Chapter 25- Dream

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. For this chapter only 1 sentences I didn’t know how to translate. The page what I don`t know how to translate and words I dont know contains the sentences I need help with. Also episode 6 pt 2 is around 14 pages so I may take a week and half to do it


Early in the morning.

It was only until then, that Mizuki woke up.

I saw a very nostalgic dream.

Even when Mizuki was with her family, she has been having dreams since she was young.

When Mizuki got sick in kindergarten she took a leave of absence and cuddled with her mom at home, so when she felt a cool hand on her forehead it brought feelings of joy. She coughed and looked up to look at her mother’s face.

Her mother’s face seemed to be covered with a vague shadow, but even so it gave off a warm sense of security which Mizuki clung to, unwilling to wake up.

However, Mizuki`s consciousness is relentlessly dragged her back into reality.

Fragments of the impression gradually began chipping away along with the figure of the young Mizuki.

However, she still tried to resist waking up. Leaving behind a sense of loss, her conscious surfaced.

Opening her eyes.

A white inorganic(mineral) ceiling comes into view.

One room on the third floor of the supermarket.

Mizuki was lying on a sofa wrapped in a stiff blanket.


From the corner of her eyes it seemed that her tears were gathering at her eyes(eye socket).


With her consciousness waking up Mizuki immediate honestly conveyed. Not long ago until the gap in her dream, Mizuki for a while couldn`t move. (T/N not sure)



Sighing, a finger is used to wipe away a falling tear flowing down her temple(cheek).

Incidentally as she tries to get up,


As she sneezed in an instant a lot of drooling(mucus) falls from her dripping nose.


“What…..”(T/N *flabbergasted*)

In addition an wet towel is slide down from her forehead.

Surveying the surround for an tissue is not found. Mizuki hesitating a little uses the towel to wipe under her nose. Afterwards the towel is folded and placed on the table.

A glass of water that was nearby was taken up and in one gulp she drained it. The whole water soaked into her.


Being inside the stretch blanket provided a heating and the coldness isn’t felt so much. Although making small sneezes Mizuki felt the pull from an headache.

On top of the table in addition to the glass there was also a rice porridge. Since yesterday I didn’t  have any appetite I only eat a mouth full of food. With that in front of me I suddenly got hungry.

Since the rice porridge got cool I went to use the microwave in the kitchen. Using the dirty towel to hold the bowl, then leaving the room.

Tableware for three persons was soaked in the kitchen sink water. While the rice porridge was being warmed, those dishes were rinsed with water. There were no oily stains so only water was enough. Pulling the disk cloth close on top, they were(dishes) stacked in order.

When she was finished, her hands were cold from being in the cold water.


Once again her nose runs.

After finish washing her face, her nose is then washed(blowed). From downstairs she carried a facial cleanser, a facial lotion and other cosmetic materials. Using an new damp towel to wipe her face, afterwards Mizuki takes a short break.


Thinking about the remains of the dream, it gradually becomes clear.

She was worrying about her younger brothers while searching for them, in the corner of the office she was lying down wrapped in a blanket. She realized that she wasn’t lying down in the same room, it also seemed that there was no trace of the cold.

Nearby there was several large books lying around. There was a large size multi-colour illustration book about nature

While flipping through the book I looked at the pages being turned, Mountainous terrain and vegetation seasons, etc are shown. It also mentioned insects and animals. Most of the photos cannot be read by children since it has difficult kanji characters, this should have been made easier for children to read.

It seems Yuusuke gave it to the younger brothers to waste some time. Both of them like illustration books. I am sure it gave them great joy since now there isn`t much entertainment.


Mizuki has an complex expression, she then slowly closes the illustration book.

(Takemura-san you are gently with child aren’t you.)

Although your cold to me, Mizuki breathe a sigh. Even after using my body your attitude isn’t different at all.

It doesn’t mean I particular want Yuusuke to like me, its just until now no other person has ever been cold to me. Yuusuke rude attitude towards me has made me very perplexed.

Putting down the illustration book, I went towards kitchen.

I return to the room with the porridge in hand, the sight of Yuusuke figure lying down on a chair. With his body leaning on the back of the chair, he was sleeping with his neck titled. That posture must be hurting the back of his neck.

Even though he is sleeping without a blanket, since the air conditioner is on it isn’t so cold.

Mizuki approaches the coach to lie down herself, the disarranged blanket was then folded and put aside.

Sitting down on the sofa I shift a little to be tilted so as to eat the hot rice porridge. Using the spoon to scoop a little, it is then cooled in her mouth. She munched on the rice porridge for about 7 minutes. The porridge was hot but since she was hungry it was delicious.


While Mizuki gradually felt a warm feeling gathering in her stomach she was meditating on some thoughts.


With the rice porridge in front of me I thought of putting a wet towel on my forehead.


In this way, Yuusuke can be surprisingly kind when he gives a helping hand.

When Yuusuke embraced Mizuki the impression she got was that he was selfish and reasonable. Form the point of view Mizuki she may have caught a cold because the blanket rolled off nearby, yeah thats it, or something like that.

