This page shows the novel I do when I loses focus on my current project. I work on these novels because sometimes because of encountering a sentences I cant understand or a sentence I don`t know how to put in properly English I do these novels as a break.

The plan is to take up one of them if am able to finish Ero Gacha.


After returning to elementary school with my memory the result was to create a harem-

chapter 1- Mizuhara Natsumi the next door older sister ~Secret Volume~- needs editing

Chapte 2-


A man from a different world causes total destruction.-

prologue-1/8 pages done


Gathering of woman in a cheap house-


chapter 1-Shiraishi Tooru (A conversation with my younger sister Misuzu)-needs editing

chapter 2-Shiraishi Misuzu (A New relationship with my older brother Tooru)1/8 pages done.


How you use summoning magic is wrong-

prologue-1/8 pages done


Time stop

Volum 1 Dawn- Chapter 1-