Shrouded Chapter 14 “Da Lei Yin” temple

just realized somebody picked this up. It has a slow pace but gets interesting as it goes on

Fung Shen

CHAPTER 14 “Da Lei Yin” temple

At the end of the temple which had ruined, silent and very small, not to mention the magnificent. Only an old temple which had a statue of Buddha, covered with thick dusts, beside it had a bronze lamp swaying a little light.


In front of the temple, accompanied by a strain of vigorous bodhi trees, six or seven people also cannot hold up, the old trunk is hollow, if do not have five to six pieces of green leaves are dotted on tree, the whole tree will such as dead.


Temple and bodhi trees rely on each others, let a person feel hazy circulation time, changes in the years, bring a person to endless tranquility.


When walk until here, everyone cannot conceal their surprised. The magnificent and huge palace at the back had already turned into ruins, but the little temple…

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