This kind of heroic aid was unexpected

Normally, a person on a whim would gratefully accept with obedience but Mizuki`s pride had being hurted too much.

To Mizuki, Yuusuke was a stranger. Until recently, you could not have said that the relationship between the both of them were friendly. This time, very suddenly to be gently it felt like he was like family.

While looking at the face of Yuusuke who was sleeping like an log on the chair, thinking faintly she becomes uneasy as she recalls something.

(……Which reminds me, Takemura-san is one person isn’t he)

Besides he said that there are no survivors besides us.

In other word, unlike us older sister and younger brothers, he lived in this world the whole time.

Concerning this matter, Mizuki decided to reflect some more on it.

If oneself is in such a situation.

Its different for Mizuki since she has to look after her younger siblings, and she is aware that she alone would be willing to do that. If myself is left alone in such a world it wouldn’t be strange for it to become dangerous .

I do not know where my parents or my friends are, a monster that eats people loiters in the streets, and every passing day I have to live without any hope, Mizuki cannot endure this. Mizuki isn’t strong enough. In this whole world Mizuki has just finished one day.

The only reason my younger brothers are alive is because at the last minute I was able to pull them into shelter and run away from facing death. Mizuki protects two people while the reverse is also protected. Therefore for the benefit of her brothers, herself cannot break until later.(T/N not sure)

If when they no longer exist….

Then I would lose a family member and I cannot bear to be alone in this world.

(That…feeling …of loneliness and heartbreak…..),

Surely Yuusuke will not be as weak as Mizuki.

And yet, there must be a time when you can’t be calm.

If you think about it, the things Yuusuke gave towards Mizuki cannot be returned. He even save our lives. I could help but think of my worth in this world stink of death.

Nevertheless, the reason Yuusuke help me while take a cold attitude is possible to say Yuusuke is a good person by no mean

That is it.

Such things as loneliness, that sort of loneliness can change us……is it that kind of thing…….

I feel like having touched the fragile part of the man called Takemura somehow.

Fatigue and realization seem to come to mind as he closed his eyes in that form in the chair.

Naturally, Mizuki’s thoughts might be common. When the body is weaken, the heart become weak, too. A simple Yuusuke’s uneven temper might be interpreted as convenient for himself.

However, Yuusuke is a strange strong existence, to discover another human, Mizuki did not want to deny it.(T/N not sure, made up some parts.)


This may have been the first time Yuusuke saw Mizuki as a equal. He is one human who is desperately trying to live in this finished world.


(…..Yes. I cannot behave like a spoiled brat, I must preserve.)

When all of the rice porridge was inside my stomach, I carried the tableware outside of the room.

In the kitchen the tableware was washed, I then returned to the room, to see Yuusuke strecthing his arms will still sitting on the chair.

It seems he just woke up. I noticed a wild voice raised.


Yuusuke stops his movements and looks my way. It was a stern gaze you would give an enemy.

Mizuki herself does not know the reason for his strong gaze, she became uneasy wondering what did she do.


Mizuki voices out, causing Yuusuke stiffness to disappear as he leaned his back into the chair.


Yuusuke then shifted his gaze from her to look at the time on his watch. It was 6:00 in the morning.

And then he seemed relieved,

“What . Seriously it was just an common cold….”

Mizuki eyes blinked, she was surprised by his words.

Perhaps, was he worrying about me?

Mizuki with a wry smile bows her head.

“Excuse me, for any inconvenience I have caused.”

“No, I was not…worrying about you.”

Yuusuke waving his hand,

“Are you feeling better already?”

“Just a few minutes ago i was feeling strange but now I feel a lot better


Yuusuke showed he was thinking about Mizuki`s words.

Yuusuke kept silent, Mizuki felt a strange comfortable badness.


She was at lost, at the sudden young man before her who had a good attitude towards her


“….Errr, did you prepare the rice porridge.  Thank you for the rice porridge yesterday.


(T/N I have no idea what is being said here)


Those blunt words only made Mizuki make a wry smile. Another discomfort did not appear.(T/N not sure)


End of chapter


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  1. Im pretty sure this is from a VN a friend of mine was talking about. It wasnt translated but the story matches up. Is there a Zombie Afureta VN? I checked and yes there is. It was put out by Seacoxx and has still yet to be translated. Here is a link to a page full of the CGs.


  2. When Mizuki got sick in kindergarten she took a leave of absence and cuddled with her mom at home, so when she felt a cool hand on her forehead it brought feelings of joy. She coughed and looked up to look at her mother’s face.

    Her mother’s face seemed to be covered with a vague shadow, but even so it gave off a warm sense of security which Mizuki clung to, unwilling to wake up.

    However, Mizuki`s consciousness relentlessly dragged her back into reality.

    Fragments of the impression gradually began chipping away along with the figure of the young Mizuki.

    However, she still tried to resist waking up. Leaving behind a sense of loss, her conscious surfaced.

    Okay checking everything is a bit too much.
    Btw get a proofreader


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