Chapter 4-Hanayashiki Ema ③(unedited)

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. This chapter will give an idea of the MC personality  for the coming future when it comes to what he wants


For now I want to do this slowly so it last for the rest of the day.

To firmly grasp, I made preparation in secret for Ema-san` ass that hanged over me on top of the bed. And then with a start Ema-san body trembles and stares this way with wet eyes.

In addition to my hand extending towards the thigh, it was allowed to crawl inside of the nurse uniform skirt.

*GropeGrope* When the buttocks was rubbed over the tights, that soft sensation that was transmitted was something unbelievable.

“S-Stop…. Kotaro-kun…..Buttocks…..”

“Can I not touch it?”

“No….touch it…even more…”


揉むたびに、江馬さんが俺の上で身をよじらせる。お許しが出た所でさらにタイツの中に手を伸ばし、下着越しに尻を揉む。*(TN: not sure)

Each time it is massaged, it makes Ema-san body twist on top of me. In addition the hand is extend into the thighs at the place where permission is need to move forward, to massage her ass over her underwear.


“For only Ema-san to end up being pleased, isn`t that cheating.”

“Ah, s-sorry…but  Kotaro-kun hand…hiyau…!”



A finger is extended and it gave a rub across the panties at Ema-san secret place and it made a reaction that was amusing.

From the secret place of Ema-san transmitted a wet feeling. To an extent I understand but it’s over her panties and it’s already wet.



Moreover at that moment I had noticed that I raised up becoming unbearable, pushing down Ema-san.

“Hiyau! W-Whats the matter…Kotaro-Kun


俺に押し倒された江馬さん。そのナース服のスカートはめくれあがり、太股の半ばまでタイツはずりおろされている。*(TN:not sure)

Ema-san who was pushed down by me. The nurse uniform skirt rides up and the tights had slided down up to the middle of thighs.



And then the pure white panties had become a spot to the extent of knowing by just looking inside a room with nothing but moonlight.

“Ema-san panties…”

“Kotaro-kun…’s embarrassing…”



As I held down the embarrassed Ema-san, I touch the secret place over her panties. With soft touch the spot had spread. Then illuminated in only moonlight I was captivated in the scene of the thigh that had a white shine. Erotic…

In addition to undoing the buttons earlier from the nurse uniform,the bra that had become exposed was also drag up.



*Boyoyon* Ema-san breast became exposed before my eyes with the sound seemly attached to the impact.

“Tits…. Raw breast.. weren`t in the erotic books and AV.”



Ema-san seemly soft white boobs, on the summit a sweet pink coloured nipple was attached. With my shivering hands I decided to tightly hold Ema-san breast. *Punyopunyo* I can`t believe something feeling this soft is transmitted to my hands.

Amazing, raw breast are wonderful.

What’s amazing isn`t 2 dimension, but 3 dimension! It is watery! Its three-dimensional!


“ Hyan!!….Kyaa Kotaro-kun do you want to play with my breast…”



I went into a trance jumping into Ema-san breast. *Licking* When the nipple is licked, from Ema-san mouth like she was excited, a sweat sigh was leaked.



I cannot endure…. Not only boobs but. Tonight being in high spirit I want everything.I want to do everything that is allowed to every corners of Ema-san body.


俺は乳首をしゃぶっていた口を離し、ゆっくりと視線を下げていく。そこにはタイツに包まれた美味しそうなふとももと、染みのできたパンツ。*(TN: not sure)

I had removed the mouth that had sucked on the nipple and slowly moved down my gaze. There the thigh seemly so beautiful was wrapped in the tights with the panties that were stained.

“…I want to see Ema-san vagina.”

“Eh, Kotaro-Kun…?”

“I want to see, I want to see. Please show me.”

I stroked her thigh while making a plea.


すると江馬さんは「もう…」と言いながら、しかしどこか期待するような、興奮した様子でもじもじと腰を動かした。*(TN: not sure)

Then Ema-san with those words “Already…”  but somewhere there was something like expectation, and she had moved the waist bashfully in a state that was excited.

“….Yes, it’s embarrassing but, I will show it Kotaro-kun…”

When I released my hand, Ema-san excitedly took off her tights on top of the bed, furthermore she moves by also taking off her panties. In proportion to such embarrassment, she was relatively in high spirits.



A faint color pubic hair was seen between her legs. She took off the panties by way of the ankle, taking it off the white thigh. And then the lower body falls down revealing Ema-san sitting on top of the bed, where she then slowly spreads her leg.

As it is I was unable to control my excitement, as I moved my face in front of  Ema-san secret place my nasal breath got rough. Ema-san made a M shape with her legs but her secret place was hidden by her hands however I quickly rebuke that hand.

“Ugn…hey…Kotaro-kun…this place is an girl`s…..important place…..Isn’t it not s-strange?”


目の前に秘所が晒けだされる。恥丘には髪と同じ、あるいは少し濃い毛が淡く生え、その下の秘裂は興奮のためか愛液でテラテラと濡れ輝いていた。*(TN: not sure)

The secret place before my eyes was where she had kicked off the bleached cotton. As for the mons pubis, it was the same with the hair, or a small dark hair grows lightly, below the vagina as a result of excitement gleamed with sexual fluids and it got wet making it shine.


