Episode 7.5 Dungeon Commentary

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly.


Episode 7.5 Dungeon Commentary

The Dungeon at the end of episode 7

Number of layers: 2 levels

Miasma: 2

Notoriety: 2

Stored magic: 16 (Unit: 10,000/Day)

Magic Consumption: 3.5 (Unit: 10,000/Day)

  •  New Facilities:

☆Summon Space/Room

The room was built in the deepest part of the dungeon. It becomes possible to have a unique direct transfer inside of Oulu`s Dungeon. It is an object that transfers those who come here, to the inside of a magic square that would capture them, if they were in the dungeon from the start but did not have permission they would not be able to leave from the magic square.

☆ Transfer magic prevention barrier

Oulu had form a barrier for the whole dungeon. Inside of this barrier, things could not be transferred by transfer magic in theory. This is a measure used in order to defend from intrusion of thieves and assassin, the barrier measure is also prominent in the royal capital and large cities.

☆ Lil`s bedroom




Lil`s private bedroom. I had wonder from where she got something like stuffed toy and flowers, it was surprisingly put together to decorate and it was fancy.

☆Yunis bedroom

Yunis private bedroom. Armor and minimum furniture was all the tasteless room was decorated in. The main reason was that she hangs around in Oulu`s room all the time.

☆General purpose bedroom

The room is for the girls schedule to be sent as a sacrifice. Because it’s special, I had made about 10 rooms but the girls arrival was delayed for about 2 months because of the trouble with Yunis, and I had not come into the light of day for a long time.

  • New Forces:

☆ Marie (Child)

Fighting Potential:0


5歳児。戦力を期待するも愚か、足手纏いにしかなりようがないが、元々持っていた気質に加えオウルがかけた『健やかに育つ』呪いのせいで大人になるまでは凄まじく運がいい。*(TN:I would need for this cause I can`t get it)

5 years old. It’s even foolish to expect fighting potential, but it’s not like she will become nothing but a hindrance, Oulu had done this from the start to take possession “to raise her healthy” to increase her spirit until she becomes an adult due her charm this is tremendously lucky.

☆Supina (Magician apprentice)

Fighting Potential:0


オウルの弟子にはなったものの、まだ見習いであるため魔術らしい魔術は使うことが出来ない。しかし、恐ろしく豪胆で自らの死の危険性があるような事でも必要なら全く躊躇なく実行することが出来る。ある意味もっとも敵に回してはいけない人物。*(TN: I am not sure)

Although she became Oulu`s disciple, she isn’t able to use magic, because she is still an apprentice. However, it’s possible to be executed if its entirely done without hesitation but a thing like that has the danger of killing one’s self due to the tremendous boldness. That means it’s natural to not make enemies of talented people.

☆ Giant Spider

Fighting Potential: 3

In the innermost part of caves and forest, etc, giant spider put their nest in places with thin miasma drifting. They had put their nest in a corner of Oulu`s dungeon. They are harmless if you do not approach their nest, and it’s very hard to see their thin threads. Goblins often become food taken to their nest.


Fighting Potential: 3




しょっちゅうゴブリンを血祭りにあげている。(TN: not sure)

There are a special kind of monster that posses a body of about 2m. You can surely expect if compared to goblins they should posses fighting abilities, but for certain they are small fries that rely on numbers. For every dispute there is a always a increase in goblins victimized as they love the scent of blood.

  •  Current state of the dungeon

Although there is a increase in monster in the non-controlling layer, as for Oulu subordinate their war potential remained, as it did not increase. Also, Oulu technique had reached its limit in expanding the dungeon slowly, one part of the dungeon that had collapse was repeatedly restored.

End of Chapter


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