Chapter 16♡

Do think Sei made her a yandere or is he safe.


Turtle Shell Bondage』,『Erotic Heroine』,『Anal Raid』was placed on Sakura-san and I would also like to add-on the『Incense burner of Climax』. Friday evening, I was waiting on Sakura-san to visit my bedroom.

If it’s the Sakura-san I know, she wouldn’t plant something like a surveillance camera in the room, I am supposed to choose between Sakura-san and the Chairman. If I choose Sakura-san and misfortune happens to the Chairman I would have become an accomplice. If Sakura-san had planted a surveillance camera she wouldn’t need to meet me. After all,  I am just an ordinary hostage. In this case, the life of the Chairman has become dangerous.  

Lying on a double bed attached to a luxury canopy in my bedroom, I patiently waited till around 9 o’clock, when my bedroom door was opened Sakura-san who was still in her school uniform had entered.

“How do you do”

Sakura-san with grace had greeted me with cold eyes then I responded with the same posture “Thanks”.

“What are you going to do?”

Sakura-san conveyed in an implied way I would understand. That is will I choose Sakura-san or the Chairman. But, it was also confirmed that something like a camera was not planted. This room is a closed room with only sakura-san and I having the key, and on top of that, there will be no hindrance as it’s sound proof. Just in case 『Nitwit barrier』 was invoked. After this, I had prepared myself enough to deal with Sakura-san.



Sakura-san stretched out her hand to me who didn`t answer. I catch her hand and rolled over on the bed while straddling her I murmured “I want to tie you up”.

“Whats this?”

Sakura-san responds calmly. Sakura-san was tied up in a turtle shell bondage that places emphasis on her breast with her hands being tied behind her back with a black lame rope and fixing her arms so it couldn’t move. Because Sakura-san skin was white like it’s transparent, the black rope was highlighted and it was too erotic. Furthermore, because her ankle was tied to her thigh, Sakura-san couldn`t move.

“Is this your answer?”

It’s truly frightening how Sakura-san can keep her calm in such a situation.

“I am only persuading Sakura-san”

“Really, today is my dangerous day”

If she was a normal girl I would have been begging her to stop crying. However, Sakura-san seems to be only telling the truth. Sakura-san cold eyes stare into my eyes.


When I lost to Sakura-san pressure and asked a question in return, Sakura-san declared while smiling cheerfully.

“If you plan on embracing me, please ejaculate with the intention of mating my womb”




The fact that she is ok to mating by creampie is unexpected….it was strange….*

“A child is necessary for the family. If it’s your child, it will be related with Yukina. That being the case it’s something that can be loved.”

Sakura-san thoughts are already too usual…..I want to conquer Sakura-san who had this resolve and make her say Ahnahn! Setting the incense burner of climax, I took off my clothes and leaned on Sakura-san body.

“If that’s the case, I will cum plenty and make you bear my child!”

I thrust my dick into her vagina while looking at her pretty pussy and cute clit that was under Sakura-san well-trimmed pubic hair. No foreplay! I had forcefully split Sakura-san cunt! I forcefully inserted myself by grasping Sakura-san waist.


“Sakura-san hymen will be broken after this!”


My dick in one go sank up to the root and with a puchii sound, the young girl’s barrier that was obstructing my spearhead was broken through in one go. Sakura-san who was deprived of her virginity had turned her face away and gritted her teeth with teary eyes. Sakura-san seems to be in pain but she didn’t raise a scream. She just glares with her cold eyes.

Sakura-san secret place was not wet but the folds of her vagina wall were very warm. Her vulva tightened up like it wanted to tear off my dick despite the whole vagina being small enough to push back my dick. It felt good to the extent that it seemed my waist was coming off. When I pulled out my dick the blood proof of her virginity was displayed on Sakura-san white skin. Moreover, I got excited shaking my waist in large strides, filling up Sakura-san meat pot who became a woman with my dick.



Sakura-san body that’s was being poked by me shakes up and down violently. Her well-shaped breast that was squeezed due to being tied up also shakes. When I rubbed her breasts by grasping it with both of hands, a feeling of fit like sticking to my hand. The feel of Sakura-san fruits are not too stiff and not too soft, therefore I wouln`t get tired if I rubbed it for my whole life!*  

Crawling my tongue on Sakura-san neck and biting her ears. Sakura-san closes her mouth tightly in order to not make a sound while shaking to meet my movements with teary eyes. If those strong-willed eyes didn’t exist she would have been just like sex doll(dutch wife).

As I repeatedly thrust my penis into Sakura-san meat pot that had become wet with sexual fluids. Sakura-san tries to hide it but, she climaxed, throwing up her waist with her vulva tightening up and her wet meat wall convulsing, squeezing the life out of my penis.


“It feels good, Sakura-san! I will ejaculate plenty inside for the first time!”*


Striking my waist with all my might and spitting out my mating juice in order to force it into Sakura-san womb that was cumming. Sakura-san accepts my semen while swinging her body. The whole of my penis pulses many times over, and I was intoxicated with feeling of defiling Sakura-san.*

Two people stared at each other while breathing roughly. My penis still thrusting into her creampied vagina had once again become rock stiff. Just then Sakura-san had suddenly smiled and her vulva had tightened. How could Sakura-san despite being a virgin use such technique!

