Episode 5 (Edited)

Well it’s not fully edited but it’s edited to the best of my current abilities. There was only one major change and that was “Eye doll” being changed to “Love Doll”. And some minor changes to some sentences I was not sure about based on the feedback I got from some peopled that helped me.

Chapter 6 should be finished by friday or Sunday


“That was helpful, Yuki-ane! “

I called out to my elder sister who was walking beside me, while holding a shopping bag that was filled to the brim.

Eguchi Yukina, a 3rd year high school student of White Lily Academy wears her long hair in a ponytail, the eyes are a feature of the prideful older sister that seem to be strong-willed due to its neutralness. The large blue ribbon suites her dignified face quite well. According to Nana-san, she has a caring personality where she loves to help others with one thing or another, and serves as both the head of the archery club and the president of the student council, it seems she is the older sister of the school.


Yesterday, the exchange of email was done with Nana-san, and I who had obtained the promise of a date had realized a certain thing upon returning home. I didn’t particularly have any clothes that could be used to go on a date with a young girl….

Therefore, I jumped into a dogeza before Yuki-ani, and that’s how she became my adviser who picks clothes.

“But…is it true that, you’re being serious about Nana-san? “

“I wouldn’t beg for a lie, that’s right,  doesn’t Yuki-ane have a person she likes?”

“…Why,  do you assume there is no boyfriend?”

“So you don’t have one then?”

“Noisy!….Wait here, Baka! “


As a result of getting Yuki-ani angry she went towards the powder room, now should I do something with the gacha.

The upper limit of 600 yen was smashed yesterday but, for today it’s all right. Pochitto!


[N  Trading Card]

Set card repeatedly – it trades at random in cards of the same rank.


[N Wheel of Fortune]

Set on smartphone- fortune rotates by a random roulette.


[ N Stand up for a while]

Set and attach it to the target- keeps the peron standing at a spot for three minutes.


[N constant paper]

Set and attach it to the target- the other party will always take out paper in janken (rock paper scissors)


[N Gilgamesh]

Set and hoist-  summons a weapon- with this fake legendary weapon you’re a hero.


[S Red Rose]

Exclusive use for older sister-  set and attach it to the target- improves their charm.


Towards younger girls, having the red rose has a fascinating effect in the background when meeting. *

Can an ordinary person even use the legendary fake weapon [Gilgamesh]? Perhaps it’s better than a hero who eradicates the demon lord with a wooden rod for 10G….. [Constant paper] is something I don’t really need, pass! [Stand up for a while] can be used for a prank……

As for the silver card [Red Rose]…..it will be used on Yuki-ani, as it would be a waste not seeing the effect of having the rose. *

As for the trade card, it will be used on [Brood Parasitism of a Common Cuckoo]. I have an interest for the word ‘brood parasitism’ but, this cards requires courage. Let’s see if I can try to trade for a different gold card. Ei!*


[G Cupid’s Love Crossbow]

Exclusive use for women- set photo-  contractor is excluded- supports a young lady in fall in love.


Guha…..I did something stupid….. Something like the love of another person is not worth worrying about , dammit! Such a ending can’t be helped, next…next!  Although the wheel of fortune is a smelly trap, should I try and see? When the [Wheel of fortune] card is attached to smartphone!

Oh, something came out on the screen of the smartphone.

[Blue is money,  Yellow is a wonderful card, and Red amounts to a debt. Start]

Choo, stop on something other than minus~! The roulette on the screen started to revolve on its own.

Dangerouss, although the red is scarce there is a good probability. It’s about 1/4…..The roulette is like a pie chart that revolves, the colour that it stays upon is likely the hit. The speed becomes slow, OO, OI! It seems to have stopped on red. Eeek!

Pipipipi Papapapan!

That was close~ it was great that it stopped on the yellow colour….after feeling somewhat relieved, the card is discharged with a earth-shattering force that directly hits my groin….. As a result I writhe in pain with teary eyes. When looking at the screen that magician smiled, laughing foolishly and left the comment “zamaa” and disappears. Isn’t this smartphone a product of that mischievous person! There is only that damn old woman`s discipline, I feel very irritated!


[R Love Doll]

Exclusive use for women- set photo- set a keyword-  the targeted person will become your personal doll.


Uh-oh,  a rare card came! It’s a wonderful card! Let’s keep it careful.

“What is that? Did you make that noise? “

“Ah, it’s nothing”

Since Yuki-ane had returned, I took up the bags to leave the department store. Naturally, I placed the red rose card on Yuki-ane!

“That cafe?”

“Its close by, they specialise in cakes and black tea that contains herbs. “

“Fuh, since its Sei`s treat”

“It’s alright I wouldn’t call it anything special, look it’s over there.”

