Story 1(unedited)

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. Am thinking of following somebody idea and get a proofreader since I can`t always depend on since he is busy nowadays. So you can consider this and the next release as unedited.


I am Eguchi Sei(Eguchi kiyoshi), a second year high school student. The level to pass through senior high is so so but as anywhere you go it’s expected that there will be delinquency and bullies. Some time ago my smart phone was complete destroyed so it can`t be helped that on Sunday I had to go out to buy an replacement, in the back alley of the electric district I found a strange smart phone shop. 


The sales person seems to be an 70 year old grandmother wearing a black hood cloak where the latter half was wrinkled. On the merchandise table there is like only one smartphone but does this yield any profit? The store is dim making the atmosphere feel like  fortuneteller’s house. For the time being it is written on the table apologizing that it’s sold out hence it seems that the smartphone is quite popular.

そこには70台後半のしわしわの黒いフード付きのマントを着た婆さんが店番をしている。表の商品はスマホが1つだけみたいだけど儲かるのか? 店は薄暗 いし、占い師の館とかそんな感じの雰囲気だ。一応、テーブルに売り切れ御免と書いてあるからスマホは売れているのだろう。

“Welcome young boy, do you need a magical cellular phone, hehehe”




Honestly this grandma creepy voice gave an bad feeling….


“This may be able to grant your significance desires?”


“Huh? I want to ask 『perhaps』 among what significant?(T/N not sure)

「はあ? ある意味とか『かも』とか何が言いたいんだ?」*

“Do you know what a gacha(capsule toy) is?”


“Grandma, I am asking for answer. Haaa, I know its billing game for capsule toy(random selling of in-game items)”


Because the store is still dark I cannot see the face in the hood, what from this grandma… until now i felt mysterious and intimidating air but …


“This is an cellular phone. It doesn`t take charge for phone calls, emails and the internet is also free of charge.”


“…but, the price must be expensive?”


“It really is just 100 yen, usual…”




“Do you know the functions of this cellular phone, young boy your allowance will be lost, hehehe”


“Whoa, grandma you’re weird. Besides this conversion complete doesn`t connect at all!”(T/N not sure)


“Don`t get angry young boy, how about? Test it out and buy it for 500 and if you don`t like it I will give you 1000 yen.”(T/N not sure)

「怒るな坊主、どうだい? 500円で試してみないかえ、気に入らなかったら千円くれてやるぞえ」*

Is this a new scam I thought, but I decided to go along with this old hags bullshit talk. So~ my sixth sense say this person may be good, I hope it works.(T/N not sure)


I gave grandma a 500 yen coins which was accepted and I received 4 100 yen bills was returned to me. WHile also collecting the smart phone.


The smartphone was black and it had a simple common design size, I become worried that manufacture name is not written anywhere, but the grandma said I should push my thumb on the screen, so I agreed.


“Authorization. Registering owner’s fingerprint record. Please wait a moment”


Generally waiting for a few moments and the phone`s screen will appear is the story the grandma told me, it seems that it can already be used.


“Hmmm, its good that it really does not charge for phone calls however….such a thing is suspicious….”


“Hehehe, well isn’t natural? Whether or not it is complete free of charge is something you have to decided young boy. Look at the top of the phone. Then enter 100 yen there.”(T/N not sure)

「ヒヒヒッ、当然じゃろ? 無料で済むかどうかは坊主が決める事じゃがな。携帯の上側を見てみよ。そこに100円入れるんじゃ」*

On the top of the phone the 100 yen enters a open hole. I carefully look at the black letters that says 100 yen insertion slot…


I insert the 100 yen and behind part of battery`s, only pushes out a small thing, on the lower part a gap opens, and a card the same size as the screen jumps out!?(T/N not sure)


『SSR Personal Sex Slave, Meat Toilet, Wife』

How to Use women-only photo set

Using the photo set, the targeted person will be contracted to become  personal sex slave, meat toilet, wife.

『SSR 専用性奴隷肉便器嫁』

女性専用 使用方法 写真セット


What a Unexpected explanation! On the upper right and lower left of Platinum card it is written SSR, in the middle of the screen there is picture of woman attached to a choker(collar). Behind the background there is a picture of an magician wearing a  violet hood. I stared bewildered(surprised) at the card.

とんでもない説明文! プラチナのカードで右上と左下にはSSRと書かれていて、中央には首輪を付けられた女性の絵が描かれている。裏側は、背景が紫色でフードを被った魔術師の絵だった。俺は目を白黒させてカードを見つめていた。

“Heehee, young boy! You’re quite lucky. Oh well this is the first time so easily a rare card came out. Well, your app has an magician design? Look, open that.”(T/N not sure)

「くくくっ、坊主! 運がええのぉ。まあ、初回はレアカードが出やすいようにはなっとるがな。さて、アプリに魔術師の柄のがあるじゃろ? それを開いてみよ」*

The picture at the back of the card was about the same as the app opening, until now my phone number enter was introduced, a series of numbers where entered and okay was pushed causing 7 icons to appear.(T/N not sure, I think it asked to enter his number)


☆Camera Mode

☆Lock Mode.


