Chapter 18- Day zero

Remember that this was done by machine translation and there is a lot of phrases i do not understand. Anyways if you see any obvious mistake please tell me in comment below. Hopefully when i improve my Japanese i will come back and make the corrects.

Also Chapter 19 won`t come out till, like monday since i did not start to translate it. But i did translate chapter 20 and 21. So after chapter 19 comes out 20 and 21 will come out shortly after i do some more editing.


After putting my younger brothers in the bathroom at a little past seven o’clock p.m. Mizuki was drying two heads.

“ Wait, looks it’s not dry yet wait so more.”


My younger brothers are beating each other while giving out a shout of joy. It seems the pechi pechi sound means that they are enjoying them self.


Mizuki smiles wryly, and wipes off the moisture so she can dress them in their pajamas, and then she took them to the living room.

I take the milk out of the fridge and pour it into three glasses. At that time, I heard the voice of our father who was in the living room.



“No news…”

Father who looked at the news program said in a dubious voice. I looked at the television from the back and the emergency news captions flashed. A manuscript was passed from the side to the caster where he then began to read aloud in a voice without any intonation.

At the station around the Tokyo metropolitan area, a large scale riot occurred and it is likely that there are some casualties.

“Mother, come here. It seems to be a riot. It’s urgent news.”

” … Oh, is it true? ”

Mother`s face comes from the kitchen.

While three people were watching the news ,another news came in. It seems the riot is not limited to the metropolitan area ,but seemed to be happening in another city in the country. The cause is unclear. The casualties are also unclear.

“To think in Japan there is a riot……”


My mother mutter anxiously.

The news continues, the places that the riot occurred are read aloud to be learned. At about five stops to the train, one of the places is in the inner city of this neighborhood.


Father is stunned.

“Is it not nearby? … … ”

At that time, terribly unpleasant siren sound  had been sounded from outside of the house. It is the city speaker who lets children’s song run at 5:00 every day in the evening.

It was not a thing we usually were aware of when we were inside the house but this time three persons were clearly listening to the sound


The television sound was turned off, and all movement stopped waiting for the words to continue.

The broadcast then said that we should all evacuate to the designated refuge centre right now.


The living room was wrapped in silence.

After a while our father stood up.

“Mizuki`s Mom we should prepare some rucksacks(backpack) for going to the refuge centre ? Mizuki should take care of Takashi and her brother”


Mother leaves in a hurry.

Mizuki was getting anxiously, but thought that going to a refuge felt unnecessary (exaggerated).

The news did not contain any news of any disaster, but it did say that there was a riot happening, not too far from here. I do not think that the riot would affect us.

However, if that is what the government says then you should evacuate.

I took my two younger brothers to their bedroom and when i arrival i made them change their clothes from their pajamas. One of the younger brother , Yuu Masaru said while looking up at Mizuki

“What is a riot? ”

“Eh, well.. they are people who are filled with rage and quarrel a lot, i guess.”

“So they quarrel”

“Yh, because quarreling is not good. We have to carry our backpack because we have to go now.”


Mizuki also helped them by filling their backpack with a change of clothes and some towels. With a bag over their shoulder,  we went down to the first floor.

In the garage, father was preparing the car. When he turned on the car`s engine the electric shutters opened. The lights lighted up the dark private road.

Mizuki was surprised to believe(think) what she saw. The refuge centre is nearby to the elementary school, so its not too far. It is about ten minutes on foot.

(T/N The first sentence is saying she does not think we need the car)

“Do we go by car? Because we can also walk the way”

“I have a bad feeling for some reason and i think we should hurry up”

Suddenly, a man who seemed uneasy because of the light being turned on . It’s our neighbour’s husband Mr. Takasaki.

Father got out of the car and left the engine on, and I begun to have a long talk  about something with Mr. Takasaki.


When she looked back at the voice, a tall black-haired boy stood up. He was the only son of Mr.Takasaki, he was Atsushi a childhood friend of Mizuki.

“Oh him…”

“Do you also plan to go the refuge centre? What is it for, the riot”

“I do not know … Yeah . Dad wants us to go just in case .”

At that time, the mother just finished locking up the house, and entered the garage. She was holding emergency rations such as crackers, biscuits and canned foods and a water canteen in her hand.

