Chapter 3- Hanayashiki Ema②(unedited)

Remember that this was done by machine translation so when you see * beside the Japanese it means am not sure if its translated correctly.I should have released episode 7 part 3 but I decided to do it when my Christmas holiday comes(for those that remembered I did say I was going to go on hiatus when September comes). So this will be last post till then, hopefully during this break I will try get myself to make some improvements in my grammar.

Also Bright scarlet is currently, slowly helping me with this.  So I will post this again when its finish


To be honest, I was half-convinced. To begin with, I believe now it’s completely like I was dreaming during the day.

Because of this remote controller, has Ema-san become like that…..?

The letters 「Hanayashiki Ema love 100」 suspended on the liquid crystal. After all I can`t tell this to a doctor or anybody about this remote controller. The remote control which I thought to be product of delusions are real, only (you) can’t dream in a stormy weather during the day.

液晶に浮かぶ「ハナヤシキエマ ラブ… 100」の文字。結局、このリモコンのことは医者にも誰にも言っていない。妄想の産物だと思っていたリモコンだが、しかし昼間のあれは夢ではない、現実だった。*

When Ema-san came incidentally she was doing her evening rounds, her attitude towards me seems like complete lover.  Usually, when she finished measuring my temperature she would then move onto her next job immediately, but today, she glued to me one way or another and complain of pain beside me.

Even I understand. Ema-san loves me and her love unbearable.

If it’s that, I can manipulate Ema-san’s love toward me with this remote control, and she carries an exhilarated act with fellatio without warning as far as this so-called current status.


The numerical value was able to increase from minus 100 to plus 100 by pressing the button. I considered situation about first numerical value 10, when 0 is a current state that (a person) doesn’t have any interest. Probably to about the extent that of an acquaintance with 10.


Thus, I believe she is currently completely charmed by me.

If that’s the case then minus is the current status that is「hatred」?  Minus 100 is probably 「hatred to about the extent that kill」,isn’t it?

“What happens if I pushed the nurse call button with -100…”

I can assess that she probably even look over even enmity of parents with my viewpoint, isn’t it? No, isn’t being stabbed the worst? When I think about that, this remote control is frightening like…

親の仇でも見るかのような目で見られたりしたのだろうか。いや、最悪刺されていたか? そう考えると、このリモコンも怖いような…。*

A remote control that manipulate a person’s feeling. I have obtained a dreadful object. Or perhaps I should say ability?

However, that kind of change to a person’s feeling carelessly, such a thing…

“Is unbelievably convenient ~!!”

This is good, this is really good. Can’t I bear as much as I want to?If I’m a man, isn’t it a situation a man exactly dream? I will do and give any beautiful woman and girl my love thing…and be finished.Hyahhoo!

Since I was alone in the night my tension raised when the hospital door opened quietly. A beautiful woman with glossy blond hair concealed herself slowly in order to paid attention to the side of the hallway while not making a sound to enter the room.


“Kotaro-kun….are you sleeping?”

“Ema-san…? No, I am not sleeping. I cannot sleep!”

Despite not knowing if I was sleeping, Ema-san came in the night


Or perhaps  I should say she really came! Ema-san came! (TL2: …pff…perverts..)

She closes the door quietly and Ema-san entered while being fidgety moved approaching  until she was beside the bed. And then as if she can’t endure it she clings to me on top of the bed .   *mugyuuu* (TL2: hug/squeeze, etc)


“Kotaro-kun, I wanted to meet you…!”

“Ema-san…Fuoo! Things like suddenly embracing me is like breaking the rules.”

I got up from the bed to receive Ema-san but I was suddenly pushed down again by receiving a  passionate hug. She smelt good moreover something soft was pushed….


Ema remained in her nurse uniform. Seemly I heard her shift ended about some time ago. She said, regrettable there was no time to change so I came as is to meet you.

Still embracing each other Ema-san can`t endure anymore and sends rain of kisses to me with such feelings. (TL2: impression of impatience)



Beside being in a trance I also responded to her attacking. Sounds like pecking was quietly echoed in the room and before long as my face was flushed, Ema-san raised her face and stared at me.(T/N not sure)


“Kotaro-kun, I am sorry for suddenly….? But I don’t understand, the thing is this is first time I became in love like this….”

「光太郎くん、いきなりごめんね…? でも私でもわからないの、こんなに好きになったの初めてなの…」*

Ema-san….That, since when did you love me?”

Holding each others hand I asked

I was hospitalized 1 week ago. And then I was lucky to have Ema-san as a nurse to be in charge of me, but I thought such behavior was complete non-existence before today’s remote controller.

