With reankun returning

I guess i will stop machine translating Only I am not attacked in a world over runned by zombies since reankun came back. So i guess i may pick up a series from other web novels. The ones am thinking about are ero app and parameter remote control but since its basically smut I may look for another series that somebody dropped. Anybody is free to recommend a series that they would not mind reading with my quality of MT.

For ero app i will try do one chapter later

I am about half way in translating the first chapter of parameter remote

My Google folder

I am about halfway in chapter 26

I am about halfway parameter remote- in other web novels folders


14 thoughts on “With reankun returning

  1. I think reankun is saying that he isn’t sure when will the next chapter be…………
    …..Are you really leaving Zombie?
    …If yes…………….. then, can you give a brief summary of parameter?


  2. No wonder you stop contacting me. that explains it. At least give me a warning. Do you want me to continue to check 24 and 25 or stop altogether?


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