Episode 7 part 1&2- Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. I am sorry this should have been released Wednesday but because I kept procrastinating(school soon start so my bad habits are coming back) so this may be a trend later so if I don`t release anything on a Wednesday it should come out on a Friday and if it does not come on a Friday it will just come out when its done. Also episode 7 is made up of 5 parts so three more parts to go.


To know the time is not easy as, all of the morning rays can`t reach the inside of the dungeon. Rather, if you’re near the entrance, the warm air above ground will never follows inside,let alone the time, it’s not possible to feel the season.

Hence a sundial can`t be used, there is also no sound of the church bell to convey the time. It seems because of that a mechanical style clock was invented, furthermore it was installed on a gigantic tower because inside of the dungeon was narrow so it was not possible to install it.

It was one of Lil important job to be aware of the time inside of the dungeon. For she who lived in the spirit world that was wrapped in darkness, presently, to know the time as easy as breathing

“Massteer-sama~! Its morning~!

Lil was in good mood to tear off Oulu`s futon. Immediately that smiling face became stiff with anger.

“Why are you here!?

Underneath the futon Oulu body was entwine with Yunis body. Furthermore she isn`t even wear a string. (T/N butt naked I think)

“Umph…Good morning Lil…”

“Don`t good morning me! Your room was well prepared wasn`t it? So why are you slipping into Oulu`s bed!?”

While rubbing her sleeping eyes, Yunis stretches her body to the shouting LIl.

Yunis with a absentmindedly expression looked slightly doubtful, *pon* she clasped her hands.

“Ah~, since the dungeon was quite cold…..and without knowing I came to a warm bed.”

“If that’s the case why are you naked!!”

While Lil frowns and shouts with such furious that it stabs, Oulu raises his body.

“…..Its noisy. Don’t make any noise since its morning.”

“I don’t agree~tsu”


While Oulu gets ready to go and change his cloths, Lil grinds her teeth.

“From morning I prepared clean cloths, clean the rooms, did the laundry, patrol the dungeon, managed the demons among other things, I was doing various things!? Yet despite me working all day, Yunis and Oulu find a way to have a lot of sex, what kind of thing is that!?”


色々忙しくやってるのよ!? なのに一日中働きもせずぐーたらしてるユニスの方が


“It can’t be helped since I have such a contract I have with you. Even if I entrust something to Yunis, she would not be very useful.”

Oulu manner of speaking was frank and it pierced Yunis heart. She was originally royalty, she could not even do the most basic chores but she continue to be as an wandering adventure.

(Beside am worried that Yunis will not understand the dungeon structure. Its also possible that she will betray us.)

(Because of the destiny of 『Hero Star』Oulu agreed that the curse of coercion will transform it to 『Fallen Hero』,in the first place it isn’t something that can be removed?)(T/N not sure)

(『英雄の星』の宿命はオウルと契約する事で『堕ちた英雄』に変わったから、 強制の呪いはまず解けないんじゃなかったの?)*

(To start with i’m not 100%. Its also possible that the hero can return due to something like a chance but it’s quite small. As long as Yunis does not fully trust me)(T/N not sure)


(I was not exactly sure what was being said )


“Uu, Oulu, likewise I should also help Lil do her work.”

Oulu shakes his head at yunis proposal, without having no idea such a intent.(T/N not sure)


“No, your sword will be useful in times of emergency. Besides from this day her workload will become light.”

“Hm? Are you going to make a Golem to help me?”

Oulu breathes a sigh as Lil tilts her head to one side.

“Did you forget?…..Today is the day the first sacrificed maiden arrives.


Episode 7 part 2- Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady

“….Well lets begin.”

Oulu presently made the inner, innermost part of the dungeon, this place could be said to be the deepest, is this room. As a matter of convenience is used for calling 『During Summons』, this room is about 10 square meters in size, with only one door. On the ground there was a complex magic square, it was carved directly into the ground.

For most part of Oulu`s dungeon, stretched a summoning(transfer) magic prevention barrier. Direct transfer magic is in Oulu`s bedroom and dungeon core as a counter-measure against raids, within the range for this barrier attempting to move(transfer) will be bounded back to their original position. Because of this principle, it is not possible to overturn no matter what kind of technique is tried.

オウルのダンジョンの大部分には、転移魔術防止の結界が張られている。直接転移魔術でオウルの寝室やダンジョンコアを襲撃される事への対策で、この結界 の範囲内に転移を試みても元いた場所に跳ね返されてしまう。これは原理的なものなので、術を試すのがどのような存在であれ、覆す事は出来ない。*

However, when Oulu himself applies this barrier, it proves that going and returning is very difficult. Inside the dungeon only a 『hole』 was made in order to avoid that during the summoning.