俺は初めて見た女のまんこに興奮を隠せない。ネットで無修正画像は見たことがあったが、江馬さんの処女まんこはそれらと比較にならないくらい綺麗だった。*(TN: not sure)

I did not hide my excitement in seeing a girls vagina for the first time. Images Uncensored were such things seen on the internet but Ema-san virgin vagina was pretty enough that it cannot be compare with those.



Because the center of the vagina has a vertical split, the pink color armor was the only thing that made an appearance.

“Sp-spread it, show me….”

“If further…Kotaro-kun……..Hh”



Ema-san spreads the vagina with her fingers. When she had spread the vagina, now its embarrassing to show me her cherry blossom.

“Hh…here….the hole of a woman……Is the place babies are delivered…:”

While showing me the vagina`s hole, Ema-san gave an explanation. That hole was dripping wet as if inviting me, like twitching and moving faintly.

“The hymen can be seen. So Ema-san really was a virgin”

“Hya! Kyaa…its embarassing….”


まあ童貞の俺に処女膜がどれかなんてわかるわけないのだが。*(TN: not sure)

I was just a virgin but it was easy to understand that such a thing was an hymen.

If I must say, what Ema-san had decided to do appeared to be very embarrassing. However she did not stop spreading her secret place nevertheless.


それどころか、トロリ、と膣穴から愛液が零れたような気がする。*(TN: not sure)

On the contrary viscous with sexual fluids from the vagina`s hole had overflowed.

Having seen that, I had a feeling.

“A-and then…on top of that is the place where pee comes out by the urethra……On top of that is the clitoris…..Kyaaaaah!!!”

*tongue licking*


解説の途中だが、もうたまらなくなった俺は江馬さんのおまんこにむしゃぶりついた。童貞の目の前でこんな美味そうなまんこ晒けだして、我慢するなというのが無理なのだ。*(TN: not sure)

Still in the middle of her explantation but I had already become unbearable jumping into Ema-san vagina. With the bleached cotton kicked such a delicious looking vagina in front of the eyes of a virgin boy, it wasn’t unreasonable to say I did not have self control.

*tongue licking*

“Ko-kotaro-kun…! No…if you lick such…..Kyauuu….”

*tongue licking*


膣穴を舌でねぶり、尿道を虐めて、クリトリスを舌先でツンツンする。江馬さんの押し殺したような、泣き声じみた嬌声を聞きながら反応を確かめると、クリトリスを虐めるのが反応がいいようだ。*(TN:not sure)

Her vagina hole was licked with my tongue, teasing the urethra, the clitoris became pointed by the tip of the tongue. While listening to her flirtatious voice that was like a cry, like having been squeezed to death, I made sure of reaction by teasing the clitoris for a reaction that was similarly good.

Licking the clitoris and kissing it. Ema-san secret place was already covered with my saliva and sexual fluids.

“…I can’t bear it anymore, can I put it in?”


My penis was already having a splitting headache. Frustrated I kicked off my pajamas, becoming naked.

“Hh….here? Down there? Don`t enter there….”


チンポを入れようとするが、江馬さんの秘所は唾液と愛液でまみれ、滑ってなかなかうまく入らない。*(TN: not sure)

I tried to insert my penis but Ema-san secret place was covered in sexual fluids and saliva so trying to sliding in was quite difficult.


ぐにぐにと押しつけても入らず、少しばかり焦っていると江馬さんがそっと俺の肉棒に手を添えて誘導してくれる。*(TN: not sure)

*soft* It does not enter even when pushed, I was a little flustered when Ema-san hand supports my dick gently, giving it guidance.



Kuchya…when the sound of water echoed.


正しい場所に、あてがわれ亀頭が半分だけ膣穴に飲み込まれる。それだけで腰が抜けそうな快楽が走る。*(TN: not sure)

In the right place, the vagina hole had swallowed only half of the glans allocated. Only there in the waist does the pleasure seem to comes out running.

“Is it in….?”



ぐ、と力を入れて江馬さんのおまんこに肉棒を突き立てる。すでに濡れきった膣穴はぬるぬるとした感触を伝えながら俺のチンポを飲み込んでいく。途中で引っかかりのようなものを覚える。これがもしかして処女膜というやつだろうか。*(TN: not sure, I think he just remembered that she was a virgin)

*clench* When I put strength in the thrust of my dick in Ema-san vagina. The vagina hole had finished getting wet already by swallowing my dick while conveying a slippery sensation. I remembered something like being caught in the middle. I think it’s possible she called this the hymen?


「んん…ッ! はぁ…光太郎くんの…入ってくる…」*

“Argh…tsu! Haa….Kotaro-kun…moves entering…”

“Gu…uo. It dangerously feels too good.”



I am likely to ejcaulate even though I had only put in half of it. Enduring while advancing up to the inner part and before long my dick was buried completely.

