Chapter 11♡


Lunch break, the music class which was the fifth period was over and Mai was not caught up in the works of the committee chairman. Now then, students gather around Yamamura-sensei, enliven by the topic of her marriage. After getting close to sensei I had murmur [GETCHU], specifying Yamamura-sensei with my gaze, her panties were obtained and I then left. After reacting with a jerk, sensei had told the seemly confused students to go back to their classroom.

Fufufu(giggling), did you notice, now then, entering the restroom I took out sensei`s panties in the stall. The panties were overflowing with the feeling of white luxury. Sensei`s scent is inhaled skillfully,  then put away in the treasure box. When leaving the restroom the students in the next class went toward the music room replacing us. I can`t stop laughing when I think about the neat and clean sensei teaching without any panties.

With the sixth period over, I headed towards the music room in a dash after I had finished sweeping the home room. The student who was cleaning the music room had gone out. When peeking into the room, Yamamura-sensei was working seriously at a desk near the piano.

Yamamura Yukiko-sensei now Kondou Yukiko is a young lady that appears neat and clean with shoulder length wavy hair. A petite lady in a slender black suit skirt reaching around her knee with a high-quality long sleeves white cutter shirt. Setting [Nitwit Barrier], I approached slowly.


“What’s the matter, Mr. Eguchi? Is it an errand from the student council?”

Yukiko-sensei`s voice is like a bell that has the best charm. But, a punishment is necessary as it is not amusing to be in such a hurry to send me away so quickly.

“ As it is after I finish some of the work for today, I plan to go to the ceremonial hall. Did Shinjo-kun not pass on the message for tomorrow?”

“Is that so? That’s good of course”

In a casual manner her plans are obtained and with this, I can rape her freely!

“Yukiko-sensei, put both of your hands on the piano, push out your ass!”

“What did you say, eh!? Why?”

Yukiko- sensei stands up and closes the lid and then placed both of her hands on the keyboard, thrusting out her ass.

“As you are, do not move until I say it’s alright. Now, I will check for your underwear”

“N, no stop! D, don`t look there…..”

When Yukiko sensei skirt was raised, a pretty shaved pink vagina was slightly wet. Her little clit became sharp pointing upwards and her neat rear moves twitching.

“Eh~ Yukiko-sensei is a pervert. Teaching without panties? Furthermore, you got wet! Were you excited?

“No, don`t say ……”

“Moreover, there isn’t any hair, it’s beautiful. Now, for your taste”

I move my tongue like tracing the vagina of Yukiko- sensei. I was excited largely to the salty taste and unique sex smell.

“Noo~! It’s dirty, please don’t lick such a place!  I`m your teacher!”

“ Yukiko-sensei is beautiful. Is Yukiko-sensei a virgin?”

“Yes, ahhhhnn”

Yukiko sensei looks downwards blushing in shyness, hating my caress.

“It’s useless. Yukiko- sensei must know more men!”

“Kyaa♡ yaa, don`t lick my clit…..hiii, don`t kiss it, ahhhhn”

Yukiko- sensei clit appears to be sensitive, when rolling it by holding it with my lips I am delighted with her waist tipping up. This time, my tongue crawls towards her rear  and the crease of  the anal is carefully licked.*

“Hiyaa, nooooooo it’s dirty, stop because my buttocks is embarrassing, haaaaa”*

Of course I played with Yukiko-sensei by flicking her clit with my fingers while licking around with my tongue mercilessly. Sexual fluids ooze out because I had diligently attacked Yukiko-sensei`s  weak point.

“Yukiko-sensei has gotten wet”


“If it’s this wet I will now enter”

“Ha, enter, no don`t…..”

“Since Yukiko- sensei`s vagina is slightly lower I will put it in from behind, take off your clothes and spread your legs.”

“Yaaa, w, why without my permission….”

Yukiko- sensei panics a little as her clothes is taken off, spreading her legs open exposing her white slender body.

“The beginning of Yukiko-sensei forbidden affair with a male students”

“Not like this ahhh, help me Kazuya-san! S-Somebody….”

When my penis rubs against Yukiko- sensei, she cries out, begging for help. Yukiko sensei`s vagina is slippery and comfortable.

“I will go in one go, look, you will know when it hits”*

“Nooo, stop, because I will do anything, so stop with just that!”

“Then, give birth to my child Yukiko- sensei! Ora!”*

“Agaaaa! It hurtsss, it was broken ahh it has been broken…..I`m sorry Kazuya-san….”