☆Sute Furi(Spending Money/points)

☆ステフリ*(T/N not sure)


☆Trash Bin

☆Gacha Level

The camera mode has the function of camera to take pictures used for the cards, this function can`t take photo outside this purpose it seems. The lock mode function is a situation where a card is specified used and only I can see the  infrared light thing that jumps out. Now I draw a card, the camera function is used to take a photo, I decided to set this photo on the phone screen. Afterwards the phone takes the card and operation starts.(T/N not sure)

カメラモードはカメラ機能でカードに使われる写真はこの機能で撮らなければダメらしい。ロックモードもカードで指定された場合使う機能で俺だけに見える 赤外線が飛ぶとの事。今引いたカードなら、カメラ機能で写真を撮り、その写真のスマホの画面に置くとセットした事になる。その後、カードがスマホに取り込 まれて発動するらしい。*

I open status and Level 1 with power, agility, stamina, intelligence, will(mental ability) at 0 while having 6 energy items. The time of registration your ability is at 100%, Sute Furi icon, for each point allotted in the status, 1 point is equal to a 1% increase.(T/N not sure)


When a point is used on a card or a card is place in the trash bin the only difference is the amount of experience collected to raise a level it seems. The amount of experience depends on the kind of card you want to destroyed than how the experience points enters is used. After you reach a high level the probability of rare card seems somewhat increases.


Next is the types of cards.

SSR Super-Special-rare

SR Super-rare

R Rare

G Gold

S Silver

N normal

I draw the super powerful card. Grandma says usual the probability is low to get rare and beyond, the gacha level was made. Its challenging at times to increase level and to be able draw a gold gacha without fail.(T/N not sure)


“Well then, is this card unfavorable, does the smart phone before you not work, can it not be used. The screen is visible to other people, the flash and noise is also noticeable. If your phone and card is taken or lost come back in two hours.”


“Awsome! But is this card magical?

「すげーな! でも、このカードってマジなの?」

“Magical gacha! Look its already good you can draw three cards”(T/N not sure)

「マジでガチじゃ! ほれ、もう3回カードを引くがよい」*

“Gacha! I understand”

「ガチか! わかった」

I enter 300 yen into the phone and draw a card. I thinks its complete at the pace of grandma….to draw a card.(T/N not sure)


『N Banana Slide』 set a card facing down on the ground floor. Sliding on a banana peel.

『N スベリバナナ』 地面、床にカードを伏せてセット。 バナナの皮で滑る。

『N Barrel Drop』 set a card facing down on the ground floor. Barrel falls onto of the head causing great pain.

『N 樽落とし』 地面、床にカードを伏せてセット。 樽が落ちて脳天檄痛。

『G Big magnum』 It is used by shouting the card set name. Romance man!

『G ビッグマグナム』 使用者がカードの名前を叫んでセット。男のロマン!

In the end when the cards came out they were shining like sparkle!! The picture drawn on the card is that of a man but…..(T/N not sure)

ラストに、なんかキラキラ光るカードきたー!! カードに書かれてる絵は男のアレですが……*

“Young boy….”


“….Oh well I am just lucky. 『Big magnum!』”


With the card in my right hand I shout out loudly. The card particles shines and then disappears.


“At least one person occasionally shouts out! Well it’s good,how is ti?”

「せめて、一人の時に叫ばんかいな! まあよい、どうじゃ?」

“How it is, I would say its….oooooooooooooooooh!(T/N not sure)


I move to place where grandma cannot see me, a little while later i checked how amazing it is….I feel bad at how Huge it is! A large dick means your romance man!!

婆さんから見えない場所に移動し、ちょっと確かめてみたら凄い……気持ち悪いくらいにアレがでかくなってる! 巨根は男のロマンだぜ!!

“Incredible hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”(T/N not sure)


“Oh you now seem to understand. Incidentally gold and higher effects are intended to be permanent”


“Raja !


“If you want to end the phone contract, just come here. Oh, never break it, and with the exception of gacha everything else is free of charge…The person whom it cancels applied viewing until now”


“As I thought. Why is it free”(T/N not sure)


“Young boy, the card itself is powerful depending how you use don’t you think? Furthermore its only 100 yen.”

「坊主、カード自体が使い方によっては強力なんじゃぞ? しかも、たった100円じゃ」



“As your level rises, draws card can also increase status, and you can obtain a powerful trump card. Most humans without gacha cannot put it on, hehehe!”(T/N not sure)


The creepy laughing of the grandma. But I do understand the things being said. In other words, an ordinary phone charge would be less than 10,000 yen for 1 month but this magical phone seems to allow anybody to put any amount of money a person likes in it.


“It’s only 100 yen, even so 100 yen, young boy! At least make this old lady earn a profit. Hiyahaha!”(T/N not sure)

「たった100円、されど100円、坊主よ! せいぜい、この婆を儲けさせておくれ。ヒャッハッハッ!」*

I side glance at the bullshit old hag, while leaving I having a bad feeling about this smart phone store. Well, it seems there no reason to ever come here again…I obtained a magical phone, I’m a little excitement while going home. Since tomorrow is school, just a little, no, its going to be quite enjoyable!


End of chapter 1


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