Chapter 16♡

Do think Sei made her a yandere or is he safe.


Turtle Shell Bondage』,『Erotic Heroine』,『Anal Raid』was placed on Sakura-san and I would also like to add-on the『Incense burner of Climax』. Friday evening, I was waiting on Sakura-san to visit my bedroom.

If it’s the Sakura-san I know, she wouldn’t plant something like a surveillance camera in the room, I am supposed to choose between Sakura-san and the Chairman. If I choose Sakura-san and misfortune happens to the Chairman I would have become an accomplice. If Sakura-san had planted a surveillance camera she wouldn’t need to meet me. After all,  I am just an ordinary hostage. In this case, the life of the Chairman has become dangerous.  

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