No chapter today

Even though i got my fan fixed last friday I didn`t find the time to translate anything probably next wednesday i will get it out. But I also have good news during the time i wasn`t translating i spent more time in studying for JLPT N5 (reached around 68%, mastered 465 out of 684 words)and practice using some grammar and particles. With this I feel there should be an improvement in my structuring of sentence that would better convey what is being said in japanese because before for some sentences I made up what i though is being said. So you should see the improvements in later releases.

Also recently i realized that other people/groups when translating scenes that has 16+ or 18+ they gave a warning, the truth is that I never though of that  since both of the series am doing are under the mature category, but in the future I will try to remember to put a warning for the 18+


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