I pointed at a famous store hidden within the residential area at the back of the department store, I also learned of this place from the student council president who I am indebted to. Because the cake set are effective on high school girls like the Crest of Aoi Hollyhock, especially for Yuki-ane.

When entering the store that resembles a cake of white roof on a triangular roof, it’s wonderful and packed. Although this is the first time I had come to this store, the store even has a good atmosphere. In fact, this also serves as a rehearsal of the date course with Nana-san. At this store, guys by himself cannot enter easily.*

When we sat down after being guided to a back seat by the clerk-san, I ordered a coffee while Yuki-ane had ordered a cake set.*

“Hee, this store isn’t so bad. This is a good performance on your part.”

“I must admit”

Yuki-ane is usually expressionless but, when she is in good mood it’s kind of easy to know because her eyes shine. It seems she was pleased with this as a thanks for selection of clothes.

“Excuse me, visitors, would you mind sharing your table.?”

Because the clerk-san had asked, when looking around,  most of the seats were full. Ah, it seems it’s their busy period,  so we decided to consent willingly, but that guest.

“Ah,  chaasu! President!”

“Eh” Yuki-ane looks at me surprised.

“Ohh~! Sei, I didn’t expect to meet you in such a place. Did you come immediately? This is? “

When the president saw Yuki-ane he made a seemly strange face.

“Nice to meet you. Hiya, Yuki the older sister. Thanks for looking after my younger brother.”

Yuki-ane had bitten her tongue. Thats unusual. Hmm? The face of Yuki-ane… is blushing…..and is looking down modestly. It’s as if a young girl fell in love, no way…..*

Well, as for my senior Shuichi shinjo who is also known as chairman is an Ikemen, filthy rich, athletic, handsome, with superior grades, nonetheless with an model’s figure, he also has a good personality and is perfect superhero that is without fault, therefore it can’t be helped that Yuki-ane would fall in love. Besides Yuki-ane had lived a very sheltered life in White Lily academy, therefore she doesn’t have any immunity towards men.

“You’re too polite. It is I who should say so, as I was saved thanks to Sei offering his assistance with various things. The student council president-san of White Lily was Sei`s older sister…   “

“It’s because we don’t look a like. And we came here because it was elder sister’s recommendation. ”

Pfft, even I can read this mood! Because this store was a referral of chairman, I will then cover it up.

“Is that so. Black tea please. “

The Chairman had easily ignored my protection by making the latter half of his words towards the store clerk. Is the appeal for failure so difficult. Hmm, one way or another I want to make use of that card. Yuki-ane was being nervous as her body was tense and her face was bright red, being obedient like a borrowed cat. Now, I think am certain.*

While working out a strategy I gave suitable responses to the Chairman’s conversation. The Chairman  in a casual manner successfully shifts the conversation bringing the topic up to Yuki-ane, as one would expect of the indescribable style of a host. It will be impossible for me even if 100 years pass. Bringing up the subject of Yuki-ane, due to a small panic she had bitten her tongue a lot and her face was already bright red, . What a cute thing!?*

“By the way Chairman, a consult for a second?”

“Hmm?  That’s unusually… Sei wants a consult.”

I invite the chairman to the toilet with the reason of a consult, while casually taking a photo of Yuki-ane. Before reaching the restroom the “hold a bucket while standing” card is attached on the retreating figure of the chairman. Confirming that the chairman is standing rock stiff due to the effect of the card, I immediately set the “love cupid crossbow” card.

Yapparika! The instant the card is set, a crossbow appears in my hand together with a light. I thought it was seemly absolute! It’s not possible among other thing to ambush the Chairman at school holding such a thing. The level would normally state this.*

With a width of 80cm and length of  1 m, I release the “cupid arrow” shooting from behind the chairman at an impossible distance of 0m. When the arrow is lodged and drawn, because once the arrow is at a dangerous level, its launchs towards the right shoulder of the chairman!*

The arrow vanishes like it’s absorbed into the Chairman. Mission Complete !

The “Cupid Crossbow” also disappeared as it vanishes from my hands. After only waiting  for about 2 minutes.

“Ough… hmm? I….”

As the effectiveness of the card wears off, I hurriedly swindled the chairman who wore a question mark.*

” What’s the matter? I was surprised as you blanked out suddenly. “

“Hmm? Suddenly something no… no,  yes, what is it you wanted consult on?”

“Ah, my elder sister has a fear of strangers and is not used to boys due to being brought up in White Lily Academy. “

” Ah, is that so? Certainly at the previous meeting there was such an appearance. “

Are you serious! I was surprised at the chairman who agreed! I am 120% certain that the Chairman is the person Yuki-ane likes.

“Since that’s the case, because I decided to return on urgent business, I want to request the escort of my older sister to chairman.”