Still from noon today it seems that after I raised Ema-san LOVE to 100 on my remote controller, so as a result I tried to ask for answers. (T/N not sure)


“Its strange but…when I think of Kotaro-kun I suddenly become unbearably miserable….I already cannot live without Kotaro-kun …”

Incredible. This remote controller is incredible

Did I hear that? So that’s the answer, she cannot go on living without me. Furthermore just a while ago Ema-san was crying.(T/N not sure)

聞きました? 光太郎くん無しじゃ生きていけない、ときましたよ。しかもちょっと泣いてますよ江馬さん。*

Ema-san made sure to hang over me who was lying on the bed facing her with her wet eyes making sure to cling to me.(T/N not sure)


“Hey. Kotaro-kun about me…”


I became interested and decided to try tease Ema-san a little bit.(T/N not sure)


“How should I put it, I like you, yeah thats it. From I met you one week ago”(T/N not sure)


“Do you like young women!? Do you dislike elder sister? Is such a woman bothersome!?”

“No, I wouldn`t say it to that extent…. calm down a little, okay?”(T/N not sure)

“*kyaa*…Hey, I am not the best but listen up….I will not live hating Kotaro-kun….”

“Cho, calm down Ema-san. Since I don’t hate you”

“Eh you don`t hate me…”

The adorable elder sister clings to me, I say as a matter of taste this situation is quite amusing, just a while ago I was trying to tease Ema-san just a little, and now she is crying…This? In a short while her love is heavy?(T/N not sure)

可愛いお姉さんにしがみつかれ、好き好き言われてるこの状況が楽しくて、ちょっと焦らしてみたら途端に江馬さんは焦って、最後には泣いてしまった。…あれ? ちょっと愛が重くね?*

The power of a 100 love…..

I don’t dislike Ema-san echoed, *sniffling* while crying I was being clinged to.(T/N not sure)


“Is it bothersome that I`m 24 yet still a virgin….? *Blush*…I, if its good for Kotaro-kun, that I am a convenient woman but listen up ah….*hiccup*…Its only good if I am near you….”(T/N no clue)

「24なのに処女って面倒くさい…? やぁ…私、光太郎くんのためなら、都合のいい女でもいいからぁ…。ひっく…そばにいるだけでいいから…」*

“24 years old!? I thought you were around 20 years old….”

「24歳!? ハタチぐらいだと思ってた…」

Did you say your a virgin?(T/N not sure)


“Are you seriously a virgin?…But I felt that your fellatio among other things was incredible skillful.”

“House…prepared me…since I practice…”(T/N not sure)

“At home!?”

“Yeah….Since I asked what sort of things men like…..Vibrator..”


“Fuee….. Even though…I was interested but….men were scary…”

「処女ってマジ? …フェラとかすげーうまかった気がするんだけど」






Shocking facts rapidly came out that I didn`t know.(T/N not sure)

Is she is afraid of men? Based on what I hear, since I am young boy I am alright, I can say I don’t understand the other things. The first image I made of the beautiful elder sister is rapidly crumbling.(T/N not sure)


男が怖いの? と聞くと、少年なら大丈夫、とかよく分からないことを言ってくる。なんか初めの素敵なお姉さんのイメージがどんどん崩れていくな。*

“So that…certainly I am experience in itself elder sister”(T/N no clue)


When I said that, Ema-san suddenly got up and while trembling a little she held her own shoulder.(T/N not sure)


“Kotaro-kun you had better mean that….I…hate however…hate I`m about die however…I am going to throw away my virginity to another person since…”(T/N no clue)

“Wait wait wait! Being a virgin is ok~! I love virgin`s!”

“…Really? Being a 24 years old virgin is good?”

“I love 24 years old virgin elder sister! Therefore look at me, calm down….”


「待て待て待て! 処女オッケー! 俺は処女が大好きです!」

「…ほんと? 24歳処女でいい?」

「24歳処女お姉さん大好きです! だからほら、落ち着いて…」

There there, and Ema-san who was holding her shoulder, 「funya…」 and as she was she leaned on me.(T/N not sure)


“Hey, I am virgin too? Isn`t it exactly goo?”(T/N no clue)

「ほら、俺も童貞だし、ね? ちょうどいいんじゃないか?」*

I don’t know what I just said.(T/N not sure)

However Ema-san ask 「…what first time」and for some reason begins to shake her shoulder.



“Ema-san? Wow! ….Well~ why did you push me down again?

“Kotaro-kun first time….No, I can’t be impatient again…”

“…Ema-san? Just a minute ago you looked scary?

“Its all right, let everything to elder sister…”

“Despite being a virgin?

“! …Its, said yayadaa….”(T/N not sure)

「江馬さん? っと、うわ! …あのー、また俺を押し倒して、どうするんです?」*


「…江馬さん? ちょっと目が怖いですよ?」*



「! …そ、それ言っちゃやだぁ…」*

I was so cruel that once again Ema-san cried on my shoulder. I think the beautiful elder sister changed to adorable elder sister. From some time of the state of being glued to continued causing my little boy to become large.(T/N no clue)


End of Chapter


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