I caught her waist forcibly and had penetrated the newly married virgin vagina with my dick. The deflower blood falls down along the groin of Yukiko-sensei from the flower that was scattered cruelty. Yukiko-sensei was apologizing to her husband while crying, it’s very tight and warm.*

“Ughn! It’s too tight, I`m mesmerized! Yukiko-sensei, congratulation on losing your virginity! Move”

“Kyaaa, it hurts, stopp, it hurtsss, don`t move, take it out already”

I strike in order to drive in the spearhead of my dick, knocking at Yukiko sensei`s womb. Its narrow, and it feels good to ravish her forcibly! Sensei`s screaming voice is the best BGM(background music).*

“Please don`t forget this pain! Because it’s proof that Yukiko-sensei had become my woman!”

“Aguu, hiii, don`t move anymore, gahakk, I`m begging, stop”

“Its a wonderful feeling! Yukiko-sensei, because I will come to a stop and pull out soon.”*

By shaking  my waist in large strides Yukiko-sensei`s womb is jolted. The feeling of the her walls rubbing against my dick is the best.

“Because a first time should be memorable I have settled with a creampie!”

“Absolutely not stoppppppppppppppppppp!”

“It’s the punishment of mating in the treacherous vagina of a lewd teacher! Hora! Become pregnant!”

“Its comminggg inn…. *sobbing*”

The milk that was spitted out from my giant penis, has conquered Yukiko-sensei. I creampied while being wrapped up in the immoral feeling for a second time! When my dick was pulled out, dense semen runs off together with bright red blood.

“Yukiko sensei, this is not over yet!”

“Huh, noo ahhhhhnnn!”

When penetrating Yukiko-sensei from the front, I had sat down on the chair of the piano, pushing up at the vagina from the frontal sitting position. Of course, as for Yukiko sensei a love hold was  coerced.

“Yukiko sensei, take out your tongue ”


I moved into a passionate kiss in order to entwine with Yukiko-sensei`s tongue.Her modest breast that were almost the same as her personality was wrapped up like a caress. Her breast was overflowing with a firm and tender feeling. Her pink nipples were also cute.*

“Yukiko sensei is cute! Therefore I will also cum inside”


Yukiko-sensei is just like a doll shaking to met my movements while shedding tears from her eyes of resignation. By grasping her waist and entering in order to cum, the shaking of her ass is disliked, she relentlessly confess begging me.*

My dick is pulled out and when I freed myself I was dumbfounded as I sat down not been able to move.*

“Thats was amazing sensei! Killing yourself is no good! Afterwards, it’s a secret between only the two of us!”

Yukiko-sensei had confirmed with a feeble nod, cleaning up with purification magic, her panties were returned.*


“Later! Yukiko-sensei!”

I wave my hand at Yukiko-sensei while leaving the music classroom. Now, I must hurry home.

☆☆☆PM 7:00☆☆☆

Returning home and printing out the photo on my old man`s printer, my preparation were complete. After having a bath and eating dinner I waited for Sakura-san.

Exactly at 7 o`clock Sakura-san had arrived at my room. As it is, it seems she planning to stay in Yuki-ane`s room.

I went outside in order to hand over the photo to Sakura-san who was standing before the door elegantly in her uniform.

“Fuunn, good. Hand this over to Yukina later”*


When I handed it over to Sakura-san, with a glance it was returned. Well that was as expected.*

I thought it was mission complete with this, but I was amazed at the voice that sounded in a head.

[The Guardian Angel << Knight of Rose >> has been spotted. Measuring opponents war potential power…… HP 52000, the magical attack is unavailable, mental attack is unavailable. Contractor must start preparing for battle. Commencing battle. Transferring to battlefield [Town Area] after 30 seconds. The count has been commenced 30 29 28 ……]


“Yes, good night”

Sakura-san turns around to toward this house and closes the door with a bang.

[20   19   18  17 16 ]

The count which resounds in my mind doesn’t stop. And my trembling also doesn’t stop.

HP 52000 ……? A guardian angel? A knight of rose? What the hell?

In hurry I grabbed my wallet and desperately threw a 100 yen coin into the smartphone. The confirmation of the card will be done later!

[3   2   1  Transferring]

Transported to my battlefield in an instant. The battle space is a large 5 km four-sided town where I live.*

Facing the enemy, her body is wrapped in a divine white armor and helmet, with the person`s height around 180cm, waving a red mantle, the emblem of a rose shining proudly on her chest. A broad long sword is grasped in her right hand and in her left hand a round shield set up.*

Yes! No matter how you look at it its the knight of rose! Suddenly I have encountered a final boss class!

End of Chapter 11

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