Chapter 3- Hanayashiki Ema ②(Edited)

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly. Hope this version is better


To be honest, I was half-convinced. To begin with, I believe now it’s completely like I was dreaming during the day.

Because of this remote controller, has Ema-san become like that…..?

The characters 「Hanayashiki Ema love 100」 suspended on the liquid crystal. After all I can`t tell this to a doctor or anybody about this remote controller. The remote control which I thought to be product of delusions was real, but what happened during the day can`t be a dream, it was real.

When Ema-san came she also was incidentally doing her evening rounds, her attitude towards me seems like a complete lover.  Usually, when she was finished measuring my temperature she would then move onto her next job immediately, but today she was beside me asking if I was in pain one way or another trying to get close to me.

Even I understand. Ema-san loves me and her love is unbearable.



If she swallowed all the surplus semen with the sudden fellatio because of that, then I can manipulate Ema-san degree of love towards me with this remote controller, I must make the best of this said situation.

The numerical value had fluctuated as far as from minus 100 to plus 100 by tampering with the button. When I considered that the first reading was 10, then 0 was a situation where there wasn’t any interest. I guess acquaintance level was at about 10.

Thus at a 100 I would think she would be in state of being completely charmed by me.

If that’s the case thereupon minus is the state of 「hatred」? Then I guess minus 100 is 「hatred to the extent of wanting to kill」?

“If I had pushed the nurse call button with minus 100, I wonder what would have happen…”


親の仇でも見るかのような目で見られたりしたのだろうか。いや、最悪刺されていたか? そう考えると、このリモコンも怖いような…。*

I guess if looking with similar viewpoint I can see even the parents with enmity. No, isn`t being stabbed the worst? When I think about that, this remote controller is also similar frightening…

A remote controller that manipulates a person`s feeling. I have obtain an amazing object. Or perhaps I should say ability?

However that kind of change to a person’s feeling careless like that, such a thing….

“Is unbelievably convenient ~!!


Cool, this is seriously cool. Can`t I bear as much as I want to ? If I`m a man, isn’t this a situation a man`s exact dream? I will do and give any beautiful woman and girl my love thing…and be finished. Hyahhoo!

When late in the night the hospital room door slowly opens quietly and raises tension for one person. The blond hair and glossy beautiful woman came slowly in order to conceal herself and paying attention to the side of the hallway while not making a sound in order to enter the room.


“Kotaro-kun….are you sleeping?”

“Ema-san…? No, I am not sleeping. I cannot sleep!”



Ema-san came back at night despite not knowing I was not asleep?!

Or perhaps I should say she really came! Ema-san came! (TL2: …pff…perverts..)

When she slowly closes the door, Ema-san who entered was squirming while moving to approach to the bedside. And without change, as if she can’t endure anymore, she comes and clings to me on the bed.*Mugyuuu*

“Kotaro-kun, I wanted to meet you…!”

“Ema-san….Fuoo! Embracing me all of a sudden among other thing is breaking the rule.

I approached Ema-san raising from the bed but I suddenly received a passionate hug and was again pushed down. Her scent smells good and besides she pressed something soft….

Ema-san was still in her nurse uniform. I asked and it seems her shift just some time ago finished. Saying that she came to meet me without changing, regrettable there was no time to change.

Ema-san who was still in state with no endurance, sends rain of kisses to me with a said impression.(TL2: impression of impatience)

I also beside being in a trance responded to her attacking. Sound like pecking echoed quietly in the room,eventually the state of Ema-san face was flushed, raising her head she gazed at me.

“Kotaro-kun, I am sorry for suddenly….? But I don’t even understand, this is first time I love like this….”

Ema-san….About that, since when did you love me?”

Holding each others hand I tried asking.

I was hospitalized 1 week ago. And then I was lucky to have Ema-san as the nurse in charge , but thinking about it such behavior was complete non-existence before today’s remote controller.

Sure enough I tried asking for an answer, from today`s event during the day, It seems that after I raised Ema-san LOVE to 100 with the remote controller.

“Its strange however….Suddenly Kotaro-kun I think I became unbearable miserable….That I already cannot live without Kotaro-kun …”

Incredible. This remote controller is incredible

Did I hear that? Without Kotaro-kun I cannot live, so that’s the answer. Furthermore just a while ago Ema-san was crying.



I who was knocked down on the bed was looking up at Ema-san hanging over me, her eyes wet and she made sure to cling to me completely.