This room can only be able to transfer things from outside. Naturally, this room coordination is top secret, mind reading magic and memory also intelligence outside cannot be leaked, of course Oulu himself carefully put a curse on Lil and Yunis.


The sword is not drawn from the sheath but Yunis expression is tense,  also with a serious expression looking at the magic square left and right is Lil waiting for Oulu who was slowly chanting the spell.

The air in the room slowly swirled and a faint light emitted from the magic square. Oulu chants the spell, the finger swings like a weaving wave motion draws a rune that shines surrounding the magic square.(T/N not sure)


The air swirls and before long something like a sudden gust blows, rapidly the strength increases and the sound of something like noise of a tornado is made.



With a shout from Oulu the tornado further intensify, and light from runes intensify blinding Oulu`s eyes.


Oulu unintentionally stupidly raised his voice.

The tornado and light dissappears and afterwards in its place, on top of the magic square you could see, 5 chickens and 2 pigs, 1 cows and …

Furthermore sleeping like a log was very young girl.

“A child…..?”

Yunis murmured dubiously

Her age seems to be 5, 6 years old. Thin gold hair cover her forehead, the poor village was able supply the young girl wearing the best first class clothes.It was a simple made from cotton, it was frilly making it a lovely dress when it wraps around the body.(T/N not sure)


Such a young girl, is sleeping in the embrace of the cow’s back. Occasionally the cow would just shake its tail *flap flap*,  it was not even concern about young girl existence.

“….Girl, wake up”

Oulu called out and the young girl really showed no sign of getting up

I want to wake her up here but, if I move from here the magic square will immediately lose its power. On the other hand, if I don`t step in it’s impossible to go outside from inside the magic square.(T/N not sure)


It’s possible that the villagers sent a trained fighter as a sacrifice, it’s also natural that Oulu would predict this and create a counter plan. The counter plan naturally was impossible ruin. Oulu was alert and called out to the girl again.

“Wake up. Who are you?”

The second I shouted, the little girl showed no sign it reached her. Oulu skillfully turned her over from the back of the cow  facing towards him.

“Deep asleep…”


Lil muttered, she was amazed and had expression where she didn`t understand. She is a succubus that can manipulate, she could perceive that the young girl was completely asleep.


『Wake up!』

Oulu voice contains some irritation, and inside the room it was like thundering roar. His angry voice was fused with magic, and as you would expect the young girl final trembled and fell from the back of the cow.



The fall did not in particular cause any damage, the young girl immediate raised her head, looking around perplex.

“…..Girl. Who are you?”

Oulu ask in low voice that echos from the bottom of hell, with a stat the young girl body trembles, with the same trembling voice she introduce herself.

“E , a, ~u…… H-how do you do e-evil Lord, honorable Ulu-sama. I-I, am, Marie Bell, please excuse me. Um, p-please keep me close… Um, keep me close.”


The young girl who called herself Marie Bell seems to have difficulty spelling because it was obvious that the phrase was to be memorized.

“….She almost doesn’t hold any magic powers. At least it means that an adult isn’t using any magic to disguise themselve.”

“It doesn’t seem she can use weapons among other things. Is she not an ordinary child

Lil and Yunis respectively used their analysis ability on Marie Bell. Oulu findings was also the same as the girls.

“I said, send me a young and pure girl but…..”

Even if i said that this is too young. Oulu sighed, with a light swipe of his hand he destroyed the magic square.

“Lets go to the village. Come with me Yunis. Lil you stay and keep the company of the girl.

“Again I’m babysitting, furthermore its a child.”

“I will protect Oulu~”

Lil revealed that she was dissatisfied at Yunis face that was delighted embracing Oulu`s arm. For what reason does this faithful subordinates seem to be unable to obtain, while being troubled Oulu begins to setup the transfer array(technique).(T/N not sure)




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  1. 「え、あ、ぅ……ご、ごきげんうわるしゅう、おうるさま、わ、わたし、は、マリーベルともうし、ます。え、と、い、いご、どうぞおそばに……ええと、おそばに……」

    Would translate roughly as:

    “E , a, ~u…… H-how do you do e-evil Lord, honorable Ulu-sama. I-I, am, Marie Bell, please excuse me. Um, p-please keep me close… Um, keep me close.”


  2. hello thank you for the translations plz keep up the good work. Would you like me to prof-read/edit (in english) the existing chapters??


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