield, blowing me off onto my back. The cooperation between the shield and sword of the knight proved to be too skillful. My body had become full of bruises due to the attack of the refined knight.

I must do something……. The 『Gáe Bolg』 has a 0.001% probability of a one hit kill to the enemy’s heart, do I use this? Hmm?……wait! Does the enemy even have a heart!?

I decided to believe in my gut. The movement of the Knight of the Roses was confined with 『Binding』. 『Gáe Bolg』is summoned and 『Byebye』is used! Begging! I had thrown the 『Gáe Bolg』 towards the Knight of the Roses who was standing rock stiff.

” Perhaps its pride but, I hope it works!”*

The 2m long fake black demon spear had pierced the Knight of the Roses while casting a dark light. The vast vortex of light had illuminated surrounding.

“How should I put it, for enemy`s that do not have a heat its a 100%…….malicious…. “

After the light vanished, the only thing remaining was a large crater, the guardian angel Knight of the Roses had vanished becoming dusk.

[The battlefield will be released 30 seconds after the antagonist’s exclusion is confirmed]

Haa, I was tired… body was sore to extend that it was in pieces…… perhaps there is fracture in the bone but the there wasn’t any feeling of pain because of being in a daze.*

“Youngster, you survived, Hihihii”


“Hey. Drink this potion. This time it’s because of my blunder. I am sorry”

When I drank from the small bottle that had appeared before my eyes, it had a damn bitter taste but it took the pain away, closing up my bruises.

“Well, you have good luck, youngster”

“……Its power was so high despite being a normal card….. however thanks to it I was saved”

“Kukuku, that’s because its a standard for that guy, it could be due to various training…..well, I wonder is it not possible to also drop that young girl”*

“…..If that’s the case then its good but… “

“Even just having life is a stroke of luck. And then, it will take about 7 hours to eliminate the capture function. Well, it’s not as fast as things outside of the world. Then, puchi.”*

“Chi, damn old woman, you cut me off just to talk….”*

Well, its worrying that the card can`t be used to capture Sakura-san for 7 days but, Yuki-ane`s date is next week Sunday, so I have to postpone it for 2 days. I think it’s very unlikely for Sakura-san to act before the date…… probably. *

However, at that time I did not notice that the guardian angel was also protecting Yuki-ane……

End of chapter 12

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