Hiatus Again

Today marks my second-year anniversary of creating this blog to translate ero novels as a motivation to learn and improve my Japanese, and if I had known earlier I would have tried translating one more chapter before entering into another hiatus. (Found out this evening)

The reason why am entering a hiatus now is because I don`t really have any time anymore, this is because I started going to the gym and that just sucks up all my time and energy.

Based on my current plan I may return around December. Around January when I was thinking of what I was going to do after leaving college this year I had started researching being a day trader as a career choice. Currently, the plan is to use real money by June. If am successful in meeting key goals by December I may come back to translate as a hobby. This is because I don`t believe I will have enough energy to translate novels while doing a 9 to 5 job and going to the gym at the same time.

Also hopefully if I do come back by December you guys should see an improvement in my Japanese as I am going to start treating learning Japanese as means to create business opportunities. (Though I may stop translating ero`s as a result but you will find out December)

So till then


New year, new schedule 

So at first I was aiming for 2 chapters per month but when I got busy, translating got side track.

So this time I will only aim for 1 chapter a month but since there is 87 chapters an that means like 7 years and that’s no good, so if possible I will try put in 2 once in while. 

So expect chapter 9 before February 

Chapter 8♡

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means I am not sure if its translated correctly. Because I started to go to school this week I didn`t find the time to release this earlier. There may be increase in my translation speed as I got Tuesday and Friday off but I am not sure if I will use it for translating.

The MC is a good bro

Lunch break on that day, Mai was summoned to flower arrangement room by threatening her with the photos.

“Now then, there is something I want request of you”

“……Before that, return the photos!”

“As for that, isn’t it the memory of us losing our virginity?”

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Because I planned to go back to school in October, my work load had increased because I had to train my new replacement. And because of that I lost my rhythm and today when I got some free time my internet keeps on going on and off and I just lost the vybz to do the editing for chapter 7.

As chapter 7 was a short chapter I wanted to finish it from last week Friday but that didn’t happen. And the ways things are going chapter 7 won’t come out until next week Saturday or Sunday.

My possible return

After months of procrastination I am thinking of trying to continue my attempt at machine translation. Because I mashed up my computer in May I am now translating on my phone, because of this I am not sure if I can release a chapter every two weeks. But I plan to at least try.

The app I am using to read the Japanese is called Jade reader that I found useful when just reading. So what I did was have the app on one of my old phone then write the translation on my current phone. And in end I was able to complete a chapter but a lot of times I had to copaste it in Bing because built-in dictionary didn’t pick up. So I would like ask if anyone knows a better app to read Japanese.

I was originally planed that when I returned, I would continue doing zombie but it looks rean at reantoann plans to continue it. So I am now planning on seeing if I can continue doing Ero gacha with yabai or just do one of the projects on the other novel page.

So hopefully by the end of the day I will tell you what I plan to do