Hiatus Again

Today marks my second-year anniversary of creating this blog to translate ero novels as a motivation to learn and improve my Japanese, and if I had known earlier I would have tried translating one more chapter before entering into another hiatus. (Found out this evening)

The reason why am entering a hiatus now is because I don`t really have any time anymore, this is because I started going to the gym and that just sucks up all my time and energy.

Based on my current plan I may return around December. Around January when I was thinking of what I was going to do after leaving college this year I had started researching being a day trader as a career choice. Currently, the plan is to use real money by June. If am successful in meeting key goals by December I may come back to translate as a hobby. This is because I don`t believe I will have enough energy to translate novels while doing a 9 to 5 job and going to the gym at the same time.

Also hopefully if I do come back by December you guys should see an improvement in my Japanese as I am going to start treating learning Japanese as means to create business opportunities. (Though I may stop translating ero`s as a result but you will find out December)

So till then