Chapter 14

I am curious now, does the MC not have one person that doesn`t hate him

I who was invited to Sakura-san private house was heartily eating a high-grade nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood) in a ultra-luxurious VIP room.

Sakura-san`s private family house looked similar to a hospital as the site occupies the upper section of the residential area. Even though the metropolitan area is a very expensive plot of land. As one would expect of a large company like the Tennoji group.

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Chapter 13 ♥

You know if I can ever stop procrastinating so much I can release a chapter in 4 days but this habit is so hard to lose.

It seems that Yuki-ane did the same thing she did to MC to Sakura-san and she is now facing the consequence.

Two days later, I woke up at around 12 noon on Saturday, changing my clothes and then drinking a coffee. In order for the old woman to remove the capture function of the wristwatch of all contractors, 3 days of non-combat was observed, I can spend my time in peace until Sunday.

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Chapter 11♡


Lunch break, the music class which was the fifth period was over and Mai was not caught up in the works of the committee chairman. Now then, students gather around Yamamura-sensei, enliven by the topic of her marriage. After getting close to sensei I had murmur [GETCHU], specifying Yamamura-sensei with my gaze, her panties were obtained and I then left. After reacting with a jerk, sensei had told the seemly confused students to go back to their classroom.

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Chapter 10

You all know what will happen in the next chapter

Yesterday, I went to slept as is after I got home and had dinner. Perhaps I had gotten tired of going through various things.

Now, the problem is the Chaos Gacha & Ero Gacha. From the card used by the man yesterday, it can be assumed that the magic system is based on fantasy. If, when preparing for an assault by a smartphone user, Chaos is one option, if Sakura-san is taken possession of there is the possibility of the Ero Gacha method. If I sink money into the Gacha, I can`t have an expensive date with Nana-san. This is bothersome….

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New year, new schedule 

So at first I was aiming for 2 chapters per month but when I got busy, translating got side track.

So this time I will only aim for 1 chapter a month but since there is 87 chapters an that means like 7 years and that’s no good, so if possible I will try put in 2 once in while. 

So expect chapter 9 before February