“Hey. Kotaro-kun do you love…”

I had come to be interested and decided to try tease Ema-san just a little

“Ah, how should I put this, I like you, that’s right. From only meeting you during this one week.”

“Do you like another young girl!? Do you dislike elder sister? Is such a woman bothersome!?”

“No, I wouldn`t go as far as saying that…calm down a little.”



“Kyaa…Hey, I, am also not the best but, listen up…I can’t live if I am hated by Kotaro-kun….”

“Cho, calm down Ema-san. Since I don’t hate you”

“Eh you don`t hate me…”

The adorable elder sister clings to me and this situation I say as a matter of taste is amusing, I was surprised as just a minute ago I tried to tease Ema-san and the in result was that she had cried…..This? Love is rather heavy?

The power of a 100 love…..



I don’t dislike Ema-san echoed, *sniffling* while crying I was being clinged to.


「24なのに処女って面倒くさい…? やぁ…私、光太郎くんのためなら、都合のいい女でもいいからぁ…。ひっく…そばにいるだけでいいから…」*

“Is it bothersome that I`m 24 yet still a virgin….? Kyaa…I, if its good for Kotaro-kun, that I am a convenient woman but listen up….*Hiccup*…because its fine only being by your side…”

“24 years old!? I thought you were around 20 years old….”

Or perhaps I should she was a virgin?

“Are you seriously a virgin?…But I felt that your fellatio among other things was incredible skillful.”

“Prepared….at home…since I practice…”

“At home!?”

“Yeah….Since I had asked what sort of things men like…..Vibrator..”


“Fuee….. Even though…I was interested however….I was afraid of men…”

I didn’t know such a thing but the shocking facts rapidly came out.


男が怖いの? と聞くと、少年なら大丈夫、とかよく分からないことを言ってくる。なんか初めの素敵なお姉さんのイメージがどんどん崩れていくな。*(TN:not sure)

Is she afraid of men? When I asked, she said about that she doesn’t know very well but if it’s a young boy it’s alright. It’s no good, the first image I made of the beautiful elder sister is rapidly crumbling.


「そうだったのか…てっきり俺は経験それなりのお姉さんかと」*(T/N no clue)

“Whether or not it was so…I certainly will experience in itself elder sister”



When I said that, Ema-san suddenly got up  trembling a little while embracing her own shoulder.


「こ、光太郎くんがその方がいいって言うなら…。私…イヤだけど…死んじゃうぐらいイヤだけど…他の人で処女、捨ててくるから…」(T/N no clue)

“K-Kotaro-kun if you say that you had better…Because I am going to throw away my virginity with another person….I…unpleasant however…it’s unpleasant to the extent I will die however…”

“Wait wait wait! Being a virgin is ok~! I love virgin`s!”

“…Really? Being a 24 years old virgin is good?”

“I love 24 years old virgin elder sister! Therefore calm down….”


よしよし、と江馬さんの肩を抱いてやると、「ふにゃ…」とそのまま俺にもたれかかってきた。*(T/N not sure)

There there, and Ema-san who was holding her shoulder, 「funya…」 and as she was she leaned on me.


「ほら、俺も童貞だし、ね? ちょうどいいんじゃないか?」*

“Hey, I am also a virgin? I say aren’t we the same?”


何がちょうどいいのかは、言ってる俺もわからない。*(T/N not sure)

I don’t know whether what I just said is right.



However  「… first time,what」 when Ema-san had asked, for some reason begins to shake her shoulder.


「江馬さん? っと、うわ! …あのー、また俺を押し倒して、どうするんです?」*

“Ema-san? Wow! ….Well~ why did you push me down again?

“Kotaro-kun first time….No, I can’t be impatient again…”

“…Ema-san? Just a minute ago you looked scary?

“Its all right, leave it to elder sister…”

“Despite being a virgin?


「! …そ、それ言っちゃやだぁ…」*(T/N not sure what means)

“! …T-That said yayadaa….”


I was so cruel that I had to bear Ema-san crying again. I think the beautiful elder sister had changed to adorable elder sister. From some time of the state of being glued to continueds it had caused my little boy to become large.

End of chapter 3




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  1. I’m curious about how his “power” is going grow. More buttons? Add on parts/plugins? Technicool accesoryrail? Or maybe additional remotes? Will he be festooned with remotes? Thats a lot of remotes. Loadsa remotes, even. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of releases of this by you.


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