With the movement in Sakura-san meat pot being similar to a provocation, I got excited, increasing the movement of my waist while playing with her breast. Sakura-san`s body is like an addictive drug, transparent smooth white skin, breast that wants to be touched forever, a vulva that wrings you out, and inside her narrow vagina that wiggles countless times, this is by all means a top class instrument!*

*Smack Smack Smack Smack! *Creak Creak Creak Creak! Woosh, Woosh, Woosh!*

Striking my waist, Sakura-san springs up creaking the bed and indecent sound ring outs from Sakura-san`s genital.

With all my might I had ejaculated for the send time in Sakura-san while leaving a hickey on her neck. Sakura-san groans “Kuu” and her uterus came down to catch my semen. When I finished the long ejaculation I immediately thought that Sakura-san had become pregnant. With her meat pot full of my semen and her sexual fluids, Sakura-san stomach had swelled up when my penis had ejaculated due to her vaginal tightness.*



Suddenly a mixture of semen and sexual fluids had gushed out from Sakura-san pussy that was a virgin until some time ago. The bed sheet was already mushy with semen, sexual fluids, and sweat. Sakura-san position is moved a little, as I didn’t really mind the semen hanging from her pussy, I had then thrust into Sakura-san. As I wanted to hear Sakura-san coquettish voice tell me with eyes that absolutely don`t want to speak! *

I continue to spit out semen with all my might into the depth of Sakura-san vagina that convulses constricting my penis that is cumming! Sakura-san endures without raising a coquettish voice even though I decided to cum inside for the 8 time. It seems my waist will be pulled off due to the tightness of her meat pot…. However, a change had come to Sakura-san.*

“Nnnnn…..nnn~nnn, haa, n~!”

Sakura-san who had endure by turning her face had accepted a kiss. When I insert my tongue into Sakura-san lips our tongue had entwined.I jolted Sakura-san`s womb like knocking it while repeatedly kissing her many times over and kneading her cherry-blossom nipple with my fingertips.*

When sucking her nipples the fragrance of sweet milk was smelt. When sucking like a child Sakura-san waist shakes in delight. Her blush shines faintly on her face, her long eyelashes flickers and her eyes turn towards me becoming somewhat tender. She wiggles her body to meet my waist movement and from her cherry blossom lips a gasp leaks out.*

When I  pumped into Sakura-san body that was convulsing while wiggling the 9th shot of cum while I was kissing her, with “Ann♡” Sakura-san was not able to contain her cute voice that sounded like bell.*

“Ann♡nnnnn Sei, my … … stomach … …please make it big … err … haaa ♡”

On top of Sakura-san calling out my name,  she had pleaded hoping for me to impregnate her! I decided to finish off Sakura-san ! Last sprint at full throttle!*

My dick moved back and forth in order to gouge out Sakura-san meat pot. The form of my penis will be remembered by her cumming vagina that’s tightening up! Sakura-san noticeably had bent herself backward greatly, I had entered by poking the depth of Sakura-san vagina with a one hit KO while grasping her breast with both of my hands. The glans had pumped large quantities of sperm directly inside the uterus.*


Just then Sakura-san had climax while raising a coquettish voice, losing her strength like a thread being cut, she fainted falling asleep.

Even if I say so myself I had cum ! Pulling out my cock from Mr. Sakura-san meat pot that was twitching with a lingering pleasure. The semen was flowing from Sakura-san vagina when again her waist with a twitch had jumped up and pee-pee had leaked out while she was still unconscious. The holy water had flowed from Sakura-san crotches drawing an arc onto the pond of semen.*

When I looked at that sight I was intoxicated with the feeling of conquest and victory. I had embraced Sakura-san`s body that seemed to have collapse and used the purification magic to clean up Sakura-san, myself and the bed.

Sakura-san vagina was so perfect that it was dangerous……*

When I became aware I had fallen asleep as is.

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  1. It can be negated with cum at ass -20 plus use anal raid
    Cum twice at vagina the cum once at at ass
    After few tries she gonna be ….. You know what


  2. Thanks for the chap …..just a few things I felt odd
    Mr. Sakura-san –* ms.Sakura or sakura san
    , like a thread being cut losing her strength she had fainted like falling asleep.
    Perhaps this line (loosing her strength like a thread being cut ,she fainted falling asleep. )
    Sakura-san groans “Kuu” and her uterus came down to catch my semen. ..??
    I want to conquer Sakura-san who is this resolve and make her say Ahnahn(is–>had or has )
    this is by all means a top class instrument!*…….material? ?

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    • thanks for pointing it out, editing has neva been my strong point. As for the catching semen part I will have to go back and look at the raws, i think it was probably saying something like her womb opened up and drank up my semen


  3. I am confused a bit. I thought it was Yukina who was suppose to choose between Sakura and the Chairman, but it says that the MC is suppose to choose? Did I miss something?


    • I think its both, where Sakura-san wants yukina to choose her over the chairman but I think author was referencing more to Sei, where sakura-san wants him to side with her instead of the chairman.


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