Haaa…! When I took a deep breath. I felt her tender vagina tighten up. When her legs opened wide Ema-san groin and my crotch became one. It seems that I have ejaculated with only a little movement.



When I looked at Ema-san while breathing heavy, its seems to have resulted in pain that it became slightly teary eyes.

Because I calm down a little bit, when I moved,“hn…aaa…” voice was leaked from Ema-san mouth.

As for me presently that appearance was that of a raped girl, and thinking of that my chest became became hot and my penis became hard.


たまらない。膣穴の感触。江馬さんの柔らかい太股を腰の横に感じつつ、少しづつ動かしていく。ぎこちない動きだが、しかしやがて江馬さんが漏らす声がだんだんと大きくなっていった。*(TN: not sure)

Unbearable. The feel of the vagina hole. While feeling across the waist was Ema-san soft ass, I moved little by little. The movement was awkward but before long Ema-san voice leaked out and it gradually became louder.

“Kotaro-kun….does it feel good?

“Yes, it truly feels great…..Ema-san vagina is the best.”

“I`m glad….”

Seemly having endured the pain. I however did not stop my crude waist movement.


まるでチンポが自分自身で、それが江馬さんの柔らかいおまんこで全身呑み込まれているかのようだ。セックスってこんなに気持ちよかったのか…。*(TN: not sure)

As if the penis full-length was swallowed there in Ema-san tender vagina by myself. Having sex like this had felt good…..


“Ema-san vagina, tight squeeze is amazing….”


興奮で頭がおかしくなりそうだ。俺はいったん動きを止め、さらに江馬さんを犯し抜くために、はだけたナース服の上を脱がさせる。*(TN: not sure)

It seems that the head in excitement became eccentric. I temporarily stop my movement in order to again ravish Ema-san, taking off the exposed nurse uniform top.

In the moonlight, the body of Ema-san had became half naked, was seemly so beautiful that I became dizzy.


俺は江馬さんのおっぱいにむしゃぶりつき、乳首を口に含んだまま腰の動きを再開する。ぐちゅぐちゅと音をたてて抽送をすると、江馬さんが甘い声を漏らし始めた。*(TN: not sure)

I jumped into Ema-san boobies and as I held her nipple in my mouth, I restarted my waist movement. *GuchyuGuchyu* When I had moved forward a sound was made and Ema-san had started to leak a sweet voice.

I wonder why a ‘woman’s body’ is tender like this. Her breasts and vagina, just about everything is tender. It seems have become addicted.


いつまでも江馬さんの身体を堪能していたくて、限界まで我慢するつもりだったが、しかしぐちゅぐちゅと肉棒をこすりあげる膣穴の感触に、もう我慢ができないと思った。*(TN:not sure)

I had wanted to enjoy Ema-san body forever, I would have endure up to my limit but the feeling of her vagina rubbing my dick had increased and I thought I could not endure anymore.

“Hnn..haaa. Kotaro-Kun….It feels good…aaa…”



“It seems I’m at my limit…”


Removing my face from the her breast, I again push forward violently by seizing Ema-san waist.

While making lewd sounds, my dick was being swallowed in Ema-san secret place.

I felt my ejaculation raising. Already at my limit.

“Ah, dangerous…taking it out inside of vagina… no good?


蕩けそうな快楽の中、かすかに残った理性で、俺はズボッとチンポを江馬さんの膣穴から引き抜く。その刺激で江馬さんが「ひゃん!!」と嬌声をあげる。それとほとんど同時。俺は射精を迎えた。*(TN: not sure)

During the pleasure I seem to melt, I pull my dick from Ema-san vagina hole because my reason had remained faintly. ‘Hiyah!!’ Ema-san raised a flirtatious voice in excitement. And then almost simultaneously. I came out ejucalting.

Byurururu! From the pointed end of the penis white semen gushed out.


びゅるびゅると、江馬さんの身体にふりそそぐ。胸や顔を白く汚していく。俺は息を荒げながらまるでマーキングするかのように、江馬さんの身体に精液をまぶしていった。*(TN:not sure)

*Byurubyuruto* Downpours on Ema-san body. The white stain came on the chest and face. While breathing heavy, as if making a marking like, Ema-san body was covered with semen.

“A…faa….Kotaro-kun….Ah just now….”

A voice like Ema-san playing innocence resounded in the hospital room. Ema-san figure was soiled in semen, I became fraught with emotion by sense of accomplishment and sense of conquest.


初めてのセックス、その興奮と虚脱感に襲われながら俺は荒い息を吐いた。*(TN:not sure)

The first time having sex, that excitement with despondency in attacks while I breathed out roughly.



Ema-san seems embarrassed with the my semen covered over her body but checks the feeling by extend the finger.

That lewd figure, even though I just ejaculated, already my penis started to form a half erection.


Calling out to her, I slowly extended my hand to Ema-san and Ema-san who was delighted opened her hand wide.

Before long, without anyone saying anything their bodies became one.

Eventually, that night I was completely indulged in Ema-san body until in the morning.

End of Chapter 4



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