” As in me? “

” Yes, if its the Chairman I will feel assured. “

” If I am good enough then I will do it. It’s also the request of a junior.”

“Thank you”

Alright! How about that? My style of cupid love! Ah, I must return quickly because I had kept Yuki-ane waiting.

When I returned to my seat following after the chairman, Yuki-ane was seated eating her cake set with good manners. I got Yuki-ane attention by pouring the coffee that was placed on the table. I guess I who was a nuisance should disappear quickly.*

“Yuki-ane, I am sorry,  I have some urgent business.”

“Eh? “

“Since I requested for Chairman to be my substitute, I am going ahead.”


Placing a 2000 note on top of the table, and then holding the shopping bags in both hands, ignoring the clingy like eyes of Yuki-ane, while waving at two of them, I leave the store. When leaving from the store,  with a glance you can see two persons from the window but, yes, it seems alright. Even the card can be used like this!  I did a good thing.!

After doing a good thing I felt good. Passing through the department store with a mixed humming, I headed towards the shopping district. After walking for a while I unexpectedly met the worst person at the entrance of the shopping district.


“Sei, long time no see~”

It was Fujikawa Aoi who rushed over while waving her hand, she is a childhood friend in her second year at White Lily Academy. Due to her grandma being Russian, her long hair had a pale soft wavy pigment, her blue eyes appear gray and has a trademark white headband. She is a matchless beautiful girl who resembles the westerner figure with a cute lip, tall nose, pure white skin, and long eyelashes. A pink camisole dress that highlights her well-developed body clearly. Once, she was unwilling my first love.*

Her family owns a family restaurant nearby,  where Aoi helps out by being a waiter. If you hear up to this, you may assume that Aoi is good dutiful daughter but that’s a big mistake! This person knows that herself is beautiful so she serves the students of the all boy’s school with a suggestive attitude, she is a demon like woman who misleads  boys with “I have a boyfriend” pushing it all on me.

It starts by being murdered by a man who had turned into yandere, where he assualts a man he doesn`t even know without warning causing the back of my teeth to rattle, because when you’re associated with Aoi nothing good will happen. If Mai is a troublemaker then Aoi is a demon, I think only doing a greeting and then going my own way would be nice.*

“Yeah, it’s been a long time”

“Saying that towards your childhood sweetheart is cruel. “*

” I don’t want to be attacked with a knife. “

“Mumu! But that wasn’t me, does even Sei goes to the shopping district lottery? “

“What’s that”

“Didn`t you receive that coupon at “the department store over there?”

“Ah~ I got about 6 of them”

“Then…share 1, as 1 round needs 5 pieces”


“Thank you, I love you Sei”

When the coupon is handed over to Aoi, she makes a wink and takes my hand  towards the lottery place. Because her expression can change unlike Yuki-ane, its charming. Naturally all the boys are cheated due to this.

“Which reminds me, are you going out with her.”

“Guwa, who is that! “

“Has it not been decided by Yuki-ane. Is it really Nana-chan?”*

“You, know Nana-chan? “

“Yeah, were classmates!”

Guwa, my secret is known by the worst person. There is no doubt that I will be teased now. I was an idiot for forgetting that if I talked with Yuki-ane she would tell Aoi.

” Hey! Did you say anything strange to Nana-san.

” You will understand! It’s been awhile since I went to that place at night.”

“……Do as you like”

Haa, for my weakness to be gripped by Aoi its the worst… Nn!  Wait, I can use the “love doll” on this person! If it’s this person I know I wouldn’t feel any guilt!

With two persons and Aoi standing in line at the lottery place, I saw a chance and took a photo. Because the shutter sound was not heard Aoi seems to not have noticed it. I will call her tonight.

Then, handing over the 5 gift certificate to the uncle in the shopping district,  the standard lottery is pulled, spinning around. Aoi comes out receiving a tissue. As for the lucky me.

“Congratulation! The grand prize for a first class hot spring trip!”

Oh! My luck seemed to have exploded out. However, as for Nana-san, a one night trip is impossible due to the concerns of her family.

“Hooray, Sei, do you want to travel with me?” Aoi draws close to me jokingly but.


“Baka, travel huh. I will even hand it over to your old man”

“Tsk, you’re boring”

“Being boring is ok”

“Ah!, wait!”

In the end, I who had received the complimentary ticket had end up returning home together with her and it wasn’t until reaching home that I was able to shake off Aoi. However…the real overbearing person had come again at 7 o`clock!

After that, in the evening, Yuki-ane had returned home excited. I am told that she had decided to go out with the Chairman. It works already, I thought the cards power to reform was the amazing. But, I didn’t think I would hear Yuki-ane earnestly speak about her love affair until dinner ended……Nevertheless a person talking about their love affair is annoying! If it’s the matter of the Chairman, even I know already, older sister……

End of Chapter 5


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