Okay so once again am returning from a hiatus.  Buts it’s not a full one as my boss told me that she may want me to do overtime during november and december. Knowing my self if I take a two-month break from translating I probably won’t start again till like feburary.

So my goal is just to release chapters when their finish, so it may be one every two weeks or 1 every month it depends.

Something I decided to do this time is to move over to pun`s website machine sliced bread. This move is two-fold, where one goal is to use the fast release by the other translators to motivate me to stop procrastinating so much, the second one is to take me out of my comfort zone by doing something a little different.

So hopefully tomorrow I will release chapter 17  18 for ero gacha (was done from last week but as usual am taking too long editing out the mistakes), also, as for cheap house I will probably continue releasing it on this blog so I don`t forget about this blog.



Hiatus Again

Today marks my second-year anniversary of creating this blog to translate ero novels as a motivation to learn and improve my Japanese, and if I had known earlier I would have tried translating one more chapter before entering into another hiatus. (Found out this evening)

The reason why am entering a hiatus now is because I don`t really have any time anymore, this is because I started going to the gym and that just sucks up all my time and energy.

Based on my current plan I may return around December. Around January when I was thinking of what I was going to do after leaving college this year I had started researching being a day trader as a career choice. Currently, the plan is to use real money by June. If am successful in meeting key goals by December I may come back to translate as a hobby. This is because I don`t believe I will have enough energy to translate novels while doing a 9 to 5 job and going to the gym at the same time.

Also hopefully if I do come back by December you guys should see an improvement in my Japanese as I am going to start treating learning Japanese as means to create business opportunities. (Though I may stop translating ero`s as a result but you will find out December)

So till then


New year, new schedule 

So at first I was aiming for 2 chapters per month but when I got busy, translating got side track.

So this time I will only aim for 1 chapter a month but since there is 87 chapters an that means like 7 years and that’s no good, so if possible I will try put in 2 once in while. 

So expect chapter 9 before February 

Chapter 8♡

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means I am not sure if its translated correctly. Because I started to go to school this week I didn`t find the time to release this earlier. There may be increase in my translation speed as I got Tuesday and Friday off but I am not sure if I will use it for translating.

The MC is a good bro

Lunch break on that day, Mai was summoned to flower arrangement room by threatening her with the photos.

“Now then, there is something I want request of you”

“……Before that, return the photos!”

“As for that, isn’t it the memory of us losing our virginity?”

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Because I planned to go back to school in October, my work load had increased because I had to train my new replacement. And because of that I lost my rhythm and today when I got some free time my internet keeps on going on and off and I just lost the vybz to do the editing for chapter 7.

As chapter 7 was a short chapter I wanted to finish it from last week Friday but that didn’t happen. And the ways things are going chapter 7 won’t come out until next week Saturday or Sunday.