“Oh, Atsushi, good evening. It’s going to be serious, isn’t it? Mizuki here is your backpack.”

I’m putting my bag and younger brother’s backpack in the car  while being called. I give the water bottles to my two brothers.

“Well, when i come back. See you later.”


Mizuki laughs and waves her hand. I also will be sitting next to each other in the shelter. So I felt that some of my nervousness fade away.

Suddenly i remembered that I forgot to put a hair dryer in the bag, but I`mi wondering whether to go back for it. It is troublesome to be seen with a bedhead.

At that time.father stops talking and has returned to the car.

“Mr. Takashi said they will also be going to the refuge centre, so we will leave immediately together.”

Mizuki gives up on getting her dryer, and together with her brother  went into the back seat of the car. Her mother also followed by sitting in the front passenger seat. After father checks for seat belt ,the car departs.

About half  way to elementary school, the car stopped. A severe traffic jam was taking place. The cars were all connected on the opposite side of the street. The blowing of horns and the shouting of voices could be heard.

For awhile now we have not yet advance a single step.

There were something strange with presence of people talking. Such restless sign to which a fire has occurred in the neighborhood which we cannot see.

“… … It is impossible and will have walk from here”

They made the car come to a stop it in front of the shop where the five of them came out of the car.

After, the key is seen to be still in the car.

“Father, the key”

“It would be inconvenient to somebody if our car blocks the way cause them to be suck.”

“All right”

I began worrying what if the car got stolen, but in the end I(Mizuki) nodded quietly. In evacuating towards the elementary school nearby and abandoning the car, it did not feel real at all.

There was a silhouette of a person who ran towards us, it was Atsushi.

“Mizuki, is your car good?”

“Yeah . Just because we were in a hurry ”

Father notices Atsushi.

“Atsushi, are you alone? Where is your fathers?”

「敦史君、君一人か? お父さんたちは?」

“They said that they’re going to returning the car back to the house.Because it did not seem possible to go ahead. So I decided to go first.

Can I accompany you?”

“Well. … … Then let’s go together then”

Mr. Takasaki family begun to return in the opposite direction, return home. Father looks at them with a tortured expression. He thought he wavered in his judgement because of  his consideration for Mizuki.

(T/N he basically feels that he should have not allow Atsushi to accompany him because now he is incharge and responsible for him)

The next moment, a shadow of a person sprang out from a branch road into the car. The car thens hits the individual causing a dull sound to be heard, Don!!

The person is hit and falls down like domino stick.

The car ran over the body who fell down causing the body of the car to jerk but it then stopped.

“I did it … … ”


Father mutters in utter amazement.

The blood collectioned spreads under the car.


Atsushi who leaks out a voice without being able understand the situation.

In front of his eye, his parent had hit a person.

“Go! If you do not help! ”

「行くぞ! 助けないと!」

Mizuki came to her senses due to her father’s voice.

I was frozen hard at the scene and in hurry began to run towards.

The Takasaki couple opened the door of the car, and was upset at the person who fell down but suddenly the man who ran from a branch road sprang upon them.


The married couple was dragged to the ground. Scream breaks out. The man movements were impossible, he flung his arm,and then bit the face of the couple.



My foot stops unconsciously.

“What the……?”

My father’s leaks out a voice

In front of my eyes, a silhouette appeared. It was a bloody person whose bones were broken. This atmosphere wasn’t ordinary anywhere.

The screams of a woman broke out within striking distance.

When I look back, five meters away from behind the side road, a group of people were overflowing.

Their eyes were hollow and  swayed like a sick person.

Previous slow moving group, suddenly began moving faster.


They gradually began to start attack the people who were in car line.


Mizuki became stiff while staring at the middle-aged woman who faced her.  She was the usual ordinary aunt who i used to pass who i didn’t mind.


She approaches me by brisk walking while lowering both of her hands.

Both of her their lips and hands were dyed dark red, and her eyes were vacant.  When her hands were on the verge of stretching towards my body.

“Run away!”

My father hurls himself at a woman. The woman was flung against a car and was going to get up while swaying.

Screams rises around us, and the crowd scattered like a wild herds that have been attacked by a predator.

Mizuki looked around instinctively and found her younger brothers who stood petrified between two cars.

Mizuki went to them and grabbed their hand and grasped it tightly and ran away from the descent crowd.



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